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  • -winnie- 31 minutes ago
    It's the first time I saw Chan Cheng in 'Breath'. I will take a look at the other films he's been in. Any good ones that you've seen him in that you can recommend?

    I've been away visiting cousins so I haven't had the chance to watch any films but I will spend the next few evenings watching some and a few eps of RM :)
  • Sandrose 2 hours ago
    Thank you, Cheerful. I will need it. Sounds like you're drama-busy :) That's good. I hear disappointing views on gap dong so I guess you may have been right about TvN and thriller dramas. But I still think they do decent all-round dramas, family dramas and romantic comedies.
  • Mei-Chan 10 hours ago
    Okay, I will try to not be harsh anymore but I can't promise that I will stop it forever :p
    At the moement, you're only watching one drama, ne? I thought that you could be in resting phase at the moment.
    I will start watching both Border and Alice's Thorn soon since I finished Ghost Detective recently.
  • mysecretsoul 16 hours ago
    Casshern! I liked Iseya-san there, being a fan of the anime, though I have trouble with adaptations. Definitely staying away from Lost Days for a while. I've been disappointed too much recently.

    Speaking of poor dramas, I can safely recommend you away from Fukuie Keibuho no Aisatsu. The last three episodes were somewhat improved, which only served to elevate the joy one has escaping the experience. It feels good to have that stone off my shoulders, and many other shows are being subbed in the interim. I'm looking to replace it with Alice's Thorn or Silent Poor.

    Would be great to get The Last Policeman watched, but unfortunately the subtitles have stalled. ;-;

    However, lately I've been feeling guilty about not working through Yae no Sakura, but it can be problematic for me. Not even sure why, other than the fact that Yae seems so...uninvolved so far. The boys are stealing the show. >_<
  • Mickey 3 days ago
    Of course it is fun and you can't reduce my fin either my dear Ice Queen because even if you don't reply to my teasing, I will still make fun of you :p
    Have you liked Beyond the Clouds finale then? I thought that many things would have changed for you in the three last episodes but hopefully it's for the best. For me, it was such an amazing emotionally involving drama.
  • Evony 3 days ago
    Yeah, I know, I should change it and finally see something with this guy :D He looks intriguing too! Is there any movie/drama of his you would recommend? I wanted to watch Alice's Thorn, but I can't find ep 1 subbed... :(

    Actually, I am watching, or more like sarted watching a few dramas, but it's just to check them out: Angel Eyes - I would never ever think I'd try this drama, because 1. makjang...? naaah, thank you, 2. chick from BBF whom I hated with a passion but I randomly saw the childhood eps and then decided to stick with it to see this atrocious Go Hye Sun and actually, she's not horrible, bad yes, but I can live with that. I'll wait and see if it's worth continuing.
    Also, I'm still watching Secret Love Affair, altought I have to catch up on the new eps, and watched 2 eps of Giant because I wanted to watch sth with Lee Bum Soo and I'm thinking of watching it whole once I'll get rid of Empress Ki on my list :D Have you seen Giant? I'm curious if it's really makjangy in a stupid way or did they manage to make sth more watchable than average overdramatic drama.

    And what about you? I see you are more in a mood for movies now? :)
  • Sandrose 4 days ago
    Hi Cheerful, I am rather busy at the moment. I need to finish some urgen projects for the moment. But I;ll sneak a peek probably next week or so, maybe drama mood will improve :) how are you? Anything caught your attention?
  • Lumiere 4 days ago
    How noble of her and a childhood lover too? I'm relieved I skipped this one :)

    I knew BotC was a fluffy thing with no real value from the beginning but for some reason I stuck with it -_- Anyways, I'd say farewell this week :D *That's one happy thought*

    I'm on ep 8. So, I thought that I had things figured out but then ep 8 happened and I'm not sure anymore. I'm hoping that insurance guy's ex-girlfriend wouldn't turn into a murderer that's all. I feel a bit ashamed for suspecting her. Actually, I'm not sure about anyone at this point. I've even suspected the bartender girl :P

    3 more episodes to go and I'm sure it will get more baffling.

