I found Boys Over Flowers on Netflix last February and now I'm completely addicted to Asian dramas. I live in America and in the south so it's extremely rare for me to find anyone who watches dramas or has even heard of them. I love movies, books, painting, comics, video games, anime, tv shows, makeup and blogging. Feel free to friend me, message me, or give me recommendations :)

Anime: Sailor Moon
Anime Movie: My Neighbor Totoro
Korean Drama: Boys Over Flowers
Korean Movie: The Host
Japanese Drama: Hana Yori Dango
Japanese Movie: Rashomon
Taiwanese Drama: Meteor Garden
Taiwanese Movie: Secret
Chinese Drama: The Holy Pearl
Chinese Movie: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Hong Kong Drama: Love at First Fight
Hong Kong Movie: Kung Fu Hustle
Thailand Drama/Lakorn: Sawan Biang
Thailand Movie: Shutter

Ratings  Scale

10: Amazing/ Highly recommended/ Why aren't you watching it yet?

9: Fantastic/ Not quite perfect but pretty close/ Recommended

8: Great/ Recommended

7: Pretty good/ Might recommend

6: Mediocre/ Worth watching once/Wouldn't recommend

5: Poor/ Some decent elements but overall not worth watching unless you're really bored

4: Bad/ Not worth watching

3: Terrible/ Maybe one decent element but nothing good enough to save it from drowning in a sea of misery

2: Pretty terrible/ Give me back the hours of my life I just wasted

1: Completely awful/ Avoid at all cost/ Caused me physical pain/ I must have done something really horrible in a past life




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