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Sticky: Korean K-Dramas/Movies on historical time table - ver 2

by Lorell
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Sticky: [Directory] K-Variety Show Threads

by Ari_Lee
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Sticky: [Directory] K-Drama Threads

by Ari_Lee
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Sticky: [Directory] K-Movie Threads

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Sticky: [Guidelines] Read BEFORE making a new thread!

by Ari_Lee
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Korean dramas that don’t have any slow episodes at all?

by MrBanana
10 244 OliCT 16 minutes ago

Oddly Specific Rec. Sageuk and Modern mix

by judy
2 30 Naksken 1 hour ago

Kdramas where the couples get separated?

by Bernard Forson
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Which Korean actor out of the ten on this list is your most favorite?

by Daniel
86 1.7K RoyalMajesty 18 hours ago

Is Incomplete Life ( 2014 ) a good Korean drama, is it worth watching?

by SuperDrama101ohyea
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What should I Watch next ?

by Imitalia
12 399 Lee 1 day ago

Where can I watch Train to Busan online?

by Fabiya
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What kdrama have you binge watch!?

by Ragnhild
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Weekly TOP 20 Korean Dramas

by AdoraLee
54 3.5K AdoraLee 3 days ago

Good korean daily dramas

by Lili
8 1.8K Lorra-Patricia 3 days ago

Sweetest series you can think of

by YourBoyTim
39 1.7K Cactus28 4 days ago

What's this song called playing in Smile, You? SPOILERS

by SuperDrama101ohyea
0 37 SuperDrama101ohyea 7 days ago

Suggestion on underrated dramas

by FoodliftingFairy
31 1.2K iamgeralddd 8 days ago

Longest Kdrama you watched

by Lili
107 2.5K RoyalMajesty 8 days ago

Favorite drama from your "Completed" list (Year wise)

by Sara
26 577 Aceji 8 days ago