Looking Back at Bride of the Century: A Personal Perspective

Bride of the Century - 3 Years Later


It's so easy to talk about Bride of the Century and yet so difficult. A personal favourite of mine, BoC was the first drama in the Shinkansen of dramas I have watched, that I have actually watched live streamed on my PC. 

I literally counted the days and the hours for the drama to air on TV Chosun, a fairly unknown cable TV channel among the K-Drama community. The wait was excruciatingly painful as I crossed-marked the days in a weekly calendar (I created one on Powerpoint with Lee Hong Ki's picture on it, printed it and put it up on my bedroom wall, really silly but I didn't care!), anxiously waiting, expecting, suffering as days looked like endless tormenting years, hours looked like months and minutes resembled the hours I paced about in my mind in a time zone other than Korean. 

Time is of course relative and my anxiety a product of my inability to wait for BoC but I didn’t care about looking like a teenager or appearing to be a silly girl waiting for her favourite TV show to air, attributes that do not define me as a person (but when it came to BoC I was all of that); I cared about watching BoC every week, everything else was irrelevant and unimportant, everything else except my family and friends (who despite being very important to me took second place when the drama aired)!



BoC has an innovative premise within the K-Drama sphere, so utterly focused on theme recycling, perhaps as a metaphorical positive expression of the brilliant waste recycling policy Korea has and I mean that honestly as the country contributes more than many Western countries do towards the decrease of CO2 emissions, upstanding the Kyoto Protocol signed in 1998 and Ratified in 2002.

The story is about a century long curse on the eldest son of the Choi family whose first bride would die as it had continuously happened in the past. Aware of this, his fiancé’s mother has her daughter replaced by a look-alike impostor so that she can die in place of her daughter and her daughter can take over from there. Pretty creepy, despicable and abhorrent, right? The things some mothers are willing to go through for their daughter sometimes defines an imaginary gravity but hey, the world is like that right? No!

e109kW7L_e9fa53_f.jpg  r1wz5pE4_a85456_f.jpg

Lee Hong Ki plays the eldest son of the Taeyang Corporation (couldn’t help but smile as I am a big fan of Big Bang and Taeyang is my favourite artist), Choi Kang Joo, an atypical character for him as his roles have been mostly farcical, an art he excels at and there’s nothing comical about his character in the drama. He’s stoic and civil, arrogant and blunt but above all, he’s a man in dire need to be taken down a peg or two. I am being generous. He needed to be taken down at least a dozen. 


Kang Joo, however, becomes milder and softer as the drama progresses and he falls heads over heels in love with the impostor Na Do Rim, a Mulan-esque archetype and an antithesis of her nemesis Jang Yi Kyung, Kang Joo’s real fiancé.

Yang Jin Sung plays both characters convincingly, making them both interesting to watch on screen, particularly Na Do Rim’s shenanigans and her love for Kang-Joo. It really felt that their love would stand the test of time as both characters are bound by a red string of fate which the audience got the opportunity to experience with them as they became aware of it.


There were four things that I really liked here: 

One, Lee Hong Ki getting out of his environment and shedding his funny person to perform Kang Joo whose character I love and I couldn't really fathom any other actor performing the role. I thought that Lee Hong Ki whom I am a fan off was exceptional. 

Two, his chemistry with Yang Jin Sung was sweet. 

732p5yO1_919cad_f.jpg  b3E0j6EL_0d702d_f.jpg

Their screen time together was amusing and sweet! 

pLZVy9NL_d68094_f.jpg  W47QnbAL_76e08e_f.jpg

They'll never be one of the best drama couples in K-Drama land but they were adorable together and I really liked that! 

PL6Qadx1_d7ac49_f.jpg  mLA0w6N1_e93868_f.jpg

Three, their interactions with the cute kitten, aww, they were so cute! I loved them! 

71g6M0Y4_783a98_f.jpg  O38QXJO4_8d419d_f.jpg

Four, how Kang Joo evolved from being so stiff and proper into a warmer, likeable man with silly moments a la Lee Hong Ki norm which was suitable for the drama.

P4YjO5z1_8627d3_f.jpg  01eMgzw1_584dcc_f.jpg

Every story has to have some baddies; BoC had “the two towers”, the fated lovers’ mothers: Kim Myeong Hee (Kim Seo Ra) and Ma Jae Ran (Shin Eun Jung). One Kang Joo's aristocratically pretentious illusionist mum who plotted with a smile on her face behind closed doors; the other one, his real fiancé’s mother, a pervert viciously devious woman, a Cruella de Vil that made Romeo and Juliet’s opposition a bad children’s play should there have existed one. 

Mothers want what is best for their children and in Bride of the Century they’re no exception honestly but when Kang Joo and Do Rim’s love is discovered, the plot to tear them apart is a walk in Siberia in the middle of Winter, freezing cold!


