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My Taste:

===> As many of you would know, I am picky about what to watch, I have a pretty hard taste to satisfy and I practically don't take recommendations from anyone. Because only few around here understand what I like. I rather search and find for myself. However, I don't consider my taste special or above the others. Moreover, I know I am too honest about my opinions but when I say I found a certain drama/film/actor horrible then I don't target its fans, I only target that certain thing. I do not want to be misunderstood.

===> Generally speaking, I am into well-written dramas/films that make you jump of your seat, I am also fond of witty dialogues and thought-provoking events

===> I am Films's person and Jdramas' Fan. I also like HKC cinema and K-Films Thrillers.

===> For me, two elements are crucial: Screenwriting for dramas and directing for films. While acting plays a major effect in both. I can tolerate medium acting but I can never fogive a messed up plot.

===> My favorite genres are: Mystery, Thriller, Action, Martial Arts, Detective, Wuxia, Suspense, Psychological, Comedy and Business. I avoid Melos and Romance even if I watch them sometimes. However, I never watch Medical or Horror oriented productions. My favorite themes are practically Revenge, Samurai and Gore. I dislike Slice of life dramas and artsy films don't usually fall into my field of interest with some exceptions.

===> As for my favorite Dramas, films and actors; you can check my lists' compilations above; I created a lot of custom lists about favorite actors from each country, the beloved ones, the eyecandies, the avoided ones and the black-listed actors. I created Films and Dramas' lists as well.

===> I NEVER drop dramas and naturally films or put them on hold. I hate leaving things unfinished.

===> I DO NOT rewatch dramas but I re-watch older films all the time. That's why my films' list is forever incomplete since I erased many films in order to re-watch them and add them back up.

===> I watch Thai lakorns for fun even if their productions' are a bit amateurish. I just have a soft-spot for their slap-kiss lakorns and great chemistry. I can tolerate a lot of things while watching Lakorns even if I don't give them high ratings.

===> I use speed-watching moderately. However, I never fast-forward with films or Jdramas.

Favourite Asian Words and Expressions:

These are some of my favourite expressions from the different languages of the big five Asian countries. The order of my appreciation for these languages is:

1. Japanese: My all-times favourite Asian language and I know more of it than others. It’s not only a favourite language out of Asia but also amongst my top three favourite languages in the world. It’s sharp, deep and absolutely amazing when it’s used for cursing (Shikshu! Shimata! Hano yaro! Teme!). I adore the sound of angry spoken Japanese, it makes the words sound so different. I also love the deep toned historical Japanese. In short, I totally love the language overall!

2. Mandarin: Even though I know a little of it compared to Korean, I absolutely love the sound of it. It has the most penetrating words with many beautiful sounds. I like it a lot and by Mandarin I mean Mainland one although Taiwanese one is pretty cool as well.

3. Korean: It comes third in order of my appreciation. I like it but not as much as I love Japanese and Mandarin. I don’t actually appreciate the sound of the language but I really like many words they use and the way they speak them.

4. Cantonese: I watch more Hong Kong productions than Mainland ones but I still prefer Mandarin way better than Cantonese. I still like the language though, like absolutely. They have this way of using ‘aahh’ at the end of their sentences that I dig about their pronunciation.

5. Thai: I used to find Thai language quite irritating when I first started to watch lakorns. But little by little I started to get used to it and I think I kind of like it by now. However, unlike other Asian languages that sound amazing when being angry and shouted (especially Japanese); Thai language is very bothersome when it’s used for shouting. I hate angry spoken Thai.

P.S. Never mind some of my romanji because I literally write them as I hear them with some exceptions.


Words: Kami-sama (My dear God) / Ore (Casual male way of saying ‘Me’) / Yosh (Yatta, yes!) / Fuzakerna (Don’t mess with me, you’ve got to be kidding me) / Kankinai (It’s none of your business) / Teme (You in the rudest way) / Kimi (You in the most formal way) / Omaywa (You in a somewhat rude way but not more than Teme) / Yabe – Yabai – Yabai sugiru ( It’s bad, It’s dangerous, It’s really dangerous) / Aho – Baka (Idiot) / Mizu (water) / Nozomi (hope) / Jinsei – Inochi (Life) / Shinu (Die) / Muzukachi (It’s difficult) / Mamoru (Protect) / Omochiroy (It’s interesting) / Kendo – Dakedo – Demo (But and Kendo is used for ancient historical Japanese) / Gambare-macho (Let’s do our best) / Majide – Majika yo (For real or are you for real?) / Yappari (As I thought or predicted) / Imoto (younger sister) / Aniki – Aniwye – Ani-ja (Older brother, Aniki is also used between Yakuza members unlike Oni-san or chan between family members while Aniwye and Ani-ja are used for major respect for your older brother and in ancient historical Japanese) / Neeya (Older sister in ancient historical Japanese) / Oyaji – Oyaji-dono (Old man frequently means father) / Akachan (Baby) / Kite (listen) / Kyodai (Brothers) / Dozo (go ahead, come on in) / Domo – Arigatai (Thank you, I am grateful) / Damare (Shut up!) / Mitakata (I wanted to see you) / Shizukani – Oshitske (Calm down) / Mitsketa (I found you) / Yaretai (I want to do it) / Dassai (Lame) / Shiruka (How would I know) / Kotchi (over here) / Harahita ( I am hungry) / Zenzen (Not at all) / Ii no – Ii Jano (Okay or alright in ancient historical Japanese).

