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Hello, I'm Italian, I'm addict to K-drama, e-books and videogames, I'm studying Korean (basic level) and English (pre-intermediate).

My obsession with K-dramaland started thanks to sweet memories of my childhood.

When I was child, in Italy aired a cartoon called "KISS ME LICIA", back at the time I had no idea of the existence of Asian world (manga, anime and drama), imagine my surprise when years later, searching on google the cartoon that I loved so much as a young girl, I discovered it was in reality the anime "LOVE ME KNIGHT" based on manga "Ai shite Knight" by Kaoru Tada.


Intrigued by her unfinished work "ITAZURA NA KISS" I watched the anime, and I was so impressed that I began to search on internet more about this anime, discovering instead the Taiwanese drama version "IT STARTED WITH A KISS"


I liked it so much that I began to search and watch similar drama until I get to "BOYS OVER FLOWER" my first k-drama

Since then I completely abandoned Japanese, Taiwanese and Chinese drama. I know some of them are really good, but I have no time to watch everything and I like Korean version too much.


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