“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” 

? Albert Einstein
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Heii how are you?^^...So here is something about me.I've discovered asian dramas 4 years ago.I was searcing for an anime and by mistake I've found the live action of it...Perfect girl evolution/Yamamoto Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. It was my first drama and I loved it!As you can see it remained one of my favorites....Kamenashi Kazuya was my first asian actor (exept Jackie Chan:D ) and is one of my favorite actors.
Excluding asian actors my favorite actor that I'm crazy about is Johnny Depp.This man is just perfect...in everything he does<3.
http://media1.santabanta.com/full1/Global Celebrities(M)/Johnny Depp/johnny-depp-7a.jpg

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53 weeks drama chalange

Week 1: Ojakgyo Brothers (10)Week 28:
Week 2: Summer Nude (8)Week 29:
Week 3: The Master's Sun (9)Week 30:
Week 4: Innocent Love (8)Week 31:
Week 5: Fabulous Boys (7)Week 32:
Week 6: It's Okay, Daddy's Girl (7)Week 33:
Week 7: Rascal Sons (8)
             Crime Squad (8)
Week 34:
Week 8: We are Dating Now (7)Week 35:
Week 9: Secret Love (10)Week 36:
Week 10: Medical Top Team (8)Week 37:
Week 11: Heirs (8)Week 38:
Week 12: Twenty Years Old (8)Week 39:
Week 13: Another Parting (9)Week 40:
Week 14: Wang's Family (9)Week 41:
Week 15: I Need Romance 3 (8)Week 42:
Week 16: Aftermath (8)Week 43:
Week 17: Golden Rainbow (8)Week 44:
Week 18: Inspiring Generation (7)Week 45:
Week 19: Emergency Couple (8)Week 46:
Week 20: Clear Midsummer Night (7)Week 47:
Week 21: Spring Day (9)Week 48:
Week 22: Full House Take 2 (8)Week 49:
Week 23:Week 50:
Week 24:Week 51:
Week 26:Week 52:
Week 27:Week 53:

Crush of the week: Junhyung









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  • Aks 14 days ago
    haha I look forward to reading it then! :)
  • LoveAsianWorld 15 days ago
    I just watched the 17th ep, and yea I see what you mean, it really gets better. A lot. So I won´t drop it, as Long as I don´t get bored with it once again ^-^
  • LoveAsianWorld 15 days ago
    How do you like EC? I still only watched til ep 16 and I think I´ll drop it, it´s so boring :/
    Hmm... Golden Rainbow!! Special affairs Team TEN, innocent man... I don´t actually really remember what I finished lately, except for Golden Rainbow and Team TEN.. :D
  • LoveAsianWorld 15 days ago
    ahhh, ok. Do you have a Drama in mind that you´d like to watch next? Ahh ok, true ^-^ Ok, thx for explaining!
  • LoveAsianWorld 16 days ago
    Hi! It´s nice to meet you! How r u an what r u currently watching? Nice Profile! I absolutely love the pics of Lee Hyun Woo, they r so cute! :3
    I have some questions to your Drama challenge: do you watch one Drama at the same time and finish it before you start a new one? do you decide what to watch first or do you just watch what you´re in the mood for?
  • Aks 16 days ago
    I'd love to help with the korean version if you're still collecting data :)
  • gceanmgnovlasco 20 days ago
    hello there! how are you? sorry for the late reply. I have been very busy and still am but finding some time to keep in touch and be updated here again. haha! :) what's the latest show you have watched? see you around :)
  • MyYumeLife 20 days ago
    Herro! You have a lovely profile xD
  • ruzgrig 25 days ago
    just read ur article... good job... waiting for the Korean edition ^_^
  • Aks 26 days ago
    Really liked your article, I look forward to the Korean version :)
  • Pandiko Mar 10, 2014
    Thank you :D
  • Pandiko Mar 9, 2014
    Well I started with Boys Over Flowers (that's actually how I got into the whole kpop fandom thingy - someone recommended it since I read the manga and loved it), but then my sister had to stop watching for a while so I've been waiting for her to finish it with me. :( I agree that HJK is major eyecandy!!! :D He's my favorite irl personality on variety shows, which is probably why I find his acting a little hard to believe. You said it's a must watch though so I'll try to watch playful kiss again! Personal taste, Love Rain, The Heirs, and Reply 1997 seemed interesting too, especially the plot for Personal Taste. I see the title City Hunter a lot, but I'm afraid that it'll just be an action show. Is it a romcom too? Thank you for the list! I will definitely watch these next! ^________^ (I think I need to take a break and nap first though. I just stayed up watching 7 episodes of Lie to Me. O____O)
  • Pandiko Mar 9, 2014
    I'm currently into Korean romantic comedy series. My favorite actors so far are Yoon Eun Hye, Jang Geun Suk, Hyun Bin and Gong Yoo.
  • Pandiko Mar 9, 2014
    Oh, cool! I'd love that! Thank you! :D
  • Pandiko Mar 9, 2014
    Np and yes, I do!! ^_____________^ I hope you write more so I know what to watch! :D


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