Top 5 Korean Bromances of 2016!


Bromances are present in almost all dramas, with much success.They have almost become a necessity. A good bromance can lift up the value of a drama. They make us laugh, they warm our hearts. Check out these best bromances that we saw in the year 2016:

           #5: Wang Chi Ang & Yoon Shi Woo (Moorim School)

They start out as rivals who completely hate each other because of a clash of their personalities. But the two bond during a survival journey and from thereon, their relationship starts improving. The bromance between these two was adorable, to say the least.


                #4:  Lee Ji Sang & Park Do Kyeong (Another Miss Oh)

This bromance has everything ranging from love and friendship to history. Seeing them together on screen, we can clearly see the connection between these two. 


           #3: Lee Hwa Shin & Go Jeong Won (Jealousy Incarnate)

They have been friends since forever. They know everything about each other. They are each other's wingman. They will go the distance for each other. They're brothers in good, bad & drunken times!! One of the best bromances you'll see in dramas.



       #2: Yoo Shi Jin & Seo Dae Yeong (Descendants Of The Sun)

Right from the start of the drama, their bromance was apparent. Which was further magnified as the drama advanced. Their bromance brings out all the comic relief elements and the best moments of friendship.


  descendants-of-the-sun-bts.gif       tumblr_inline_o6g58dWKg01t1ghfy_500.gif

        #1: Kim Shin [Goblin] & Wang Yeo [Grim Reaper] (Goblin)

This one is the most recent, from the ongoing drama 'Goblin'. Watching the love/hate relationship between the Goblin & the Grim Reaper is sure to make you laugh. And that's to say the least. They are so cute together, sometimes teasing each other, other times comforting each other. Watch their relationship unfold in Goblin!




So, which ones were your favourite? Make sure to comment.

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    LinhNguyen 18 days ago

    i love the goblin and grim reaper so muchhh... they're cuter than the main couple so can the writer turns it into a a boylove story plz... haha jk but it'd be awesome if he/she does it

  • Reply
    Totoro-san 21 days ago - edited

    Goblin and Grim Reaper!!! Nothing can beat the badass fork and knife battle then their heart-to-heart-talk scenes XD

  • Reply
    Daniela 21 days ago

    Kim Shin and Wang Yeo, obviously <3

  • Reply
    roumaissapilsuk 21 days ago

    seo dae young <3 yoo shi jin

  • Reply
    Rhawnie 21 days ago

    Goblin is #1

  • Reply
    kawaii_pabo 24 days ago


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    kawaii-chan 25 days ago - edited

    #1 Goblin and Grim Reaper & #2 Big Boss and Wolf <3

  • Reply
    Maria 25 days ago

    Goblin ^^

  • Reply
    Darby 25 days ago - edited

    The bromance in Witch's Romance is really good

    • Reply
      Kira2457 24 days ago

      This is top 5 of 2016 even though it really was good in Witch's Romance in 2014 ^^

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    hazel321 25 days ago

    I haven't started Goblin yet, so my favorite bromance stands with "Can you hear my heart." I've yet to see a better bond between the male leads.

  • Reply
    ramya 25 days ago


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    Banada6 25 days ago

    Number one <3 <3 <3 best bromance ever

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    kimchiinitaly 26 days ago

    I like all these bromances but how about the bromance in FANTASTIC?? The doctor and the lead. I've never seen a bromance like that.

  • Reply
    MagnusFaith 26 days ago


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    94cy 26 days ago - edited

    Goblin ♡ Reaper. *adds a drawing of lips and chu~* (like Lee Dongwook did in the bts). Honestly though, these two and their fail video-chatting moments, fighting with forks and knives, reading each other's minds, their competitiveness askdfjasd. These oldies are so childish and adorable when they're together, I love them so much. Can't wait to see more bromance unfold as the drama progresses!

    I would also add Lee Jaehan + Park Haeyoung!!! A bromance that transcends time, my favourite walkie-talkie bros.

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