Cold was not the music. It was quite romantic and sweet and aw... so beautiful!!! Lee Hong Ki's rendition of "Words I Couldn't Say Yet". When he sings:

- Bogo shipeojimyeon andoenayo geuriumyeon andoenayo mianhaeyo sarangha nikka nohjireul mothaeyo...

- Is it wrong if I start to miss you? Is it wrong if I long for you? I’m sorry for loving you. I can’t let you go...

It's so beautiful, sad but so beautiful! 

In the end, there was no return of the king as the story doesn’t have one but the drama rocked, not as in the FT Island 'Sad Promise' that it would rock viewers, perhaps aiming toward a Queen ovation K-Drama series but in a more 'Big City Nights' kind of way, shaking their expectations like a hurricane in a 'Wind of Change 'atmosphere in a laptop setting. 

After all, BoC does have personality Scorpions! The intensity and pace of the story development were right and the cliffhangers really worked in creating anticipation, building up momentum and generating online positive buzz thanks to a solid script and performances.


Revisiting BoC is always fun and emotional as it's not only one of my favourite dramas but also one that felt really underrated and seemed to have flown under the radar for many drama aficionados which is a shame. Somehow every time I watch it really feels like the first time all over again, except that I don’t have to wait endlessly to watch another episode. I can just binge on the entire series in a weekend! 

Has anyone else watched the drama? Has anyone watched it more than once!

Share your thoughts in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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  • Reply
    hvnlyslayerangel 5 days ago

    One of my favorites!

  • Reply
    RiverSong 6 days ago - edited

    Hi, so happy to see so many others love this little drama as much as I do. I agree that BoC has been shamefully underrated. BoC is special to me because it was the rom-com that persuaded me to give k-drama rom-coms a try. My very first kdrama was ManXMan which I saw on netflix, followed by Master's Sun. I loved it so much that I started looking for other kdramas ....but most of them left me cold (Heirs, BoF, Legend of the Blue Sea I'm looking at you!) I was about to give up when I came across BoC and became hooked, mainly because of the adorable lead couple. I'll no way call them an unforgettable pairing, but they were just so sweet together that I developed a major soft spot for them, enough to patiently wait through the ensuing melodramatic shenanigans (a whole lot of them!)

  • Reply
    Rows 6 days ago

    This is also one of my favorite drama and I've watched it more than twice. I am trying all my media to discover the undiscovered in this drama lol...., kidding aside, I love all the main character in this drama esp Hong Ki. Their role is very well played.

  • Reply
    Tot 7 days ago

    I'm glad you mentioned how well the lead actress differentiated her two characters. That's always the first thing I think of whenever I think of this drama. I even recommended this drama to someone a few years ago and I had to mention how great she was at playing her two roles. This drama isn't a favorite of mine, but I am considering watching it again because I miss Hongki, and the drama wasn't bad. Also, that song is one of my favorite OST songs.

  • Reply
    dramaholic_piglet 7 days ago

    I started this drama with very low expectation..and that adds up to me liking this drama.

  • Reply
    kurenai 8 days ago

    i love this drama it is unique

  • Reply
    Red 8 days ago

    I wanna rewatch it with a friend xD

  • Reply
    Diyaa 8 days ago - edited

    it is one of the drama that i discovered late( like 6th episode aired)..but i decided to give it a try..walla i ended up marathoning 6 episode that nite and anticipating the next episode ever since...love it..miss it..i think i need to rewatch it when my drama slump days coming

  • Reply
    Rapmoniee 8 days ago

    one of my favorite drama all of time^^, love their interaction each other. Their character fit well to them. I like OST this drama.

  • Reply
    Miyuru 9 days ago - edited

    One of my personal favorite

  • Reply
    TaemonRebel 9 days ago

    i really loved this drama when it aired...a lot of people slept on it or hated it but I thought it was cute :D

  • Reply

    Yay.. I am so glad I was not the only one that really liked it. I loved the supernatural twist to this drama. I also thought this was a really cute pairing. It was fun to see Lee Hong Ki playing the handsome chaebol jerk. Previously, I had only seen him play heart on his sleeve goofballs. I am a huge fan of Secret(with Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum). I was surprised to find out that Yang Jin Sung played Ji Sung's character's dead fiance in Secret. I totally didn't recognize her while BOC was airing. I only realized when I rewatched Secret again after.

  • Reply
    aimsat 9 days ago

    this is one of my favourite dramas as well...Hong Gi and that girl looked extremely cute with each other as if they're made from heaven..I liked the story and their romance...everything...

  • Reply
    NappeunYeoja13 9 days ago

    I loved this drama. So sweet. And it was never stressful.

  • Reply
    Kikka 9 days ago

    Loved this drama :D

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