THE SKINNY (about me)

  • Quid pro quo ... my attitude is a reflection of how you treat me. Treat me nice, I treat you nice. Plenty of niceness to go round 'n round! ;)

A few words that describe me: Outspoken, Compassionate, Wondering

  • Some people think I'm a pervert because I like proper, open mouthed, passionate kissing rather than awkward eyes wide open dead fish kissing a la Park Shin Hye. If you're one of those people, I think that says a lot more about YOU than me ... :-)

I rate objectively based on how much I enjoyed the show. With dramas my focus is mostly and sometimes only on the story/plot, how well developed/sensible it is. I hardly pay attention to other technicalities like direction or music (unless they're so glaringly bad or good that I have to take notice). With movies, on the other hand, I take every detail into account (occupational hazard). 

  • Even at my age (not that old, but older than the average age here) I'm still boy crazy & I love spazzing over hot oppas but I'm NOT a fangirl. I'm a relatively disloyal fan in that any crush I have on a certain actor will have no undeserved influence my ratings. 


Arthouse Films - Genre Films (crime, thriller, horror) - Bromance - Romance - Good Food - Travel - Moderation & Balance - Wine - Partying - Dogs - Maturity (as opposed to some cutesy ægyo sh*t) - Happy Endings - REAL Kissing - Pryce


Extremes - 2nd Leads - Melodrama (weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth) - Tragedy - Fake Kissing (incl but not limited to: dead fish kissing, pursed lips kissing, mouth press kissing, holy shit I fell & landed on your mouth! kissing ... all that crap I don't want it on my screen) - Fake People - No Intimacy - Noble Idiocy - Noona Romance - Blacklist - Hypocrites - Gender Benders - Ahjumma 'Woe is Me' Type Dramas - Ægyo - Love Triangles - Cheating (with very few exceptions) - Sad Endings - Lame Endings - Open / Ambiguous Endings (that make no fcuking sense) - Rats - Meddling Parents - Flower Boys - Pigs (2 & 4 legged) 

Oppaya, let me have your babies, uh? <3 


Favourite Drama Characters (shortlist)

Jang Tæ Joo - Golden Empire

Jung Shi Hyun 'Doctor's Son' - Cruel City

Kang Jæ - Lovers

Mi Joo - Lovers

Park Sun Woo - Nine: Nine Times Time Travel

Han Tæ Sang - When A Man Loves

Sæ - Orange Days

Kai - Orange Days

Chun Song Yi - Man From the Stars

Jang Jæ Yeul - It's Okay, That's Love

Drama Statistics
  • Times (Days) 68.1
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  • Total Entries297
Movie Statistics
  • Times (Days) 13.5
  • Currently watching4
  • Completed148
  • Plan to watch390
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  • Total Entries562
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