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Golden Rules:

No dropping, no rewatching dramas, no Asian Music and no variety shows.


1) How long? 17 years into Asian cinema and a little more than five years into Asian dramas.

2) Firsts?

Films: A bunch of Martial Arts pictures when I was 6. I never stopped watching the genre ever since.

Film Directors: Tsui Hark, John Woo, Wong Kar Wai and Zhang Yimou.

Actors: Obviously Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, Tony Leung, Leslie Cheung, Andy Lau, Kaneshiro Takeshi, Zhang Ziyi and the rest of Hong Kong Stars.

Dramas: It was these but I can't honestly remember the ones that got me hooked for real. It was either Itazura na Kiss 1996 or Hana Kimi 2007.

3) Reason? Let’s say that I always like discovering new ‘playgrounds’. I was the one who got myself into this World and progressed through it. No recommendations, encouragement or anything.

4) Favourites? Specific lists: Favourite dramasFavourite FilmsFavourite Actors (JapaneseHong Kong/ChinaKoreanTaiwanese and Thai).

Favourite Directors: Akira Kurosawa, Kobayashi, Gosha Hideo, John Woo, Zang Yimou, Takashi Miike, Tsui Hark, Wong Kar Wai, Inagaki, Suzuki, Okamoto, Ozu, Fukasaku Kenji, Nakashima Tetsuya, Beat Takeshi.

5) Genres?

Love: Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Wuxia, Martial Arts, Action, Detective, Psychological.

Like: Comedy, Investigation, Historical.

Dislike: Romance, Melodrama, Horror.

Hate: Medical.

6) Themes?

Love: Gore, Samurai (Chambara, Jidaideki), Revenge.

Like: Angst, Bromance.

Hate: Cheating, older woman-younger man.

7) Dramas or Films? Films, I can go a long time without watching a single drama but films are a necessity.

8) Favourite Country?

Films: Japan ---> Hong Kong/China ---> South Korea ---> Taiwan ---> Thailand.

Dramas: Japan ---> South Korea/Thailand ---> Hong Kong/China ---> Taiwan.

9) Directing or Screenwriting?

Both are in important for dramas and films’ making. However, directing is more vital for films while screenwriting is crucial for dramas.

10) Ratings?

Basing on Screenwriting, Directing, Acting, Characterisation, Creativity and the way it convinces me.

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