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My Taste:

===> As many of you would know, I am picky about what to watch, I have a pretty hard taste to satisfy and I practically don't take recommendations from anyone. Because only few around here understand what I like. I rather search and find for myself. However, I don't consider my taste special or above the others. Moreover, I know I am too honest about my opinions but when I say I found a certain drama/film/actor horrible then I don't target its fans, I only target that certain thing. I do not want to be misunderstood.

===> Generally speaking, I am into well-written dramas/films that make you jump of your seat, I am also fond of witty dialogues and thought-provoking events

===> I am Films's person and Jdramas' Fan. I also like HKC cinema and K-Films Thrillers.

===> For me, two elements are crucial: Screenwriting for dramas and directing for films. While acting plays a major effect in both. I can tolerate medium acting but I can never fogive a messed up plot.

===> My favorite genres are: Mystery, Thriller, Action, Martial Arts, Detective, Wuxia, Suspense, Psychological, Comedy and Business. I avoid Melos and Romance even if I watch them sometimes. However, I never watch Medical or Horror oriented productions. My favorite themes are practically Revenge, Samurai and Gore. I dislike Slice of life dramas and artsy films don't usually fall into my field of interest with some exceptions.

===> As for my favorite Dramas, films and actors; you can check my lists' compilations above; I created a lot of custom lists about favorite actors from each country, the beloved ones, the eyecandies, the avoided ones and the black-listed actors. I created Films and Dramas' lists as well.

===> I NEVER drop dramas and naturally films or put them on hold. I hate leaving things unfinished.

===> I DO NOT rewatch dramas but I re-watch older films all the time. That's why my films' list is forever incomplete since I erased many films in order to re-watch them and add them back up.

===> I watch Thai lakorns for fun even if their productions' are a bit amateurish. I just have a soft-spot for their slap-kiss lakorns and great chemistry. I can tolerate a lot of things while watching Lakorns even if I don't give them high ratings.

===> I use speed-watching moderately. However, I never fast-forward with Jdramas.

My Ratings:

As I mentioned above, I am a bit cheap with my ratings. I only gave four 10's thus far. I rate dramas and films basing on screenwriting, acting, directing techniques, creativity, solid characters and the way it convinces me

10/10: The masterpieces.


9/10: The almost-masterpieces.


8/10: The great pieces.


7/10: The very good pieces.


6/10: The good pieces.


5/10: The Okay pieces.


4/10: The bad/very bad pieces.


3-1/10: The horrible "give-me-my-time-back" pieces.


I do not listen to Kpop or any Asian music. I also do not watch variety shows:




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