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  • Lily2PM 1 day ago
    A very random question…

    Did you finish watching the anime Rurouni Kenshin? Did you like it?
  • Evony 1 day ago
    Haha, yeah, Odagiri is the only reason I'd complete this drama, according to first ep ofc.

    Oh, I think I know what you feel! But remember, leaving dramaland for eternity is impossible, so I'm sure in 1,2 months at most you will go back to your drama addiction :D Just as I have, haha I'm in a drama frenzy right now, I'm watching the most random dramas ever, but it seems like I just can't stop :P
  • Sandrose 3 days ago
    I see. I know you;re not into romcoms :) Yes, Nine was a surprisingly good time travel. I really liked the final episode in particular. I thought it was a nice frame and left some things open for debate.

    Yes, actually I think I worked up the mood to get back to King's Daughter finally so I'll be watching that.

  • Lumiere 3 days ago
    Done with IW :D
    I suspected EVERYONE ,freaking everyone, but Masako. That was a major surprise. I even thought that Tokou might suffer from schizophrenia and she kills her men and forgets about it.

    I gave it a 7 though. I know the mystery thing was good but I couldn't care less for any of the characters. I didn't love any of them (except for maybe the ex-girlfriend cop: poor thing was dumped for a suspected serial killer after an 8 year relationship. Maybe I just pity her). The romance never clicked with me. I know it's not supposed to be lovey dovey but love was a main theme in the story. Egi Toukou sent chills down my spine but when it comes to convincing me she's capable of feeling human emotion, or sadness I remain very suspicious, let alone falling in love with 4 men in the short span of 5 years

    Read your update on the feeds. I'll be in the same condition after God's Gift ends.
  • MoonLight 3 days ago
    Oui je suis presque jalouse mais pas de problème je peux vivre comme ça :D

    J'ai vu que tu n'as pas aimé Lost Days. C'est pas ton truc ou quoi?
  • mysecretsoul 4 days ago
    Feeling another drama slump coming on? I've noticed lately you haven't been watching at your usual clip.

    Unfortunately, yes. Yae no Sakura kicks my butt each time I watch. The lead character makes very few appearances, yet always gets sidelined when she does. With all the focus on Lord Matsudaira, I question why they didn't just make a drama about Aizu. It isn't bad, just odd. And perhaps I'll be proven wrong, but I'm not yet convinced Yamamoto Yae can fill out a taiga.

    I haven't started Alice no Toge yet, since I'm weighing my options. Many J-dramas are unexpectedly being picked up, and I'm holding out for Black President just in case. But yes! The subber for Alice is one of my favorites; they do consistent, good work.

    Golden Cross seems strongly written, well-paced. The first two episodes were great set-up, and the preview seemed to suggest impending action. I've good expectations~
  • -winnie- 4 days ago
    Thanks for the recs. I have Red Cliff and Red Cliff 2 on DVD so I should be able to watch them at some point. I will check out the others he's been in.

    I feel connected with MDL but I don't do much on it so I kinda stay in the background and keep myself updated with what's going on. Hope you still pop into MDL just to touch base, I think people will miss you if you did leave. Take a break from watching Asian shows and hopefully your interest will come back.

    I got very bored with An Actor is an Actor and started skipping parts after the first 20 mins. The story just didn't grab my interest at all. Why did you think it's not my kind of film? It's action/drama.
  • Evony 4 days ago
    Haha, of course as soon as I wrote that I couldn't find Alice's Thorn online, I found it :D I saw the first ep, but it was pretty unimpressive imo... The only character that had any potential was the role of Odagiri, but as you say, he's just a support. Weird, you say? I loooove weird! :D I'll check them out.

    Exactly, I even surprised myself, but I am guilty of falling for the main male lead's smile, he's adorable! His acting is not that good, but he's a delight to look at :D

    Me too, 50 eps of melodrama... I'm not sure if I'm ready for sth like that, even if the action is gripping constantly. But if I endure Empress Ki, I'll endure eveything :D

    I saw your opinion on feeds about Lost Days, you certainly didn't make me want to watch this drama :D Detective dramas made in Japan are a hit or miss for me, some of them I love (like Strawberry Night) some are boring as hell (Unfair) or have ridiculous endings (Triangle).

