Words that describe me:

Outspoken, Straightforward, Compassionate, Wondering. 

Preferred Genres:



Thriller (esp psychological)

Drama (esp with strong romantic elements)


When & how I got into Dramas:

I watched my first drama, Padam Padam, in October / November 2012. 

Oldboy (2003) and A Bittersweet Life (2005) were my first experiences with Korean cinema in the early   2000s. By 2010, after watching (and loving) I Saw the Devil, I was hooked. 

* In 2012, I saw Nameless Gangster & became an instant fan of lead actor, Ha Jung Woo. I went online to research his back list and came across I never left the candy shop.

Drama likings:

* Dramas that challenge its viewers and get them to think. Complex, flawed, multi-dimensional characters. Anti-heroes. Tortured heroes. Bromance.

Proper, open mouthed, passionate/romantic kissing. This is very important. Eyes wide open dead fish 'Park Shin Hye' type kissing is a big NO-NO for me.

* Dramas with a mature cast and mature themes & vibes.  

*Female leads with a personality! I've grown so weary of innocent, docile, no backbone women.

Drama dislikings: 

* Dramas about noona romancesschool, flower boys & young adults, as well as slapstick romcoms.

*Dramas that infantilize women and dramas with a dated, out of touch worldview when it comes to matters of sexuality & intimacy get on my nerves.

 *Tragedies and disease dramas. I generally prefer dramas with positive, happy or optimistic endings. Real life is depressing enough.

* Dramas that are makjang and melodramatic beyond the point of reason. These shows insult people's intelligence with stupid, nonsensical, arbitrary plot developments and character behaviours. 

* Childish, immature, whiny characters. Intrusive secondary leads and love triangles. Pointless, dumb misunderstandings that are easily resolvable. Noble idiots and sacrificial lambs. Excessively meddlesome parents/relatives/siblings

*I generally will not watch the dramas and/or movies of anyone on my BLACKLIST, with some exceptions. 

How I rate:

* Based on perceived quality of most or all creative and technical functions. BUT, even if my work in the film industry gives me a trained eye, I'm no film critic & my reviews or commentaries are mostly for my own recollection rather than a guide (or recommendation) to other viewers. With that said ...

* Dramas, entertainment value is the outcome. As such, my evaluation of quality is mostly and sometimes only focused on the story/plot, how well developed, sensible & well-paced it is. I tend not to focus too heavily on other technicalities like acting, direction or music (unless they're so glaringly bad or good that I have to comment). 

NOTE: Dramas will usually get a higher score (8 & above) when they smash, challenge or completely deviate from standard formula. It's not enough to simply introduce new scenarios while keeping the same old tropes & cliches and or using them in the same way.

Movies, I take every detail into account as movies for me are not just about entertainment, but also their potential to be works of art. Arthouse films are after all my favourite of all genres. 

Dramas To Watch:

Fermentation Family
Padam Padam (9)
The Servant - miniseries (8)
A Tree With Deep Roots
Ojakgyo Brothers (8)
Protect the Boss
Gye Bæk*
The Princess' Man (8,5)
I Need Romance
City Hunter
Lie To Me (8)
The Greatest Love (7)
Can You Hear My Heart? (6)


Life is Beautiful*
Once Upon a Time In Sængchori
Athena: Goddess of War*
Secret Garden (6)
Missing You 
The King of Dramas
Can We Get Married? (6)
My Daughter Seo Young (6)
Hæundæ Lovers*
Reply 1997 (9)
I Need Romance 2
The Chaser
A Gentleman's Dignity (9)
Queen In-Hyun's Man (D)

Love Rain*
A Wife's Credentials
Unexpected You (4)
Miss Korea
You From the Stars (7)
The Heirs (3)

King's Daughter Soo Bæk Hyang
Secret (6)
Two Weeks
Who Are You?*
Golden Empire (9.5)
Cruel City (7)
Ugly Alert (5)

Birth Secret*
When A Man Falls In Love (6)
Nine (9)

That Winter, The Wind Blew
Incarnation of Money
Iris 2*
Ten 2
Healer (6)
Liar Game*
Bad Guys
The Three Musketeers (6)
Secret Door*
Fated To Love You
Grandpas Over Flowers
Pride & Prejudice*
Can We Love? (6)
Ghost Seeing Detective*
Cunning Single Lady (D)
Wonderful Days (5)

Yoona Street
It's Okay, That's Love (8.5)
Temptation (1)
+ 9 Boys (6.5)
The Lover
Heard It Through the Grapevine*
Heart to Heart (6)
Kill Me, Heal Me (6) 
Life Tracker Lee Jæ Goo
My Love Eun Dong
Falling For Innocence*

Drama Statistics
  • Times (Days) 79.4
  • Currently watching2
  • Completed85
  • Plan to watch228
  • On-hold4
  • Dropped5
  • Total Entries324
Movie Statistics
  • Times (Days) 14.3
  • Currently watching2
  • Completed160
  • Plan to watch428
  • On-hold17
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  • Total Entries612
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