Words that describe me:

Outspoken, Straightforward, Compassionate, Wondering. 

Personality traits:

* I keep things real. 

* I am picky.

* I evaluate facts based on rational thought and objectivity, not emotion. However, in my personal   relationships - if I have love for you - I'll tell you & I'll show you.

* I'm allergic to fake people. If I perceive you that way, I won't talk to you or I'll stop talking to you.

* My attitude is a reflection of how you treat me. Treat me nice, I treat you nice. Give me attitude, expect to     get it back.

When & how I got into Dramas:

I watched my first drama, Padam Padam, in October 2012. 

Oldboy (2003) and A Bittersweet Life (2005) were my first experiences with Korean cinema in the early   2000s. By 2010, after watching (and loving) I Saw the Devil, I was hooked. 

* Since I work in the film industry & often attend local & international film festivals, I made it a duty to     watch all the Korean films on the programme of any film festival I attended. In 2012, I saw Nameless   Gangster & became an instant fan of lead actor, Ha Jung Woo. I went online to research his back list and   came across I never left the candy shop.

Drama preferences:

* I like proper, open mouthed, passionate/romantic kissing rather than awkward eyes wide open dead     fish Park Shin Hye type kissing. 

I will watch dramas from ALL GENRES depending on my mood, contrary to what some people who think   they know me believe. 

* I prefer dramas with mature themes & naturalistic acting (so no awkward kissing or skirting around issues   of sex & intimacy). I avoid dramas about school, flower boys & young adults, as well as slapstick romcoms.

* I seriously hate with an unbridled passion dramas that insult people's intelligence with stupid,   nonsensical, arbitrary plot developments and character behaviours. Look, EVERY drama does not have   to stimulate intellectual thought, but they shouldn't be completely devoid of basic common sense &    reason! Why is that too much to ask?

The type of company I don't keep:

* Insecure people who are easily threatened by others. 

* People who stand for nothing and fall for anything. 

* People who change their tune depending on who they're talking to.

* People who are too introverted and passive. I'm somewhat introverted myself, but if I have to draw every   bit of conversation out of you, that's not fair. It's a two way street, honey. I try, you try. Cræ? Cræ.

If you're a romance averse drama fan who freaks out at nudity/any type of physical intimacy, let's not   be friends (that is, if it bothers you that *I* don't mind this stuff).

How I rate:

* Objectively, based on perceived quality of most or all creative and technical functions. BUT, even if my       work in the film industry gives me a trained eye, I'm no film critic. 

With dramas, my evaluation of quality is mostly and sometimes only focused on the story/plot, how well       developed/sensible it is. I hardly pay attention to other technicalities like direction or music (unless they're     so glaringly bad or good that I have to take notice). 

With movies, I take every detail into account as movies for me are not just about entertainment, but also     their potential to be works of art. 


* Arthouse Films * Genre Films (crime, thriller, horror) * Bromance * Romance * Good Food * Travel * Moderation & Balance * Wine * Partying / Socializing *Dogs * Maturity (as opposed to some cutesy ægyo sh*t) * Happy Endings * REAL Kissing * Pryce


Extremes - 2nd Leads - Melodrama (weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth) - Tragedy - Fake Kissing (incl but not limited to: dead fish kissing, pursed lips kissing, mouth press kissing, holy shit I fell & landed on your mouth! kissing ... all that crap I don't want it on my screen) - Fake People - No Intimacy - Noble Idiocy - Noona Romance - Blacklist - Hypocrites - Gender Benders - Ahjumma 'Woe is Me' Type Dramas - Ægyo - Love Triangles - Cheating (with very few exceptions) - Sad Endings - Lame Endings - Open / Ambiguous Endings (that make no fcuking sense) - Rats - Meddling Parents - Flower Boys - Pigs (2 & 4 legged) 

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