Ella was born in June 1981, making her the oldest member of the Chinese pop group S.H.E In 2007, she was voted by online fans as Taiwan's most unpretentious artist. The name Ella was chosen by her record company following a personality test of the singer. In 2002, Ella started to participate in the acting industry, starting with the drama Magical Love. She showed that she can not only sing, but she can even act as well. In 2003, Ella was chosen as the female lead character in The Rose. Her band mates, Selina Ren and Hebe Tian were also involved in the drama as supporting characters. After a successful year of releasing albums and concerts all over the country, S.H.E rose up again with the drama Reaching for the Stars. All three of the band members were the three main female characters.

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[add roles]Dramas

Year Title # of Epis. Role Rating
2010 Down With Love 16 Main Role Yang Guo 7.60
2007 Lollipop Idol Drama - SHE 1 Main Role Ella / Chen Jia Hua 5.60
2006 Hana Kimi 15 Main Role Lu Rui Xi 7.34
2005 Reaching for the Stars 22 Main Role Ren Jie 6.54
2003 The Rose 26 Main Role Zheng Bai He 6.83
2002 Magical Love 20 Main Role Zhu Li Ye 7.33
0000 Wu Huang 13 Main Role N/A

[add roles]Films

Year Title Role Rating
2012 Bad Girls Main Role Ah Dan 6.89
2012 Perfect Two Supporting Role Ma Niu 7.55

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Chen Ella

Chen Ella


  • Name: Chen Ella
  • Native name: 陳嘉樺 (陈嘉桦)
  • Also Known as: Chen Jia Hua; Ah Hua; Chen Ai La; Jia Hua; Mao Mao; Han Bao; Bao Bei; Ah Fa Fa

Personal Details

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: June 18, 1981
  • Age: 32
  • Nationality: Taiwanese