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After airing historical dramas on the Monday/Tuesday timeslot for the last year, we’ll get to see a melodrama set in modern times on MBC next. Triangle will tell the story of three orphaned brothers who were separated when they were young. They meet again 20 years later without knowing how their siblings have grown up. The cast includes:

The drama will be written and directed by the team behind Swallow the Sun and follows Empress Ki in May.

Good news for the fans of tvN’s variety show Grandpas Over Flowers: The cable channel will produce a drama loosely based on the hit show!  Lee Soon Jae (Potato Star 2013QR3) who is also part of the variety cast, has signed on to play the lead grandpa with Byun Hee Bong (Goddess Of Fire, Jeongi) and Jang Kwang (Goddess Of Fire, Jeongi) completing the courier/detective trio. In the drama we’ll get to see a group of grandfathers who wake up with bodies in their 70s one day, instead of being in their twenties. During the search for their youth, they ask their senior detective, played by Kim Hee Chul (Loving You a Thousand Times) for help.

In charge of writing is Moon Sun Hee (Ma Boy) and of directing the PD of Full House 2. The premiere date is set for May 2. If you ever wanted to hear words like “Hul” or “Daebak” from grandpas, this drama is probably your best shot!

Glorious Day has been announced as SBS’ new weekend drama. Lee Sang Woo (One Warm Word) and Park Se Young (A Tale of Two Sisters) have signed on as the main roles of the story that will be about a single mother, played by Kim Mi Sook (Golden Empire), trying to marry off her three daughters to good matches.  The oldest daughter is played by Hwang Woo Seul Hye (I Need a Fairy), while Ko Woo Ri (Shining Romance) has signed on as the youngest daughter. Lee Sang Woo’s character is the eldest grandson of the family living next door, who is the love interest of Park Se Young, the middle daughter. She is described as a warm person who can cheer up the people around her, so hopefully the drama will be as optimistic and bright as its title promises.

Glorious Day’s premiere is set for April 19, after Passionate Love finishes its run. Moon Hee Jung (Missing You) is the writer, while the Hong Sung Chang of The King of Dramas will direct.

A New Leaf is the new law drama by MBC with Kim Myung Min (The King of Dramas) as its hero. He stars as a cold-hearted and successful lawyer at a large law firm, who loses his memory in an accident. The drama will depict his struggle in finding out about his heartless past and how he grows going forwards. Kim Sang Joon (Golden Rainbow) plays his ambitious boss and mentor at the law firm and Park Min Young (Time Slip Dr. Jin) has been confirmed as the female lead. She graduated from a third-rate law school, but managed to get an internship at the law firm Kim Myung Min works for.

The drama is described as a human drama and will be written by Choi Hee Ra (Golden Time) and directed by Park Jae Bum (Scandal). It will start airing in April after Cunning Single Lady ends.


The rumors had already spread in January, but the casting confirmation of Gong Hyo Jin (The Master's Sun) and Jo In Sung (That Winter, The Wind Blows) for No Hee Kyung’s new melodrama was only released some weeks ago. Jo In Sung’s character will be a mystery novel writer and radio DJ with an obsessive-compulsive neurosis. He turns the heroine’s life upside down as she’s a first-year fellow in the psychiatric department who only chose psychiatry because of not having to work so much overtime or conducting surgeries. Do Kyung Soo (Cart) portrays a mysterious high schooler who dreams of becoming a best-selling novelist who will have a big impact on the story. Also cast as a psychiatrist and the heroine’s first love is Sung Dong Il (Reply 1994), while Lee Kwang Soo’s (Goddess Of Fire, Jeongi) role has been confirmed as that of a patient with Tourette syndrome.

Writer No Hee Kyung will reunite with PD Kim Kyu Tae, whom she worked with during That Winter, The Wind Blows. It’s Okay, That’s Love will follow You’re All Surrounded, so it should premier July.


It’s been awhile since my last article, so most of the casting confirmations aren’t brand new anymore, but I hope you still found out something you haven’t heard of (or at least refreshed your memory).

Any dramas among these you’re definitely going to watch?

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  • Reply
    AlexYoo Aug 23, 2014

    OH YEAH.... PART OF THE CITY HUNTER CAST IS BACK!!!!!!! WOOHOO... if only it was lee min ho again....

  • Reply
    xtinx78 Jul 26, 2014

    I luv dis drama sooooo sweet jo in sung sooooooo handsome the look in ur eyes....is awweeesome!!!

  • Reply
    lifewish Apr 18, 2014

    None of your images are working anymore

  • Reply
    LollieCupcakes Apr 14, 2014

    D.O Hwaiting!

  • Reply
    BB26 Apr 13, 2014

    D.O. D.O. D.O. Jaejoongggg ohwkaayyyyyyy <3 XD

  • Reply
    Kalahara Apr 10, 2014

    Yes! Kwang Soo!!!

    • Reply
      fanrk Apr 13, 2014

      lol will watch for kwangso

  • Reply
    mary_kookie Apr 9, 2014

    DO? Ummm yesss! *dances around the room*

  • Reply
    yhang Apr 9, 2014

    OH MY GOD!!! Im definitely going to watch its okay, thats lovee..i love the casts.. im sooo excited i cant wait!!!

    • Reply
      bluegrl95 Apr 9, 2014

      I know right i am looking forward to lee kwagSoo being serious lmao. and i cant wait to see InSung and HyoJin again

    • Reply
      Kalahara Apr 14, 2014

      I just love him I hope to see him in more and more dramas / films.

  • Reply
    blackswindler Apr 8, 2014

    OMG! A new drama with Gong Hyo Jin, I can't wait ;)

  • Reply
    Allaeseuka Apr 7, 2014

    I've never seen the variety show Grandpas Over Flowers... Maybe I'll watch the drama,

  • Reply
    ketibachan Apr 7, 2014

    Grandpa's over flowers seems very funny.

  • Reply
    gap3176 Apr 7, 2014

    It's okay? that?s love can't ?ait to [email protected]@@

  • Reply
    chante Apr 6, 2014


  • Reply

    Triangle, and Glorious Days going on my plan to watch list <3 It's Okay That's Love is already on my plan to watch list :D

  • Reply
    lilunnie Apr 6, 2014

    Hmmm...Everything interests me^^
    The plots and the casts are good:))
    but poor Kwang Soo:((I just hope he portrays the character well(I know he's a great actor;)sure he can handle this^^even not on a main role)

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