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I'm Hani, your very own noona/eonnie.
How old am I? Twenty-Five. But I feel 49, so...
The cutie pie above is Eunji, my spirit animal.
I'm not cute like her but I am sweet, I swear.
Rather rational and diplomatic too.
Yet I lack patience and my biggest pet peeve is ignorance.
You can tell from my argumentations all over MDL.
My first dorama ever was Personal Taste
and although I love romance, I'm allergic to cheese.
I've graduated in Business Management and
I'm currently running a small store with my sister.
My current celebrity crush is Yoon Gyun Sang (He's so huge and cute and has dimples!)
and I'm always lesbian for Kim Ahyoung, Kim Yerim and Kang Seulgi and a few others.
My k-pop biases are MAMAMOO, MONSTA X, BTS, GOT7 & SEVENTEEN.
They're all my babies and I'm a possessive eomma
yet I feel strongly about Yongsun, Changkyun, Taehyung, Jinyoung & Seokmin.
On screen, I'd say Lee Jongsuk, Kim Jisoo & Gong Hyojin.
Sukkie is my lil squishy, Jisoo my teenage dream and Hyo is my queen.
I'm not a serious drama enthusiast so don't expect elaborated reviews on my part.
I only write them upon a strong impression, either bad or good and 
I rate dramas based mostly on how entertained I was
and ya'll overanalytical people can piss off.
Let's talk and be friends, 알았지?

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