Tavia Yeung Yi (born August 30, 1979) is a Hong Kong actress under Hong Kong's Television Broadcast Limited or TVB. She has starred in numerous popular Hong Kong television series such as Vigilante Force, Twin of Brothers, Dicey Business, Heart of Greed, Moonlight Resonance and Beyond the Realm of Conscience. Having graduated from the 13th TVB Artistes Training Course in 1998, Yeung had starred in numerous MTVs and after a few minor roles in series such as Street Fighters and When Dreams come True, she caught the public's attention with her role as Ah Yan in The Awakening Story (starring Liza Wang and Damian Lau), in which she portrayed the younger sister of Maggie Cheung Ho Yee with whom she beared a remarkable resemblance. In 2003, Yeung was awarded the most improved actress of the year by TVB with her role as Kelly, the rebellious single-mother-to be in Vigilante Force. Since then, Yeung has been selected for many different roles, particularly for ancient series as she has that sense of serenity required for such roles. As the leading lady in Twin of Brothers, starring alongside Raymond Lam and Ron Ng, she became increasingly popular across both the mainland and overseas. With her 'girl-next-door' image, Yeung surprised the public with her role in Dicey Business as the sexy Mimi Tam. Followed by the much talked about series Heart of Greed, Yeung once again assured the public with her acting skills and secured her place as of the prominent female lead in TVB. In July 2007, she received the award for Best Actress in a Drama by sina.com. 2008 could be said to be Tavia Yeung's brightest year and turning point as she was well received by her performance in Moonlight Resonance. Yeung's portrayal of "Suen Ho Yuet" earned her much praises by audiences and her peers. She won the "Best Supporting Actress Award" at the TVB 41st Anniversary Awards held on 15 November 2008 for her role in that series. In 2009, Yeung is one of the female leads beside Charmaine Sheh in TVB's grand production drama, Beyond the Realm of Conscience (宮心計), as "Yiu Kam-ling". In October 2009, she was named as one of the nominees for Best Actress in her role as the evil and calculating "Yiu Gam Ling" at the 42nd TVB Anniversary Awards, and was said to be a hot favourite beside veteran actress Sheren Tang. However, Yeung managed to take two other important awards, receiving both "My Favourite Female Character" and "Best Performance of the Year". In 2010, two of Yeung's series, A Fistful of Stances and The Mysteries of Love are released in Hong Kong and instantly become TVB's top two highest rated series for the first half of year. It can be said that Yeung is one of the most promoted artiste in 2010 with four modern dramas (The Rippling Blossom, Men with No Shadows, Yes Sir, Sorry Sir, The Other Truth) filmed and yet to be released on to the market. In November 2010, Yeung announced that she will be taking a much needed six month leave after a year of hectic filming schedules and sickness. [wikipedia]

[add roles]Dramas

Year Title # of Epis. Role Rating
2014 Storm in a Cocoon 32 Main Role Tong Bing Bing 7.40
2013 The Hippocratic Crushes II 30 Main Role Fan Chi Yu 7.83
2013 A Great Way to Care II 25 Main Role Lam Chung Yan 7.67
2012 Friendly Fire 26 Main Role Fong Tin Lam / Chris 7.63
2012 Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles 40 Main Role Hong Tsz Kwan / Sai Feng Huang 6.79
2012 Three Kingdoms RPG 25 Main Role Song Yau 6.47
2012 The Hippocratic Crush 25 Main Role Fan Chi Yu 8.32
2011 The Emperor's Harem 46 Supporting Role Wan Zhen'er (Imperial Consort Wan) 6.35
2011 Men with No Shadows 20 Main Role Fong Siu Fong 6.43
2011 The Other Truth 25 Main Role Hong Tsz Yan / Mavis 7.42
2011 Yes Sir, Sorry Sir 30 Main Role Ho Miu Suet 6.82
2011 The Rippling Blossom 20 Main Role Choi Sze Lung 7.25
2010 The Mysteries of Love 25 Main Role Tsui Siu Lai 7.60
2010 A Fistful of Stances 24 Guest Role Au Yeung Wai Lan 7.33
2010 Cupid Stupid 20 Main Role Kan Ngou Lam 6.13
2009 Beyond the Realm of Conscience 33 Main Role Yiu Kam Ling 7.69
2009 Sweetness in the Salt 25 Main Role Dau Sing Suet 6.81
2008 Moonlight Resonance 40 Main Role Suen Ho Yuet 8.31
2007 Fathers and Sons 25 Main Role Law Sei Hei (Joey) 6.33
2007 On the First Beat 30 Guest Role Ho Fa 7.52
2007 Heart Of Greed 40 Main Role Jackie 8.04
2006 Dicey Business 35 Main Role Mimi 7.27
2006 Face to Fate 30 Main Role Yip Mon Sik 8.00
2006 A Pillow Case of Mystery 20 Main Role Princess Ming Chu 7.37
2005 Yummy Yummy 30 Main Role Chow Chi Yan / Ling Mong 6.70
2005 The Academy 32 Main Role Ho Fa 7.64
2005 The Prince's Shadow 20 Main Role Yu Yee 6.67
2004 Shades of Truth 24 Main Role Hong Tsi Sin (Siu Sin) 6.84
2004 Twin of Brothers 42 Main Role Lee Sau Ling 7.68
2004 The Vigilante in the Mask 20 Main Role Chung Wan 6.27
2003 Find the Light 20 Main Role Lee Kwai 7.00
2003 The W Files 30 Main Role Wong Hung Hung 7.69
2003 Vigilante Force 30 Main Role Wan Ka Lei (Kelly) 7.62
2003 Whatever It Takes 20 Main Role Mo Yung Suet 7.14
2002 Golden Faith 45 Supporting Role Chung Chui Yee 7.83
2002 Eternal Happiness 32 Supporting Role So Ying Suet / So Wan 7.42
2001 Gods of Honour 40 Supporting Role Concubine Chan 8.41
2001 The Heaven Sword & the Dragon Sabre 2000 37 Supporting Role Ngo Mei disciple 8.23
2000 Return of the Cuckoo 20 Supporting Role plays different roles 7.85
1999 Detective Investigation Files IV 50 Guest Role Irene 8.38
0000 Noblesse Oblige 20 Main Role N/A

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Year Title Role Rating
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Yeung Tavia

Yeung Tavia


  • Name: Yeung Tavia
  • Native name: 楊怡
  • Also Known as: Tavia Yeung Yi

Personal Details

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: August 30, 1979
  • Age: 34
  • Nationality: Hong Kong