Expressions: Jibun ga jibun ageru (I will take care of my own self or business) / Tada sore dake no koto (That’s all what there’s to it) / Yo, Hisashiburi (Yo, long time no see) / Yamete hoga ii tomoyo (I think it’s better to stop) / Shipaichata Bai (In case of failure) / Atarashi sekai ( A new world) / Hitori janai (You’re not alone) / Koko doko (What is this place or better said: where am I?) / Yorishite kure (forgive me) / Watashi wa anata ga dai kirai da (I hate you) / Damate Kure (Would you please shut up or stay silent) / Shikarishte Kudasai (Please get hold of yourself) / Jikan muda nandayo (It’s a waste of time) / Nakayo Shiyoya (Let’s be friends) / Kanbekichite kure o (Give me a break)


Aiyo (No translation just Aiyo!) / Buxing (No way) / Tai hao la (It’s good then) / Qiguai (Strange or weird) / Xie xie ne (Thank you) / Wan an (Good night) / Gong xie (Congradulation) / Mei Mei (younger sister) / Nai Nai (Grandmother) / Ge Ge (Older brother) / Jie Jie (Older sister) / Fu Fu (Uncle) / Ye Ye (Grandfather)  Bukai Chi (You’re welcome) / Mei Yoa (Nothing) / Wo xi (I or I am) / Han yue (I like it) / Due bu qi (I am sorry) / Mei wen ti (It’s alright) / Bu Dong (I don’t get it) / Bu Zhi dao (I know) / Zhe shi Haoxiao (This is funny or ridiculous) / Pentan (idiot) / Ni shei shei (who are you?) / Jaiyo (Fighting!) / Zao an (Good morning in Taiwanese Mandarin) / Wo mei yo (I didn’t) / Zen mei yang (What are you doing or how are you doing)/ Wo hen ni (I hate you) / Ding Hao ( great).


Ahjussi (Uncle) / Shikoro (Shut up) / Haraboji (Grandpa) / Paboo (Idiot) / Michoso (Crazy) / Gaseumi (Heart) / Heol (Wow) / Nega (Me) / Neo (You) / Gidari (Wait) / Nappun (Bad) / Jongmal (Really) / Eodi (where) / Eolmana (How much) / Apa (It hurts) / Babocheoreom (Like a fool) / Oneul (Today) / Palli (Hurry) / Naneun Miwohaeyo (I hate you) / Ottoke (What to do?) / Haengbokaeyo (Happy) / Hwaiting (Fighting) / Takenaso (It’s over).


Aiyo (No translation just Aiyo!) / ngoh mh mihngbaahk (I don’t understand) / Zok tin (Yesterday) / cin loi (Come here) / hon din jing (Watching a film) / jyun cyu (Far away) / fei soeng kwan naan (Very difficult) / Gaau si (Teacher) / Mouha (I don’t have it) / Leng neuih (Pretty lady) / Ngoh jau sin (I am going first) / Sap sap seoi (actually a Cantonese slang used for arrogant people) / Fahn tohng (a slung used to describe a useless person) / Ci Sin (To describe a crazy person or someone who’s going nuts).


Sawat dee khrap or Swat dee ka (Hello in male terms ends with khrap and in female terms end with ka) / P (older brother more like P’chay or just insert the male’s name, it’s also used for older sister or older male or female figure) / Khun ya (grandmother, more like Khun Yay) / Aawk bpai (Get out) / Chan gliat khun (I hate you) / Khun baa (You are crazy) / Jing Jai (For real, sincerely) / Chai (right) / Ne Khun (Hey you!) / Mechai (Isn't it? or simply no) / Mai miching chimai? (It isn't true, isn't it?) / Chan khreuuang (I beg you).

My Ratings:

As I mentioned above, I am a bit cheap with my ratings. I only gave four 10's thus far. I rate dramas and films basing on screenwriting, acting, directing techniques, creativity, solid characters and the way it convinces me

10/10: The masterpieces.


9/10: The almost-masterpieces.


8/10: The great pieces.


7/10: The very good pieces.


6/10: The good pieces.


5/10: The Okay pieces.


4/10: The bad/very bad pieces.


3-1/10: The horrible "give-me-my-time-back" pieces.


I do not listen to Kpop or any Asian music. I also do not watch variety shows:




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