    Aww! That's disappointing! Hope you find a new drama that makes you forget this! I'm actually curious to know what you might think about Long Love Letter. Let me know if you ever try it.
  • Erin 4 days ago
    The drama was depressng indeed with too much relying on the crying part. The writers were trying to convey many emotions through those tears. For you of course, this wouldn't be an easy watch but for me, it was very fitting for my taste.

    LOL Cheer, I know that so I won't push you into it. So far, this drama is delivering what it promised and I always want more :D
  • mysecretsoul 5 days ago
    After reading your final comments on Lost Days, I may put off or avoid it altogether. The issues you mentioned are pretty much everything that could and would frustrate me in a drama. Been thinking about picking up Guilty Akuma to Keiyakushita Onna instead, perhaps after Kita Yoshio. I'm in the mood for unusual J-dramas lately anyways.

    I think you might be happier that way. Following your gut feeling on a drama is always best, and it's unfortunately not the best offering from OCN. There might be a second season to address some of the issues, generous as I can be with shows, I'm not sure I'm in the mood to stick around for it.

    I liked your analysis on The Client, by the way! Never heard of it before, and the casts looks excellent.
  • -winnie- 5 days ago
    In that case Hero will definitely be in my next batch of films to watch. No excuses...I have the DVD of it :D

    Yep, I'm watching a slice of life drama. Got to hand it to the Japanese for producing some of the best slice of life dramas I've seen. This one's a cute parenting/family one.

    I have 'The Client' on my list. I'll get round to seeing it soon. Indeed I did finish Breath. It was okay, watchable but not great. I gave it a 7 because it kept me entertained and I didn't feel bored. HJW has a supporting role so the focus is not so much on him. I just had a look at the cast again and a Taiwanese actor (Chen Chang) played the main role. I never knew that! I am starting to get a little fed up with KKD's films, his themes are becoming very repetitive. I could see the same things in Breath and a few of his other films. I will keep watching them. Watch it and see what you think of it :D

  • Evony 7 days ago
    Hahaha, you surprised me, because you always seemed to me like a person who wouldn't like ItaKiss because of your strong dislike towards romance :D

    I didn't even like Bridal Mask that much (mostly because of this girl, she annoyed the heck out of me), so I guess I would be horrified by Inspiring Generation :D I read some recaps and well, they weren't too kind fot this drama.

    I haven't seen any teaser for Alice's Thorn, I have to change it as soon as possible! Thanks for the tips :D I'm really curious about Odagiri Joe, I haven't seen any drama/movie with him but people keep on praising him so I'll watch this drama mainly to see sth with him.
  • Aphrodity 8 days ago
    I think it already got subbed recently so you should give it a go and let me know how you liked it. Just don't try to link it up to the original a lot.

    Have you finished the whole Nodame? And what about about GTO? You said you were going to get it over with during this period.

    Yes, I have a problem with that because he's not your Gunchi Kanbei but I am glad that you get to watch this drama. Why didn't you start it yet? Also, the spring season, which dramas are in for you?
  • Dior 8 days ago
    What do you mean by that? Taking a pause while watching slowly? I am back but I still don't know what to start at the moment. Is there any of the dramas you're watching that you recommend? Or maybe I should wait until you finish it?
    There are two or three dramas that has famous actors in it so I am sure subbers will pick them up.
    From what I am seeing, it's strong indeed^^
  • Lumiere 8 days ago
    LOL.. I read a post about her getting poisoned by tea (what a creative way to die) and I noted that she had the same expression. Was her character poorly written in IG as well?

    Agree! It seems when it comes to poor JSY we're bound to agree.

    I'm watching Bride of the Century too. Getting bored with it actually. I would've dropped it but there're just 4 episodes left so..I'll continue.

    I'm watching one of your favorites: Ice World (ep3). I like the male lead a lot and I have some theories concerning the mystery. Never thought I'd get interested in mystery dramas but thanks to GG's I am now :D


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