O3oxVor4_a4baaa_f.jpgMy childhood was full of manga, manhwa and anime.  Then I found out that some manga were adapted into live action movies or drama... And so I  started watching dramas with Bloody Monday when I was 11- and couldn't stop afterwards

 Since a few months, I'm watching Korean dramas too. I like them for the good quality of the filming and their incredible Noir movies/ drama ~ but I don't really like romance Korean drama ~

I like Japanese rock (one ok rock, no regret life, Asian Kung fu generation) and other bands such as Galileo Galilei or Kat-tun \o/
As for kpop, BAP is probably my fav group, but I like infinite, Nue'st and Big Bang too- and K-rock groups such as Day6 and  Ft Island


My all-time favorites J-actors are probably Sato Takeru and Oguri Shun :) although there are plenty more that I discover everyday and that amaze me. These are simply the ones I've known the longest and whom  I still wait with impatience every new movie/Drama.

And I'm learning Japanese since with the help of dramas, hehe (and a few books of course) since a few months !( although my interest for that language has started wayyyy earlier, I just didn't have the time or motivation to learn a fifth language simultaneously... And gosh, Japanese can be quite discouraging with all these kanji haha (つД`)ノ )

-> Which brings me to the subject of languages... sorry for my bad English. I'm not sure whether I can speak/write it correctly hehe. If you speak French, (my mothertongue~~) German or Spanish, feel free to talk to me too!  

(^-^)/ I have watched a lot of dramas and movies, but I'll only slowly update them as I don't have much time. So the addition date might not be the date of when I watched this or that movie :)  What I like the most are movies/drama with lots of action-drama, and crimes. (Like Ouroboros, yamaneko tantei, Healer, Heartless City... )  I like slice of life too, especially when it's deep and well done. Feel free to send a friend request!


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