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Why does blue hair, in particular, just looks so good? Gods, humans. I know I need to see more.

Focusing in on the story, what’s not to love about a god entering the human realm in the quest to gain more power and be distracted along the way. I mean, cars, phones, bicycles that ride on two wheels? Outrageous.


First off, this is based on the manhwa, also called Bride of the Water God, by Yun Mi Kyung. But that’s not what drew me in. I might have a different experience watching this drama because I can’t compare it to the manhwa. I’m sure there’s plenty of characters and moments fans will be waiting for. I’m just going along for the ride.

So, the ride thus far:


What an awesome map. There’s a clear goal. There’s a map. It’s in the world of humans, but no need to go to classes or learn about them until you’re there right? Well, the high priests think it’ll be fine. At least, the god himself thinks it’ll be a breeze. No need to linger. Taking your time? Emotional journey? Learn about other people? Pah.


There’s some weird red water flowing which apparently marks the start of this search, and it’s got a grand prize at the end: emperor of the gods. I mean, when you live like this:


It should feel natural to get everything easily. But take away the servants? Put him into the real world with no change of attitude? Well, that’s where So-Ah (Shin Se Kyung) comes in. A non-believer. Any normal human’s reaction?


She’s seen it all and has patients like him, day in and day out. A magnet for the crazy and delusional, you could say. Thank goodness she’s not left alone with them all. We have her co-worker, sane person, good for the world that’s full of the irrational, though he does cut her off even when the irrational is the truth and he thinks she’s going crazy. Oh, the irony.


And for our god of water, he decides taking a servant into the world of the humans would be like taking an encyclopaedia or dictionary. Someone that can navigate it for him so he doesn’t need to study up. Ever taken a dictionary into an exam you haven’t studied for? Well, me neither. I’m still certain he’s making things worse. But it’s interesting to see him clinging to his ways despite things going wrong.


I mean, even within the first episode, he’s disrobed a few times. So yes. I do miss his hair though. I’m looking forward to any scenes with the world of the gods. It might just be me, but who wouldn’t want to be in that world when everyone looks so unique?


This epilogue is also promising so much! It’s nice to see them being watched over, even if anyone other than the High Priest is like us and curiously unaware! After all, what is fate? Can it be beaten? Surely if it could be beaten, a god would be the one, right? Or maybe not. It’ll be interesting to see what’s set out in the cards already for them, and how they face it. I know I’m on their side already. Wow, things are going really badly. There’s only up from here, right?


What are your thoughts on this drama so far?

Thanks for reading!

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    All_In Jul 18, 2017

    No experience with that source material so I don't have to put that aside, and I don't buy into hype. So my experience has actually been quite good. 5 episodes in and some pacing issues for sure, but I laugh during every episode which is more than what is going on with a comedy show I'm watching so I'm sticking with it. Also, the writer is the same from Arang, and I remember it took a certain # of episodes for me to totally get addicted to that one.

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    TeoBuqvaidze Jul 17, 2017

    I like fairy-tales so I enjoy the drama. I think god's character suits Nam joo Hyuk. .Although I like his cute student characters.

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    Antonin Jul 17, 2017 - edited

    Probably my least favorite tVN drama so far. I hope I will get to like it soon. I still think they casted the wrong male lead though :(

    • Reply
      Hyuna Jul 18, 2017

      Really? I think the female lead isn't fitting for her role tbh

    • Reply
      Brook 30 days ago

      personally, i like both of them xD i must be the only one... (her acting is indeed a bit stiff, but aside from that, i think she' not bad at all^^)

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      iNeedSomeJisoos 29 days ago

      I personally don't have any problems with the actors. In fact, I don't think that the acting is the problem, but the story itself. I'm still going to continue watching it tho because Nam Joo Hyuk is bae <3 and he really fits his character (he looks really natural around water, no wonder he's been casted in many water-related roles.) and the main female actress is able to portray the emotions of her role well too ^^

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    Merong Jul 16, 2017 - edited

    I'm watching the guy who plays the high priest in another drama, "Stranger". He plays a powerful magnate who directs the ministry of justice behind the scenes, a man of wealth and taste, who asserts naturally his authority when talking to others. I think he demeaned himself by appearing in this crappy drama let alone taking the role of the high priest and wearing that ridiculous outfit. I suppose, money talks.

