Hi.... I like film and drama japanese


Eeto, i like japanese band rock especially [Alexandros].


Yohei kawakami who write a songs with a lot Interpretation for life.

 Example song is For freedom.

People rising

I'm just watching

You've been climbing

I'm just watching


What the hell am i doing at the bottom of the star?

People smiling

I'm just watching

You'he been enjoying

I'm just watching


It's time too raise my ass and i go back to the top

The oral Cigarettes is the song of interpretation emotion


04 limited sazabys


Frederic/frederikku which genre alternative rock combination hip hop, very funny for listening


For hip hop

水曜日のカンパネラ Suiyoubi no Campanella = unique songs



Salu is nice repper, the song have meaning life.


for now i like song title "nipponia nippon"

Tamani hontoni shinpaida yo Nihon

Sometimes really I'm worried about Japan

II ndakedo minna ga sukina you ni yareba kitto

I hope surely do it to everyone to like

sukina fuku kireba

Wear your favorite clothes

dakedo machi mireba

But if you look at the city

Kanie ya geinou jin kita fuku oikake teru hito bakkari Nihon

People who are chasing that Kanye and entertainers wearing clothes just Japan

Wakatteru honto ni fukuzatsu datte koto

Really complicated Even you know

sore ga nai to komaru hito-tachi ga irutte koto mo

Also that mean it is there are people who are troubled that there is no

dakedo sa honto ni shinpai ni naru yo Nihon

But Is the really Japan'll become to worry

honto ni shinpai ni natte kuru yo Nihon

Really Japan become worried

They ain't Care About You

They ain't Care About Me

moshi sono toki ga kitara

When the time comes if

Fly Up Fly Up Nipponia Nippon

moshi sono toki ga kitara

When the time comes if

Fly Up to the Sky Nipponia Nippon

For Visual Kei band:
R-shitei with combination culture nippon very interest. they are nipponnia (angura kei) ^^. psychological song too.


D=out good band too.


i don't know what to talk



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