    Hwayi was pretty entertaining, I gave it an 8 at first, but then changed it to a lower score. The action was fast and interesting, but the plot was very cliche and at times pompous (and I hate that the most!!). But but, I see lots of 'completed' on your updates - were you just changing scores or did you have some kind of dramathone? :D
  • -winnie- 5 days ago
    It's the first time I saw Chan Cheng in 'Breath'. I will take a look at the other films he's been in. Any good ones that you've seen him in that you can recommend?

    I've been away visiting cousins so I haven't had the chance to watch any films but I will spend the next few evenings watching some and a few eps of RM :)
  • Sandrose 5 days ago
    Thank you, Cheerful. I will need it. Sounds like you're drama-busy :) That's good. I hear disappointing views on gap dong so I guess you may have been right about TvN and thriller dramas. But I still think they do decent all-round dramas, family dramas and romantic comedies.
  • Mei-Chan 6 days ago
    Okay, I will try to not be harsh anymore but I can't promise that I will stop it forever :p
    At the moement, you're only watching one drama, ne? I thought that you could be in resting phase at the moment.
    I will start watching both Border and Alice's Thorn soon since I finished Ghost Detective recently.
  • mysecretsoul 6 days ago
    Casshern! I liked Iseya-san there, being a fan of the anime, though I have trouble with adaptations. Definitely staying away from Lost Days for a while. I've been disappointed too much recently.

    Speaking of poor dramas, I can safely recommend you away from Fukuie Keibuho no Aisatsu. The last three episodes were somewhat improved, which only served to elevate the joy one has escaping the experience. It feels good to have that stone off my shoulders, and many other shows are being subbed in the interim. I'm looking to replace it with Alice's Thorn or Silent Poor.

    Would be great to get The Last Policeman watched, but unfortunately the subtitles have stalled. ;-;

    However, lately I've been feeling guilty about not working through Yae no Sakura, but it can be problematic for me. Not even sure why, other than the fact that Yae seems so...uninvolved so far. The boys are stealing the show. >_<
  • Mickey 8 days ago
    Of course it is fun and you can't reduce my fin either my dear Ice Queen because even if you don't reply to my teasing, I will still make fun of you :p
    Have you liked Beyond the Clouds finale then? I thought that many things would have changed for you in the three last episodes but hopefully it's for the best. For me, it was such an amazing emotionally involving drama.
  • Evony 8 days ago
    Yeah, I know, I should change it and finally see something with this guy :D He looks intriguing too! Is there any movie/drama of his you would recommend? I wanted to watch Alice's Thorn, but I can't find ep 1 subbed... :(

    Actually, I am watching, or more like sarted watching a few dramas, but it's just to check them out: Angel Eyes - I would never ever think I'd try this drama, because 1. makjang...? naaah, thank you, 2. chick from BBF whom I hated with a passion but I randomly saw the childhood eps and then decided to stick with it to see this atrocious Go Hye Sun and actually, she's not horrible, bad yes, but I can live with that. I'll wait and see if it's worth continuing.
    Also, I'm still watching Secret Love Affair, altought I have to catch up on the new eps, and watched 2 eps of Giant because I wanted to watch sth with Lee Bum Soo and I'm thinking of watching it whole once I'll get rid of Empress Ki on my list :D Have you seen Giant? I'm curious if it's really makjangy in a stupid way or did they manage to make sth more watchable than average overdramatic drama.

    And what about you? I see you are more in a mood for movies now? :)
  • Sandrose 9 days ago
    Hi Cheerful, I am rather busy at the moment. I need to finish some urgen projects for the moment. But I;ll sneak a peek probably next week or so, maybe drama mood will improve :) how are you? Anything caught your attention?


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