5 Reasons To Watch Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

5 Reasons To Watch Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Aside from all the obvious reasons like, this being Park Bo Young’s drama comeback or this being an awesome romantic comedy or that it features gorgeous people who make excellent, excellent eye candies, here are the five reasons why should pick up Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Right Now!


Bong Soon’s mother is one of those scheming moms, who’s always trying to find a rich guy so that she can marry off her daughter to him. But what’s different is that she does so in a really, really funny way. The way she scans the male lead for signs of being good son-in-law material - you won’t be able to help but laugh.

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Min Hyuk hates the police, and Gook Do is a cop. I think you can figure out the rest, but that's not all. Gook Do thinks Min Hyuk will take advantage of Bong Soon, while Min Hyuk knows that Bong Soon has a crush on Gook Do. Their relationship, if described in one word, would be 'complicated'. But that's a setup for a great bromance.

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We have seen a lot of super-women, from Wonder Woman to Black Widow. But Bong Soon will definitely take home the award for being the cutest one! It's not just her physical stature but also the adorable way she acts and no other super-woman can compare to that. Don’t believe me? Just watch the show and you won’t be doubting it anymore.

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One of the very attractive facts about this drama is the way that it balances out romance, comedy and thriller/suspense. One minute you’re laughing at Min Hyuk’s antics, the next minute you’re creeped out by the criminal, but the switching never feels abrupt. It somehow feels fitting.

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Normally, in a drama, it takes a few episodes for the male lead to get interested in the female lead or vice versa. But in this drama, Min Hyuk’s character is into Bong Soon from the get-go. Just a few minutes into the episode, and he is already smitten with her. Even if you’re not a fan of love at first sight, this one is bound to change your opinion. You’ll be shipping them like nobody’s business.

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Ji Soo may be a really handsome man, but that guy can sure rock a dress and blond hair like no-one else before. How many actors can you say that about?

I'm not including a picture for this, so you'll have to see it for yourself (^_^)

So are you watching SWDBS? If yes, how are you finding it?

If not, why not?

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  • Reply
    Shay May 30, 2017

    just.....don't understand the hype for this show....

  • Reply
    brght rhyju Apr 13, 2017

    More like 2 reason NOT to watch Strong Woman Do Bong Soon:
    1. She's annoying
    2. She's a fucking idiot

  • Reply
    Gulsen Apr 13, 2017

    1.Park Hyung Shik plays a character like Min Hyuk <3 <3 <3

    2.Female lead is strong, -physical wise and heart wise- ^:^

    3.Even if the bad guy is mediocre, the whole drama is way too funny and romantic

  • Reply
    Hikarua Mar 26, 2017

    I couldn't agree more with all five reasons, but especially #1! ♥.♥

  • Reply
    Lili Mar 25, 2017

    5 reason to watch Strong woman Do Bong Soon:
    1. Park Hyung Shik and Ji Soo are both just too cute for words.
    2. Park Hyung Shik and Ji Soo are both just too cute for words.
    3. Park Hyung Shik and Ji Soo are both just too cute for words.
    4. Park Hyung Shik and Ji Soo are both just too cute for words.
    5. And did I mention how cute the male leads are.

  • Reply
    emylan Mar 25, 2017 - edited

    The strongest reason is no. 1 ... I love the way he looks at her, like ♥_♥

    • Reply
      SaranghaeOppa Mar 26, 2017

      Same!!! I go crazy whenever I see Min Hyuk staring at Bong Soon. Ugh my heart ♥

  • Reply
    userbmc Mar 24, 2017 - edited

    the only drama I am watching right now... any recs?

    • Reply
      SeHee Mar 24, 2017

      If you're into SWDBS, try Weightlifting Fairy. If you've seen that, try Oh My Ghost. :)

  • Reply
    Chrisski27 Mar 23, 2017

    Love this show. The two leads are adorable.

  • Reply
    JoaBar Mar 23, 2017

    Do Bong Soon is so cute and Min Hyuk stole my heart. Hilarious drama.

  • Reply
    maychowsky Mar 23, 2017

    i'm interested in how they will handle the murderer case instead of how Min hyuk x bong soon. Since they're cute and adorable

  • Reply
    HoneyXHoney Mar 23, 2017

    I Love this Drama and the Bromance kills me everytime **_**
    Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Shik act so got together <3
    MUST WATCH ! <33333

  • Reply
    crashotaku4ever Mar 23, 2017

    You don't need a reason to watch this show .U see Park Bo young in cover just watch it .

  • Reply

    I started watching RAW episodes for this cause I just couldn't take the wait lol

  • Reply
    Yeh Yu Ling Mar 23, 2017

    I absolutely love this drama and all the characters!!! I mean - look at the male leads - what eye candies and love the way Park Bo Young interacts with the leads! She is so super-cutesy with Ji Soo in a sweet innocent and very coquettish way and brash and cute no nonsense with the other!!! One has to realise he loves her while the other already loves her!!! The villians, the mother, the father and the granny are so funny!!!! Love the minor characters too - the school boys - so funny they way they worship Bo Young's character!!

  • Reply
    Jessica Mar 22, 2017

    Yes this drama is such an exciting thing to wait for each week! I always laugh way too loudly with my earbuds in which weirds my family out.

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