Kong Lin is an Chinese actress and singer. She graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in 1987, but did a lot behind-the-scenes work before she actually began her acting career. Her hobbies are latin dance, golf and playing cello.

[add roles]Dramas

Year Title # of Epis. Role Rating
2006 Return of the Condor Heroes 41 Supporting Role Huang Rong 8.00
2005 The Proud Twins 40 Supporting Role Princess Yao Yue 7.85
2003 Heroic Legend 35 Supporting Role Jiu Tian Long Nu 7.33

[add roles]Films

Year Title Role Rating
1991 Raise the Red Lantern Guest Role Yan'er 8.10

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Kong Lin

Kong Lin


  • Name: Kong Lin
  • Native name: 孔琳

Personal Details

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: January 5, 1969
  • Age: 45
  • Nationality: Chinese