"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." 

Albert Einstein

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Heii how are you?^^...So here is something about me.I've discovered asian dramas 4 years ago.I was searching for an anime and by mistake I've found the live action of it...Perfect girl evolution/Yamamoto Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. It was my first drama and I loved it!As you can see it remained one of my favorites....Kamenashi Kazuya was my first asian actor (except Jackie Chan:D ) and is one of my favorite actors.

Excluding asian actors my favorite actor that I'm crazy about is Johnny Depp.This man is just perfect...in everything he does<3.

http://media1.santabanta.com/full1/Global Celebrities(M)/Johnny Depp/johnny-depp-7a.jpg

                                          Favorite Singers

Hyorin (Sistar)


She is my first girl crush.I loved her from the moment I've seen her on Immortal Song 2.I mean, what's there not to love.She has an easy going personality, amazing voice and a beautiful body.She may not be the strongest actress but everyone has faults.Anyway I really LOVE her so much! I'm obsessed with finding fanfics about her and I ship her with Jay Park.

Favorite song:  "Who You Are To Me"

G-Dragon (Big Bang)


At first he wasn't my favorite member, and I'm a truly VIP to the core, so I changed my bias once or twice but since 1 year ago GD is my ultimate number 1.I really love his songs...they are truly inspiring and to think that he writes them himself (for Big Bang and sometimes the others members).He is a true artist.Also, I don't think he is the most handsome person on Earth but oh boy that confidence and "swag" makes him SEXY as hell!! Trust me...if you think your hot the others will think as well.

Favorite song: "Black"

Lee Hongki (FT Island)


The best singer in my books.I can't remember a time when I didn't love him.I always enjoy watching his concerts because of his interactions with the public...a real rock star.I also envy him for his nails...He is a great variety personality, with a beautiful voice.If I had to chose whose concert to go to probably FT Island would be the one.It's the band that dominates my playlist and I always love their songs.

Favorite song: "Don't Love"

Jung Joon Young


Even if he isn't a veteran he is one of my favorites at the moment.I missed having a quirky personality around (after Kim Hyun Joong and Heechul) so I had such a wonderful surprise once I discovered him.Aside from this he is a great singer as well with a deep voice but also high notes.I love watching him on WGM and 2D1N...he is really funny and charming.I'm also kind of obsessed with those "bad boy" types with a golden heart.

Favorite song: "Spotless Mind"

Jay Park


I liked him since his 2PM days, he was actually my bias, but I really think that solo do him better.He is just so cute and handsome at the same time...the best boyfriend material.Don't let me get started with his songs...I freaking love them...he has groove and know how to move + those ABS!!!

Favorite song: "Turn Off Your Phone"

53 weeks drama chalange

Week 1: Ojakgyo Brothers (10) Week 28:  Full House - 2014 (9)
Week 2: Summer Nude (8) Week 29:
Week 3: The Master's Sun (9) Week 30:
Week 4: Innocent Love (8) Week 31:
Week 5: Fabulous Boys (7) Week 32:
Week 6: It's Okay, Daddy's Girl (7) Week 33:
Week 7: Rascal Sons (8)
             Crime Squad (8)
Week 34:
Week 8: We are Dating Now (7) Week 35:
Week 9: Secret Love (10) Week 36:
Week 10: Medical Top Team (8) Week 37:
Week 11: Heirs (8) Week 38:
Week 12: Twenty Years Old (8) Week 39:
Week 13: Another Parting (9) Week 40:
Week 14: Wang's Family (9) Week 41:
Week 15: I Need Romance 3 (8) Week 42:
Week 16: Aftermath (8) Week 43:
Week 17: Golden Rainbow (8) Week 44:
Week 18: Inspiring Generation (7) Week 45:
Week 19: Emergency Couple (8) Week 46:
Week 20: Clear Midsummer Night (7) Week 47:
Week 21: Spring Day (9) Week 48:
Week 22: Full House Take 2 (8) Week 49:
Week 23: Witch's Romance (8) Week 50:
Week 24: Tokyo Bandwagon (7.5) Week 51:
Week 26: Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi 2 (7.5) Week 52:
Week 27: Doctor Stranger (8) Week 53:
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