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I'm Hani, your very own noona/eonnie.
How old am I? Twenty-Five. But I feel 49, so...
The cutie pie above is Chewy whom might be the prettiest girl alive.
I'm not cute like her but I am sweet, I swear.
Rather rational and diplomatic too.
Yet I lack patience and my biggest pet peeve is ignorance.
You can tell from my argumentations all over MDL.
My first dorama ever was Personal Taste
and although I love romance, I'm allergic to cheese.
I've graduated in Business Management and
I'm currently running a small store with my sister.
My current celebrity crush is Lee Jun Ki (Yes. You guessed why.)
and I'm always lesbian for Kim Ahyoung, Kim Yerim and Kang Seulgi.
My k-pop biases are MAMAMOO, MONSTA X, BTS, GOT7, EXO & SEVENTEEN.
They're all my babies and I'm a possessive eomma
yet I feel strongly about Yongsun, Changkyun, Taehyung, Jinyoung, Jongin & Seokmin.
On screen, I'd say Lee Jongsuk, Kim Jisoo & Gong Hyojin.
Sukkie is my lil squishy, Jisoo my teenage dream and Hyo is my queen.
I'm not a serious drama enthusiast so don't expect elaborated reviews on my part.
I only write them upon a strong impression, either bad or good and 
I rate dramas based mostly on how entertained I was
and ya'll overanalytical people can piss off.
Let's talk and be friends, 알았지?

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