Genre: Food

Japanese Drama - 2016

Set around the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, Japan. Yassan (Tsuyoshi Ihara) is homeless and doesn't have any money. He does have an amazing sense of taste and knowledge about food. He delivers information to restaurants and gets paid with food. A young guy, Takao (Tasuku Emoto), admired Tokyo and eventually…

6 Episodes
  • 7.2
Japanese Drama - 2016

Hoshino Mitsuko is the talented three-star chef of famous French restaurant, La Cuisine de La reine, in Ginza, Tokyo. She has drawn attention not just from Japan but also the world for the new recipes she continuously conceives with her delicate palate and unrivalled creativity. Gourmands around the…

10 Episodes
  • 8.1
Chinese Drama - 2017

The story follows a mysterious chef and his late night diner open from midnight to dawn, featuring ordinary stories from his patrons every night as they chatter and eat the one requested dish.

36 Episodes
  • 8.5
Japanese Drama - 2015

Shimeshi is about a unique restaurant that accepts only one customer a day. It is called "Le Bon Vivre", tucked away in some back alley of the bustling city, that serves "lost food." Not anyone can easily get a reservation. That person has to have circumstances or are struggling on which path to take,…

4 Episodes
  • 7.1
Japanese Drama - 2016

University student Wakamizu Ryota (Emoto Tokio), who is the middle of job hunting, gets caught up in a sudden gang dispute. Ryota’s life is saved by Yanagiba Ryuichi (Namase Katsuhisa), the boss of Yanagiba-gumi, and Ryota for some reason ends up harbouring Yanagiba in his own home. Ignoring Ryota…

10 Episodes
  • 7.8
Japanese Special - 2016

Inogashira Goro arrives in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture for the first time in eight years at the request of an old friend Kishimoto. The request this time is a job at Sea Pearl Pia Onagawa, a commercial facility in the town of Onagawa, where Kishimoto is running an event. Kishimoto would like people to…

1 Episodes
  • 8.2
Japanese Special - 2017

In this SP, Goro is on his working day in Tokyo. To date, the SPs showed him on business trips to places like Kyushu, Hokkaido and Tohoku but this time, he will be based at "home" and visit various places for food during the day. In addition, the author of "Kodoku no Gurume" Kusumi Masayuki will also…

1 Episodes
  • 8.5
Japanese Movie - 2006

The hero, Satoru Nomura (Oda Yuji), is young, with most of a brilliant career still ahead of him, but has little feeling, save condescension, for the people he is supposed to serve. Instead he has been slaving on a huge seaside development for the elderly that, if given the green light (or rather, the…

  • 7.0
Japanese Movie - 2011

Tomura (Eguchi Yosuke) was once widely lauded as a legendary patissier, but some 8 years ago he inexplicably left the field. Since that time, Tomura has lectured at culinary schools and wrote a guidebook for pastry critics. Natsume (Aoi Yu) is a young woman who travels from Kagoshima to Tokyo to find…

  • 7.2
Korean Drama - 2008

This daily drama revolves around a family-run restaurant selling Korean traditional beef soup. The restaurant is famous and popular for its delicious dishes. The secret of the success lies in owner Kang's sticking to the traditional way of cooking the beef soup. But Kang feels depressed when his only…

95 Episodes
  • 5.3
Japanese Drama - 2013

Set in a mysterious bakery that just opens at midnight, this will star a smiling owner, a baker, and a talented but foul-mouthed student. Together, they will try to make their business a success.

8 Episodes
  • 7.3
Japanese Movie - 2014

The story is about Ikuzo Ogiwara, a 63-year-old chef with a quiet sushi shop and a daughter. He’s suddenly head-hunted by a global sushi chain as head chef in their newest restaurant and he seems to be the ideal fit. They start throwing gifts his way to persuade him but he’s definite in his refusal.…

  • --
Taiwanese Movie - 2010

When Jeff quits his engineer job in pursuit of his dream as a professional chef, he could never imagine his father's violent objection. By sheer chance, he was discovered by a veteran TV producer, Jia Ying, whose cooking program was facing a crisis after their diva host, Yang Tai, walked out of the…

  • 6.8
Japanese Drama - 2015

Hongo Ban is a middle-aged man who is very particular about delicious meals. He would follow his own “tactics” – the advice of his inner “strategist” – on what to order as well as what sequence to eat. He visits all sorts of eating establishments and refines his strategy in pursuit of the…

13 Episodes
  • 6.0

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