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    Dopa Dopa Dec 30, 2016

    So many high school drama fans here

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    shoetsukiyama Dec 30, 2016

    koi gives me life

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    sambart Dec 30, 2016

    Why is YamaKen in the idol section? He's an ACTOR not an idol.

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    deydeyday Dec 29, 2016 - edited

    The results... (¬___¬"")

    I laughed at YamaKen in the Idol section... XD Why not Satoh Takeru then? He can sing (badly) and dance (hip-hop) and had few concerts at Super Handsome Live with his fellow same-agency friends. And don't try to put your dictionary definition on me because if your search at Japanese Idols (which is the case here) :
    "The term is commercialized by Japanese talent agencies, that hold auditions for boys and girls with little or no prior experience in the entertainment industry and market them as idols, often as a sort of aspiring stars/starlets to be adored for their sweetness and innocence and to have a frenzied following. Whether a person is categorized as an idol depends on how he or she got into the entertainment business and whether he or she is promoted as being an idol."
    YamaKen was never sold as an Idol from his agency or magazines or anyone in Japan but as an actor/model.

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      EmaChan Dec 29, 2016 - edited

      Why not Sateru -->because his fans didn't vote for him much, even though I've nominated him, and Sateru doesn't need a poll to prove how much he is perfect or an idol , same goes for kento kun. The poll is for fun and to know how the majority of people think.
      Your long definition has the same meaning in english dictionary for me ,and I believe that the admins knows that as well
      If it was wrong for kento kun to be nominated as an idol, the admins could know that easily :) ,and it is not the first time That kento kun is listed as an idol, I don't understand why so much objection and hate about him , it 's just a poll

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      deydeyday Dec 29, 2016 - edited

      I don't hate him AT ALL! I love him XD I always though is a really great actor and can't wait to see him again in more "thriller" dramas to be able to show to a lot of more people how talented he is. Even tho for me he's not an idol at all. That's my opinion.
      I'm glad than some MDL's fans of him think he is... good for you.
      And I didn't need a explanation for Takeru btw XD But thanks, I guess XD
      The poll is for fun but you can't blame people to be frustrated... when you saw the results here and in the kdramas poll, it's only for the most flower boys cast and it's frustrating for some other goods 2016 dramas ><

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      prettytin Dec 30, 2016

      i'm a fan of Kento but i'm surprised to see him in the idol category...

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      tropka Dec 30, 2016

      my guess is that because he's as popular as the idols are in the international fandom and so the perception is kinda skewed and people end up thinking he's an idol...idk

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      kittyflumpin Dec 30, 2016 - edited

      Yeah I suppose the poll should have specified what is meant by "idol actor/actress" b/c people didn't understand the distinction and so it ended up being a meaningless subcategory.

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    EmaChan Dec 26, 2016 - edited

    Definition of an "idol" in english dictionary: A person or thing that is greatly admired, loved, or revered.

    For that reason Kento yamazaki is an idol ;)

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      MonochromeHoshi Dec 28, 2016

      Kamenashi Kazuya, Arashi, Yamada Ryosuke, Nagase Tomoya are idols, Maeda Atsuko is idol too, but Kento isn't. He even doesn't sing :0

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      EmaChan Dec 28, 2016

      He is an idol without being an official singer, Idol doesn't mean that someone has to sing, and btw I am a big fan for arashi and they are my idols too, your opinion is accepted indeed and thank. You for replying

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      Chelyne Jan 1, 2017

      i don't think an argument on the semantics would hold within the context, because in j-ent "idol" has a very specific meaning and any idol will always be marketed and labelled explicitly as "idol". the poll maker likely doesn't know that yamaken's just an actor and not an idol-actor.

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    EmaChan Dec 26, 2016 - edited

    Woow kento kun won in all the categories with his dramaa a girl and three sweetheart <3
    And usually the comments section is the place for objection ahhahah
    kento yamazaki you deserve being an idol ^^ I love youuu

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    ken Dec 24, 2016

    Kazuya Kamenashi Deserved to win some of these but instead......

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    Rokurota Dec 23, 2016 - edited

    Why in the world Juhann shutai, Cold Case, and Love Song so UNDERRATED!!??
    AND why those mindless romance dorama so OVERRATED!!??


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      kittyflumpin Dec 23, 2016 - edited

      People are watching 1-2 J-dramas and just voting for it/them in every category it's in, even if it's the *only* J-drama they watched. Just be glad they didn't somehow make it into at least some of the subgenre categories (Mystery, Action, Medical, etc.).

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      DaemonSaDia Dec 31, 2016

      Love Song was so good on so many levels. I'm truly shocked it's only getting 2 - 3% in some categories.

