Top 5 Korean Dramas With The Best Soundtracks
Writer Skye goes over the Top 5 Korean dramas with the best soundtracks.
Who Did It Better? 1st Edition: Time Travel
Writer Beca256 gives her opinion on dramas with the same kind of plots. This edition's theme is "Time travel: From the past to the future"
Bridal Mask: Not Another Overrated Drama
Writer Lisnoir goes over why you should watch this summer's hottest drama: Bridal Mask!
So You Remember Your First Drama?
Writer SeRose describes the emotions behind a "drama" career...
Three Featured Movies #1
Writer Skye goes over his three feature movie picks of the week.
New GTO Special To Air In October
Great Teacher Onizuka 2012 will have a special airing in October
Top 10 Dramas With The Best Kisses
Writer Beca256 goes through her Top 10 (Korean + Taiwanese) Dramas with the Best Kisses, along which why she picked the ones she did.
MDL’s Article System Launching Today! [Apply to be a Writer!]
MyDramaList celebrates the release of a new feature that allows users to write articles that thousands of drama fans will read.
Interview with a Jdrama Fansubber!
Skye-N-Rain interviews the fansubber behind the quick subs for Rich Man Poor Woman, Great Teacher Onizuka 2012, and more!
The Unbearable Lightness of Being Addicted
Writer Amrita goes through the side effects of becoming a drama addict.
Upcoming Drama Recommendations
A trio of friends who are deeply addicted to upcoming dramas previews from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan!
MDL's Forum Hits 200,000 Posts!
A celebration of how MyDramaList's forum hits 200k posts!
Skye’'s Top 5 Underrated JDramas
Skye goes through his top 5 Japanese dramas that he believes are underrated and should be watched by more people...

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