“Nothing ever ends poetically. It ends and we turn it into poetry. All that blood was never once beautiful. It was just red.” - Rokowski

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Heii how are you?^^...So here is something about me.I've discovered asian dramas 4 years ago.I was searching for an anime and by mistake I've found the live action of it...Perfect girl evolution/Yamamoto Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. It was my first drama and I loved it!As you can see it remained one of my favorites....Kamenashi Kazuya was my first asian actor (except Jackie Chan:D ) and is one of my favorite actors.

Excluding asian actors my favorite actor that I'm crazy about is Johnny Depp.This man is just perfect in everything he does<3.

http://media1.santabanta.com/full1/Global Celebrities(M)/Johnny Depp/johnny-depp-7a.jpg

My Obsessions:

Asian Male Celebrities (La Creme de la Creme)


My little babies...they are Mine(just kidding, I love meeting people who love them). Let me introduce them to you:D

Kame - my first asian crush, staring in my first drama. It was love at first sight and from then on I was in love. Watched everything he starred in and I will continue doing so. (aka "Dream Guy")

Kim Hyun Joong - I'm gonna love him till the spell is still on. Met him on We Got Married and liked him because of his personality on the show, before that I wasn't so interested. After that show I became obsessed with him and watched all of his shows...but then 2014 had to come and ruin my fantasy...I will see what will happen from here on (aka "Showing Off With")

Kim Nam Gil - one name:Bidam. Can you get more perfect than this?! After QSD I found my second crush. I often call him "My Johnny Depp of Korea", that's how much I love him. I love his looks but more than that I was left astonished because of his acting talent. Love him to pieces..I don't share well, let me tell you (aka "The Husband")

Joong Ki - I miss my panda so much..why does military exist? I love him so much, and all those feelings are from the effort RM put in this guy, they made him BIG. Those sleepy eyes and handsome looks and to dream for, put what I like most is his personality. Song Joong Ki is the whole package. (aka "My sweet boyfriend")

Miura Haruma - my newest crush, I discovered him last year due to Last Cinderella, man was he goodlooking! Anyway, firstly I love his mole, and I consider him to be one of the most handsome men in the industry. Can't wait for his new work. (aka "The Lover")

Asian Female Celebrities (Blooming Flowers)

73DnaVJ1_d0d2fa_f.jpgHyorin - my ultimate bias. I LOVE her so much. I first saw her on Immortal Song 2. It was the first time I fell for someone because of singing...she is just too good to be true. Then I "stalked" her and found everything I could about her, don't judge me please!

Ko Hyun Jung - my favorite korean actress. Loved her after watching What's Up Fox? and followed her ever since. Also I find her really beautiful. Maybe you know, but I really like "boyish girls". This is the trait that all of them have in common, at least in my mind.

Song Ji Hyo - Mong Ji!! I adore Ji Hyo. She is so natural and 4D. Not to mention that I'm a big fan of Running Man and Monday Couple!

Karina - I have no idea why I love her so much. I don't even know when it all started. It came as a surprise that suddenly, I think I was watching Bambino!, when I saw her and sparks appeared. No turning back from there...also her personality is great as well!

Ga In - I think she is the most narcissistic person in korean showbiz. She said that "I love myself the most, so I kiss myself". A really strange character if you were to ask me. 

Best Newbies of 2015 (idol groups)

2014 was a great year when in comes to idol groups with great potential. My eyes and ears were very delighted!

The Ark


We need more of this in kpop. I loved their debut song "The Light". These girls really know what they are doing!

Monsta X


Well well well...Maybe I was biased from the start. I am a big fan of Sistar so I got really excited when I found out about this new boy group Starship wants to make. But the truth is, these boys are actually great! They are really talented and have individuality, which is a little harder to find this days,



So this is what I call "having guts". You don't often see such a big group anymore. Because there are more and more kpop acts nowadays companies tend to form groups with lesser members so people would remember them...but Seventeen is something else. I really love their energy and the fact that these guys produce themselves is crazy!!



One thing is certain...you can't go wrong when it comes to YG. Even if I was a little more impressed eith last year's Winner, iKON is still very good (and has a totally different sound). Is still a little hard to remember all the members apart from B.I and Bobby, but I will get there:D



Surviving shows really work guys! Twice is fun and lovely, refreshing even! JYP really needs them!

Present Crushes

Apart from my favorite male celebrities, who will forever be in my heart, there are some new faces that come from time to time. You know what they say "Some loves burn strongly, but disappear quickly".






Favorite Variety Shows

We got Married (Song Jae Rim & Kim So Eun)


Immortal Song 2


Let's go Dream Team Season 2


Looking Forward too in 2016

Sistar19 (I hope they will release a new song for them)

Showtime (I'm really curious which will be the next group chosen)

COLLABORATIONS (who will be the next "Some" couple?) 

Day6 (want to see more of them)

B.A.P (new music FAST)

We Got Married (I'm waiting for new compatible couples)

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