Sup. 97-liner, med student majoring biomedicine who just wants to watch her dramas to escape reality. 


I've been watching asian dramas since September 2011 because of Hyo (my bff irl <3). I can still remember our message conversation:

Me: Hi hyo what are you doing?

Hyo: I'm watching a korean drama

Me: Oh what's it called?

Hyo: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Me thinking: "Oh that sounds cool" *goes watching it*

And that folks, is how it all started. But I didn't fully complete it back then because I started watching City Hunter instead >.>

1st Drama - My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

2nd Drama - City Hunter

50th Drama - God's Gift 14 Days

100th Drama - Kill Me, Heal Me

150th Drama - W 

My ratings are based on how much I enjoyed it. Every drama has flaws so instead of investigating, I try to enjoy. I mean I gave Yamada Kun to 7 nin no Majo an 8 (a nice example) bad quality, unrealistic acting, super weird plot. But hey, I enjoyed it!

I usually watch dramas depending on my mood (okay not usually, like 99%) 

Genres I like: Mystery, psychological, suspense, thriller, adventurous, investigation and sometimes action, romcom, medical (yasss) (If you got something with these, don't hesitate to recommend it to me!) 

I hate tho: Melodrama, political, overboard cliche dramas, ridiculous makjang (I cringed while writing this)

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