Genre: Martial Arts

Chinese Drama - 2007

Huo En Di and Zhao Sheng Xian were once disciples in the same martial arts sect who were as close as brothers. However, that all changed after their dying shifu chose En Di as his successor with no witnesses except En Di present at his deathbed. Since then, the Huo and Zhao families have been at odds…

42 Episodes
  • 6.4
Chinese Movie - 2012

Ming dynasty. Japanese pirates had long been eliminated. There are four major martial arts families in Guancheng town. Anyone who wishes to establish his own sect in the martial art world must fight his way through the gates of the residences of these four families. However, when it comes to a challenger…

  • 6.9
Hong Kong Drama - 2010

Au-Yeung Wai-Lan (Yuen Qiu), owner of a martial arts training school, is reunited with her long-lost son Goo Yu-Cheung (Kevin Cheng) after years of agonizing separation. On his return home, Cheung is shocked to find that his younger brother Goo Yu-Tong (Kenneth Ma) has been critically ill and that his…

25 Episodes
  • 7.4
Hong Kong Movie - 1996

A sequel in name only to the hit Jet Li film The Tai Chi Master (also directed by Yuen Woo Ping), the film stars martial arts superstar Jacky Wu Jing as a young man shielded from the world by his overprotective father. Once he gets out, he's able to find romance with Western-educated Rose (Christy Chung),…

  • 8.0
Chinese Movie - 2013

Man of Tai Chi is a 2013 Chinese-American martial arts film where a young martial artist's unparalleled Tai Chi skills land him in a highly lucrative underworld fight club.

  • 6.8
Hong Kong Movie - 1981

Master Liu and Master Law are rival masters of Shaolin style kung fu, and Wudang style sword fighting, running schools in the same city. Their top students, Chao Fung-wu (Adam Cheng), and Hung Jun-kit (Gordon Liu), are actually close friends, with Jun-kit's sister, Yan-ling, having a crush on Fung-wu.…

  • 8.7
Hong Kong Drama - 2008

Demonstrates the philosophy of the Way, Shows the Path to wisdom and harmony, A Master is here to teach the essence of Tai Chi! Orphaned as a child, MO MA (Vincent Zhao) grew up in the country and started learning Tai Chi from his mentor at a very young age. The devastating experience of being abandoned…

25 Episodes
  • 6.9
Hong Kong Movie - 2010

"Bruce Lee, My Brother" chronicles the first 19 years of martial arts star Bruce Lee, prior to his departure for the United States.

  • 8.0
Hong Kong Drama - 1995

This is a drama about the rivalry between the Northern and Southern martial arts: The Northern Fist and the Southern Legs.

20 Episodes
  • 7.0
Thai Movie - 2010

A group of martial arts students are enjoying a reunion party when a bomb goes off in the building. When they wake up, some of their friends have been kidnapped and they soon find a group of assassins coming after them. The only way to survive is to fight their way out.

  • 7.4
Chinese Drama - 2002

Yuan Dynasty, warlords, chaos. Wudang of Changchun live Qiu hundred blessing ceremony Office, Huang Jue Temple monk Zhu Yuanzhang , Rebel leader Guo Xing 's daughter Mazhi Lan , rich girl and Qiu Rong Shen lay disciples Zhangjun Bao acquaintance. In the desert will be strong and worked hard for many…

30 Episodes
  • 7.8
Hong Kong Movie - 1975

Impetuous young martial arts master Kuan takes a job at a textile factory where another disciple of the revered Shaolin discipline warns him about the rival Manchu clan, who run another nearby mill. Combat breaks out between the two warring camps, with Kuan becoming his boss' right-hand man but becoming…

  • 8.7
Hong Kong Movie - 1979

Tang How Yuen is a disciple of kung fu master San Thye. San Thye wins a martial arts tournament, only to be killed by evil kung fu master, Master Li. Tang tries unsuccessfully to fight Chung, and leaves the evil master unharmed. Tang, along with San Thye's wife and daughter head after the killer to…

  • 8.3
Hong Kong Movie - 1972

It is 1934, in Japanese occupied Korea. Angela, Carter and Sammo are sitting and talking in a park when they are approached by a group of Japanese toughs. The leader of the Japanese begins to make unwelcome advances, and Angela tries her best to ignore him. Sammo loses his temper and a melee ensues.…

  • 7.2

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