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    ErisFerris3 Dec 21, 2016 - edited

    When I watch those polls, the sadness is huge...
    Why stupid and annoying J-drama romances are so popular. Three Sweethearts had an amazing cast of young actors like Nomura Shuhei and Yamazaki Kento (I'm always waiting for his return to the thriller category). But the scenario was just SO BAD. After Koinaka, another disaster from this script-writer. T^T Please stop wasting talents.
    Kiritani Mirei is cute and not an horrible actress, but what? Best actress? ...*o*

    Since when Yamazaki Kento is an idol XD

    The cast of young actors was amazing in Aogeba Toutoushi. And the quality was here.

    Nigeru Wa Haji Da Ga Yaku Ni Tatsu is the hope of the romance J-drama. It's been a LONG time since the last good romantic comedy. And the ratings were here. HURRAY!

    Cold Case pretty amazing, the cast is very good, and even the secondary characters are AMAZING. Each episode I'm waiting for the "actors of the case". :D

    99.9 never took himself seriously, and that was his power. It was funny, light, and interesting. I'm glad it did well in ratings, too.

    Tantei Yamaneko was interesting, not for it's story, but for its characters and actors. It's a shame the secondary actors weren't worth it.

    Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store was THE comedy of the year. It was just hilarious.

    But the drama of the year in its ensemble was Juhan Shuttai : the story was unit's characters, so incredible. It was touching, funny, but also realistic, and with a great development. Not an episode was boring, maybe the first and second episode weren't as good as the rest, but it was a magic journey alongside all the characters.

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      EmaChan Dec 27, 2016 - edited

      Since when kento yamazaki is an idol ? Since we decided to consider him as one :) he is an idol for me and for many others for that reason he WON :) .

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    yuyamatsushitafan Dec 18, 2016 - edited

    As if anyone cares about my comment but:

    I voted best comedy:
    Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store:
    it is just my favourite of all time and if 2017 won’t have more comedy-dramas to beat this one, then this one is my ultimate favourite best Japanese comedy ever.

    For Best Movie, I voted:
    I AM A HERO :
    this one is sooooooooooo good

    I didn’t vote for many categories coz I just can’t decide.

    For best actor:
    Dean Fujioka (coz i’m biased)

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      Mahfuza Dec 27, 2016

      I agree with your best comedy! I loved Mr Nietsche and Shotaro Mamiya's acting! Especially because I've never seen a drama where someone breaks out of their character. I need Season 2

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    kirasora Dec 18, 2016 - edited

    why is yamazaki kento in the category Idol/actor?!
    why is Koe Koi in the category best family drama?!
    and also it is written in the category best couple Shiraishi Shunya & Fukuhara Haruka (Good Morning Call)
    Yoshikawa Nao & Uehara Hisashi (Good Morning Call) but it's the same....

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      tropka Dec 19, 2016

      also drama Kiseki no Hito and Miracle Man are literally the same drama...

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      Anniee Dec 21, 2016

      I counted the nominations for these polls. It was a bit confusing for someone who hadn't watched any of these dramas because a few used the Japanese titles while the others opted for the English ones. I did visit the drama pages to verify them. Sorry for the mistakes.

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      EmaChan Dec 27, 2016 - edited

      Because viewers nominated Kento yamazaki to be their idol :)
      " idol" is smth we the fans decide.

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      prettytin Dec 30, 2016

      i'm also surprised with Kento in the idol category, and Koe Koi in best family....
      i tried to recall if it's the same drama i;vw seen

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    CatoCat Dec 18, 2016 - edited

    It is more of a What-i-loved-in-2016 poll. Because most of us haven't seen all of the dramas. So we can't call it best of 2016 by any means.

    Yui Aragaki's name isn't in best actress poll too.

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      Isinuyasha Dec 18, 2016

      Was missing her name as well...

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      xSketchy0 Dec 23, 2016

      >Yui Aragaki's name isn't in best actress poll too.

      Yes dude, I was surprised as well when I noticed she was missing

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    Wafha_Kamenashi Dec 18, 2016 - edited

    Why you did not put Shiratori Reiko Gozaimasu , Seisei suruhodo aishiteru, Mars~Tada kimi wo Aishiteru and my all time favorite "Sumika Sumire" its Mirei Kiritani and Keita Machida drama for me they have a better chemistry than Yamaken because for me the best partner for Yamaken is Tao Tsuchiya from Orange and Mare.......

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    Sudapop Dec 18, 2016

    why isn't Suda Masaki on the list of best actors???

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    usagi Dec 18, 2016 - edited

    FYI eds: There are a couple typos I see here that maybe you could correct...

    In case some people who haven't seen these and want to look them up (and then can't find them due to spelling):
    - Aogeba Toutoshi
    - Jimi ni Sugoi! (how fitting ^_^)

    And a few that might have already messed up the particular poll:
    - Nezumi, Edo wo Hashiru 2 is listed as 2 different historical dramas
    - Sanada-maru is on the line above it with Natsume Soseki no Tsuma instead of on its own line

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      louloudi Dec 18, 2016

      ty for giving the right spelling.

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