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Hi, I started getting into drama a long time ago but very slowly discovering more, hopefully this site will help. I started out with korean drama, then discovered japanese drama, and finally taiwanese/chinese drama. As of now, I mainly watch chinese and korean drama, and I find them to be my favorite, sorry Japan :), at least you have anime.

I like a lot of genres/dramas and you can check my list but here is what I dislike:

For obvious reasons, I avoid romance dramas about multiple beautiful men falling for average-looking girl for no reason. I can't connect with the male characters and that ruins it for me, but I do like romance in general.

I also dislike police drama about police teams solving crimes since it feels very episodic and there is a lack of direction in the overarching story. As for detective drama, it depends but I usually dislike those as well. These 2 genres are all too common and come with very stereotypical characters/plots and boring action.

Lastly, I dislike most comedy drama since I seldom find the humor funny and it often takes away from a serious story.

I don't watch drama for any specific actors/actresses.


- Battle of Changsha

- Nirvana In Fire

- Empress Ki

- Nine: Nine Time Travels

- 1 Litre of Tears



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