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Oh Hey! It's Anasha, any variation is fine to call me by. 
I am a melting pot of qualities and emotions.
I enjoy literature - romance novels, movies, music, cricket and of course dramas. :P
First drama and T-drama: Devil Beside You... and my love for dramas was born. Thanks, Sher.
First J-drama: Wallflower
First K-drama: Boys Before Flowers

You'll find me in Feeds :)
When dramas give you drama:
Just because...

You're welcome. ^_^


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  • ArabianBeauty 10 days ago
    Nice to meet U 2, I hope we'll get along ^^ I see you have Iljimae as one of your favorites and Sungkyunscandal. loved them and especially song Joong ki's character. watching anything nice at the moment?
  • bimba 19 days ago
    WELCOME TO MINE AS WELL!!! thanks for accepto,g my request !^^
  • mariskaviska 21 days ago
    srry for the late reply but thxx and 4 is quite high in my opinion D: sorry not sorry also I'm focussing much more on taiwanese dramas now since in my opinion kdramas get a bit too makjang in the bad way (i like makjang dramas but it still has to be fun) But i am so enjoying inspiring generation it is so different <3
  • Joooya Mar 19, 2014
    thank u for accepted my request ,welcome to my world too ,i hope we being a good friends(^^)
  • BaDaBa11 Mar 9, 2014
    glad to be here! ^__^
  • sera Mar 7, 2014
    Vale! Nos vemos en las feeds! :D Ha, I had to :P
  • sera Mar 7, 2014
    Hah! Thanks for having me! :P
    Kept seeing you in the feeds so I had to add you :) Plus need more Empress Ki friends right now! Though I'm a bit behind haha.
  • mariskaviska Mar 5, 2014
    ooh that's a good thing at least :p but i was somehow disappointed because of his character tho. I am really intrested in those psychopath characters (just their way of thinking and how and why they became that way) if that makes sense. And his character couldve been so much more 'fun' to watch but he also appeared boring and unintresting most of the time.
  • mariskaviska Mar 5, 2014
    aww how you say it it actually sounds so good XD i'm currently watching sly and single. I started of mainly because of the cast tbh and wanted to give it a chance. It turns out to be really good, for this kind of concept. I thought I would actually hate the story and characters and would like to punch them with a chair in the face the whole time but I find myself sympathizing with them somehow.
  • mariskaviska Mar 5, 2014
    didnt even watch that one an not sure if i'm still going to D: I'm not really into saeguks but I still liked some of those I watched.
    But can you please tell me (shortly) how the last 2 episodes of crap from the stars went? I decided to just quit since im really going insane and they say the ending is bad and disappointing and I cant even get through the recaps since they are so fking long and they make me wanna flip shit I'm really curious now XD
  • mariskaviska Mar 2, 2014
    heey new friend saw you are also a drama addict whoohoo <3 what is the best drama in your opinion?? im curious :D
  • MizDramaQueen Feb 27, 2014
    Hiya =)
    Lol thanks you!!! Glad to be here!!
    Nice to Meet You!!
    How are you? What are you currently watching?
  • abigaile Feb 13, 2014
    thanks for accepting my friends request:)
  • HeidiLyon Feb 12, 2014
    LOL thanks, I notice it's very similar to mine :P
  • PrettyCarEye Feb 11, 2014
    LOL, whilst you were rummaging in your kitchen in an attempt to make something that resembles dinner ... bahaha! Not much of a kitchen maven are you? I was in la la land dreaming of hot ahjussis. Did you hear that ahjussi hottie Cha Seung Won is soon to be in a new drama? Apparently with Lee Seung Gi. A detective/romance drama of some sort. Hope it's good. I loved this man in City Hall! Anyway, people have been moaning about Park Min Young being the female lead. I'm indifferent since I've never seen her in anything. What's your take, if you have one?


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