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I'm Ari. I'm also still known as Lis sometimes because of my previous username, LisNoir. I am one of MDL's forum mods. Here are some links to help guide your way through MDL.

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People may wonder why I don't like them? Well, I think they are completely overrated. But hey! you like what you like and I'll love what I love, O...K?  People may, also, think I'm gonna be missing out in a lot but I'll somehow survive. Don't suggest dramas or movies with any of them.. .Ever...

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Korean variety shows I watch

  1. 1N2D S3
Drama Statistics
  • Times (Days) 201.8
  • Currently watching2
  • Completed209
  • Plan to watch37
  • On-hold9
  • Dropped123
  • Total Entries380
Movie Statistics
  • Times (Days) 11.1
  • Completed147
  • Plan to watch30
  • Total Entries177
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