8 days ago
marylin511 - 4 Posts
1 - Moon Lovers
2 - Healer
3- 49 days
4 - Innocent Man
5 - Dream High (doesn't fit the list? Maybe, but I enjoy it every time I rewatch!)
8 days ago
Rose - 3 Posts
1. Fight for My Way
  -Cutest childhood friends to lovers romance
  -Adorable leads & characters that will make you laugh and cry & swoon
  -Good content on life & dreams,very relatable
2. Healer
   -It's got everything.Romance,Comedy,Thriller,Action,Cuteness,Hotness,you name it :D
3. I Can hear your voice
  -Lee Jong Suk(Need I Say More ;) ?  )
  -Daebak chemistry between leads
  -Total marathon material 
  - The title holds true not only in the literal sense but is also weaved through the story beautifully
4. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
5. You're beautiful
8 days ago
StarlitStorm - 1324 Posts
1. Signal
2. Healer
3. Circle
4. Six Flying Dragons
5. Dear My Friends
8 days ago
Meg - 25 Posts
Ok I have only watched just over 20 Kdrama fully, so far this is my list:

Empress Ki - visually stunning, gripping storyline that keeps you interested for the whole 51 episodes, fleshed out main characters that evolve throughout the show, lovely acting and personally I love the romance in this(this has a male yandere, my favourite :-)).

Heirs - Classic school drama, poor girl, rich guy, an annoying parent, jealousy and a very prominent second lead guy.

Healer - well rounded with a bit of everything for most tastes, romance, action, mystery, you name it, this drama has it.

Cheese in the Trap - I think this teaches us about the complexities of human nature and that not everything is either black or white, but shades of grey.

Shopping King Louis - cutest and sweetest couple ever!
5 days ago
renebean - 10 Posts
1. Let's Eat (season 1)
2. Age of Youth
3. Drinking Solo
4. Marriage Not Dating
5. I Remember You 
5 days ago
Aryael - 6 Posts
Healer, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Master's Sun, Cruel City, I Hear Your Voice/ Secret Garden.
5 days ago
Alekwang - 198 Posts
Dong Yi
Fight for my way
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
Kill Me, Heal Me 
The Princess' Man

+The Master's Sun and Lucky Romance!
5 days ago
Ahe - 34 Posts
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is my all time favourite
but i also recommend
Love o2o even though its pretty long i was still able to keep watching it, like it didn't get boring
strong woman do bong soon, sooo cuteee
3 days ago
Maggy - 2 Posts
  1. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
  2. W - Two worlds
  3. Suspicious Partner
  4. Fight for my way
  5. Queen of the Ring