    • Reply
      Brook 30 days ago

      i felt a bit lost while reading your comment xD i don't know if my english isn't good enough, but i really don't understand what you were talking about :'D something like "the actor who plays a cool role in stranger only plays in this drama, NOT because he wanted to, because that is impossible, because the drama is so bad, but because of money only"? did i get that right? because if so, then i would say, we don't know that, and even if it was true and the actor only wanted the role because of money, it's not really for us to judge him :)

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    dramaworld Jul 16, 2017

    if you know anything about the manhwa you would know that this has nothing to do with it which made the fans really annoyed. and to be honest with other dramas setting the bar so high this one was disappointing but it started to get better i just hope the writers turn up the base

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    Ani Jul 15, 2017

    I love it. I think it's more like "Legend of the blue sea"

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    Pinocchio Jul 15, 2017 - edited

    The acting is good so far love how it's so hilarious. There's comments saying how it's not like the manhwa but it isn't suppose to be like the manhwa bc this is a spinoff not adaption

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      Scorpio8 20 days ago

      Really hilarious drama. I love it the way they made it because i don't know about manhwa

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    rainbowreflects Jul 15, 2017

    I'm sort of still hanging on because of NJH, but truely it's not my cup of tea at all....i'm actually feeling a bit cheated after all the hype about it. I guess i'll give it a one more week chance.

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    PKsuperfan Jul 15, 2017 - edited

    I really love it so far. He may be mean to his servant at times, but he sure has a soft spot for our girl and I love that about him. He is so precious...

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      Brook 30 days ago

      i think he's a softie for everyone kind of xD but only in extreme situations :'D

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    peacewon Jul 15, 2017

    Honestly the lead male is making it hard not to watch just because he is so personable. I do not dislike any of the actors so far. what is killing me is the writing ( or editing or directing, one of these is sucking BIG time) the characters are non linear. they say "this character is this" and then proceed to remove said characters attributes and hand same a set of " i'm too stupid to breathe without a recording saying in and out" panties. it is so sad really. a fabulous premise and then it is dumbed down past belief. so so so sad. five episodes I will give it before throwing up my hands and giving up.

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    Taylor_elle Jul 15, 2017 - edited

    I'm contemplating if I should watch this. A few years ago I started the manhwa but the drawings were not to my taste and the story wasn't that good so I actually packed up the books I had (about 6 in the series) and dumped them in the garbage to make space for other books. I like the main actor so I'm still curious to watch it.

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      lattebean_ Jul 15, 2017

      It's nothing like the manhwa and I'm almost finished with reading it. I think this far the only common thing this dramas has with manhwa are their names. So it's veeeery different. If you decide to watch it, watch at least first 3 episodes. Many have judged this drama that it has "slow start" just based on 2 episodes. True, it started a bit slowly but episode 3 was great and people who were on verge of dropping it just after 2 episodes said that they were glad they didn't after watching episode 3. I personally liked it from the start.

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      peacewon Jul 15, 2017 - edited

      that is excellent advice. I usually give five because some times it is hard to get the sea legs sooner but every now and then we will be faced with a drama that has disaster written on it from episode one. so far, this kind of does, but the promise of how wonderful the story COULD be has me holding on for five max.

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    kurage Jul 15, 2017

    I started watching this because of the hype and because I love NJH's performance on WFKBJ. But turned out NJH's acting here disappointed me so far, he act half heartedly and didnt look like he enjoy it at all. in contrass I find SSK doing better than what I expected. I will consider whether i should drop this or not once I figure out Gong Myung's role

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    Serin Jul 15, 2017

    I watch this even though i hate Shin Se Kyung and her acting. I liked Nam Joo Hyuk's acting in WFKBJ so i wanted to give this a chance. It's still early to judge the whole drama but all i can say they have zero chemistry and really, really poor acting skills. NJH disappointed me with this drama. But you know what's more ridiculous? I saw people comparing this nonsense with Goblin. Like, seriously? Is there any possibility for Nam Joo Hyuk to act better than f*cking Gong Yoo? NO WAY. Is the story more original than Goblin? Nah, not at all. I will still watch this till the final episode cause i still like NJH, i want to see where the story goes and i hate dropping dramas. But i don't enjoy watching this at all.

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    NaAera Jul 15, 2017

    I'm still watching it but I'm not that excited I didn't read the manwa neither but something is lacking in the plot , I like nam Joo hyuk a lot but I'm not getting hyped for his caracter here his quite boring, but maybe it'll get better after so I'm still watching it

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    Dana1004 Jul 15, 2017

    I think it's too soon for this article...come on, there are only 4 eps out.
    Even I can't predict what happens lol

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