An Open Letter to Kdrama Fans

Dear Kdrama Fans,

You need sleep.

Yes. You really need sleep. Take a break and take a deep, deep breath. You must've been watching K-dramas for 24 hours or less. Don't worry, I've been there. I think we've all been there at some point in our lives. You can't deny, you've tried sleeping late just to finish that certain drama you were watching whole day. Or worse, you never got to sleep. Next thing you know, the sun is already rising and people in your house are waking up, preparing for work or school. 

I'm not saying watching K-drama is bad. What I'm saying is that you just need to relax for a while and explore the reality outside your room. But if reality is being mean to you, you can always go back to watching your K-dramas. For me, watching K-dramas is my sweet escape from reality because it eases my pain and sadness somehow. I'm sure some of the K-dramas made you laugh whenever you're feeling down or when you're having a bad day. 

Do you ever get that sad feeling when you finally finished a K-drama that you really liked? To the point of going through their behind the scenes footage on YouTube, stalking the actors' Instagram, etc. Don't worry, we've done that too. If you think you're crazy or obsessed for doing that, don't be. You are not alone. We do that too. I've done that too a couple of times because I can't seem to move on from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. You know, I shipped Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi so hard before. I even watched their Strong Heart special episodes and the behind the scenes of their kissing scene. You know, typical. But that will soon pass because another drama will come in and soon enough, you'll forget about it. And then probably, you'll laugh at yourself while remembering what you just did.

Tissues. Tissues everywhere.

Was there a drama where you had to pause for a while to take a deep breath because of that one heavy scene and you couldn't seem to move on just yet? I've had lots of memories like that but the one that made me cry really hard recently was Goblin. The ending episodes really struck my heart and made me cry a river. If people around you called you 'weird' or 'weirdo', just let them be. Because again, you are not alone. There are thousands of K-drama fans out there who are with you and who do the same thing as you. But seriously, that drama is just too much. The feels.

I'm not going to make this letter any longer. I'll stop here now because I've basically said almost everything. The reason why I made this letter was to make you all know that you guys aren't alone. And if people bash you because you're a K-drama fan, don't mind them. They've got nothing better to do in life, that's why they're doing that. Okay? 

But then again, I have to remind you about one thing: SLEEP. Yes guys, sleep. We have 365/366 days in one year and 24 hours, don't torture yourself by not sleeping. We all have time to finish what we're doing. We just need time management. Okay? Okay.

Sincerely, your co-K-drama fan.

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    Tafnay 6 days ago

    it crazy but when i start watching dramas i always get this feeling that i must finish it as fast as possible and sit for hours to watch. i always have the same emotions as the character on screen and i end up losing so much sleep. then in the end i regret finishing it so quickly and then have to scurry to find another drama..

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    Kat 12 days ago

    I started watching kdrama at the beginning of the year and honestly I watched boys over flowers in one sitting when I had insomnia. I must admit I'm totally addicted but yeah sleep is definitely important especially if you don't want to miss the subtitles also on another note my 15 year old daughter and I both enjoy all the kdramas and swap recommendations if we don't watch them together. Your message is great "Enjoy your programs but remember your life and health".

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    Eunha 14 days ago

    Have any of you ever looked at your completed drama list, then tried to calculate how much time you spent watching dramas? I started to but never finished....kinda felt guilty.

    Then again people do different things to escape, and dramas I think is a relatively healthy and safe option. Lol sleep is important so i make sure that if it is late then to watch a current drama so I can't watch more even if I want to, just a tip :)

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    rosyprincess 15 days ago

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    Fumi 16 days ago

    This letter made my day. I feel better. I can breathe. This day was so bad for me but thank you, I don't feel like someone worse now. I was like 'omo my life is so boring, I'm watching kdramas all the time', but not now, this is my HOBBY and I feel good. <3

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    emily 17 days ago

    thanks for this letter, ive decided eventually that ill go sleep more early and gain my self some power . im actually starting to worry about my health but im sure if ill get some sleep everything will be fine .

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    OlzDive 17 days ago

    Hahaha.. this phenomenon already passed for me. The recipe are: 1. only watch happy dramas, 2. If you suspect it will have sad ending then BE PATIENT by not watching it and read some episode's comments and only watch when the drama really finish and having a really Happy Ending. 3. Be selective with the drama, Me always stick to my favorite theme: Romance, comedy and youth. Therefore, these methods could keep me happy and able to manage some times to do something else beside cementing myself on the couch and gluing my eyes to the screen. Hee hee...^_^

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    cheza7307 18 days ago

    Thanks so much for this letter. I was deciding to take a break and relax so I could start sleeping early. I agree with everything you just said and know you have reached so many drama fans like myself who struggle with time management and a health sleep routine.

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    Bill Michael 18 days ago

    When there is nothing to do, I binge watch until I don't remember anything.

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    Bill Michael 18 days ago

    One of my favorite multi-part Kdrama series (besides Goblin) was "I Remember You".
    Spooky, mysterious, funny, twists and turns, sorrowful, redemption, romance, hot boys, pretty women, handsome men. By the time it finished, I was jumping for joy...!!!

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    Palani 18 days ago

    invest wisely!

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    Wonderweiss 18 days ago - edited

    sounds like one of those deep monologues in my head that I always shoo away by watching yet another episode... but these days I tried to manage my time by stopping watching dramas at midnight since I've always watched dramas til 2AM.
    thanks for the letter <3 I feel you like any other drama fan out there ^^

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      Brook 15 days ago

      till 2 am only??.. weeeell, i must be too crazy in your eyes then xD....

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    mongji 18 days ago

    It's 5 AM in my country.. i just took a quick break from kdrama marathon then i read your letter.. lol

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    Matooka 19 days ago - edited

    love ur letter ^^.After 10 years of watching dramas,now i can sleep and relax to continue my dramas next day .

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    KeytimeLove 20 days ago

    Oh my god that was me with Heartless City. Not a problem right now because I haven't had wifi in almost a month and a half.

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