15 Recommendations That Will Put You Into The Winter Mood

Have you already marathoned all "must-watch" Christmas movies including Love Actually? Did you lose your voice after singing Christmas carols non-stop for last few days? Have you run out of new episodes of Goblin or another drama that you're currently watching? And you're sure you've watched every single drama that has word "winter" in the title from That Winter, The Wind Blows to Winter Sonata?

If you've answered "YES" to at least one of these questions, then this article is for you!

Here are a few recommendations of short dramas and movies to put you into winter mood, not necessarily about Christmas or even set during winter! 


Winter always came to my mind when I think about good crime stories - usually the best crime stories happen in Scandinavia, which I always think of as "land of snow and darkness" (unless of course you live there). No wonder the best crime novels are written by Scandinavian authors. If you want to catch a criminal you can look for him in the amazing drama Missing Noir M. Or maybe you want to solve mystery from the past? Ouroboros is waiting for you.

The first movie which came to my mind is Train to Busan, which I haven't seen yet, because I think I'll need a cuddle buddy. If you're not afraid of zombies but psychopaths, and you still want your brain to have some exercises during break, you should watch White Christmas


You like mysteries, but you need some emotions... maybe you're looking for LOVE? A Werewolf Boy is waiting for you! Waiting for a handsome oppa to save you from ghost may not be the best reason to watch Spellbound, but give it a try. Maybe you'll like the different ways of fighting with supernatural creatures.


Let's start with sad stories, cause winter is for cuddling on couches with blankets and hot chocolate and dramas. The classic Koizora has a beautiful (and my favourite!) winter scene! If you still have some tears left to shed you can spend your time with Boku no Ita Jikan.

Japan can also make you laugh! Heroine Disqualified, Love for Beginners or Wolf Girl and Black Prince will having you rolling on the floor laughing. If you prefer to chase some Korean idols, EXO Next Door and Twenty Years Old are waiting for you. 

Present Perfect and Page Turner are really good dramas where friendship and family-relationships are the main focus.


You spend all your time for computer games? Don't worry handsome oppa will still find you, just like in One Smile is Very Alluring

Winter is the perfect time for samurai stories, so we must-watch at least one of them. Why not Rurouni Kenshin? If you prefer to travel through history in China, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (or maybe you want to check the sequel Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny) and House of Flying Daggers will not disappoint you.

So you finished watching all of those? Cool. But how much have you eaten along the way? Are you sure you don't need to visit a gym? The master of martial arts in Whirlwind Girl or handsome swimmer oppa in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo are great incentives to make a visit ;)

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    StephStephieTeff Jan 8, 2017

    A Summer version should be done too! It's currently Summer for my side of the world!

  • Reply
    lily_b Jan 7, 2017 - edited

    This is a nice article. :) Greetings from the "land of snow and darkness"! Yesterday we had -17 degrees Celsius here were I live. Today it's warmer (-3) and now at 4 pm it's getting dark.

    • Reply
      WhiteCloud Jan 8, 2017

      And we had tonight -17 Serbia. Winter Sonata and Snow Queen is the best winter dramas.

  • Reply
    Trouble-chan Jan 6, 2017 - edited

    Well done to Klaudia (aka Klaudynal) - ALL these dramas are BRILLIANT. I actually cannot pick a favourite - it's like she's gone through every drama addict's list and somehow known which are our absolute favourites to pick our favourites. WELL DONE - 10/10 from this Addict! :D

    Oh and my daughter (19 and a gaming addict (as well as dramas) will be VERY happy to hear that 'Love O2O' is a sure sign that even when you're a gamer hermit your OTL will STILL find you! lol!

  • Reply
    kittyflumpin Jan 5, 2017

    Fuben na Benriya is a perfect pick for this list (and it's very funny).

  • Reply
    HAVA-RAVA Jan 5, 2017 - edited

    "Winter always came to my mind when I think about good crime stories - usually the best crime stories happen in Scandinavia, which I always think of as "land of snow and darkness" (unless of course you live there). No wonder the best crime novels are written by Scandinavian authors."

    Why? Idk if Finland is considered as part of Scandinavia but I personally think Japanese and Koreans are way much better in crime genre than Scandinavia... *from Finland LOL* Land of snow - maybe like few days in a year? Land of darkness - hell yeah. It's dark 24/7 unless it's summer.

    *idk what I'm even commenting my brain must have suffered from the -20 Celsius degrees today*

    • Reply
      femmedesneiges Jan 5, 2017

      "Land of Darkness" sounds pretty cool. You could use it as your location on your profile. Or, "Where are you from?" "The Land of Darkness. No, really, I am..."

    • Reply
      lily_b Jan 7, 2017

      Usually only Denmark, Noway and Sweden are included in the term "Scandinavia", and if you add Iceland and Finland you have "The Nordic"... but this is mostly if you speak Swedish. In English, Scandinavia usually refers to all of us! :)

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