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 I was first introduced to Asian dramas back in the late 09. So that makes me a Asian drama addict for.. just over 7 years, how the time flies by. I can still remember watching Winter Sonata on YouTube (via my PS3 on my TV) and let me tell you the quality was horrendous but that didn't stop me falling in love with it. 

When I'm not watching Asian dramas you will find me editing on Sony Vegas, browsing Facebook, working as a Playworker to pay for my lifestyle, mistreating my partner, reading crime/romance novels, eating myself to death (not really), obsessing over period romantic figures, annoying my cat, playing on video games, watching YouTube and binge watching Netflix. 

When it comes to Asian dramas I mostly watch from Korea then China, Japan, Thailand and then Taiwan. Each country have their own quirks when it comes to their dramas and it always depends on the drama or my current mood which country I'm in the mood for. When it comes to emotional, heart wrenching dramas I always turn to Korea because I find most of the time compared to other countries they can break me down with their Melodrama. 

Things I look for in my dramas would be: melodrama aspects, realism, light hearted comedy, rain confessions, hilarious quirky side characters, amazing story development, experienced actors over idols.. but the odd Idol surprises me from time to time, sometimes classic drama cliches, first love, revenge, time travel, mystical beings (when done well), romantic historicals, villains, crime dramas (from OCN and TVN mainly), kiss scenes that stand out, shocking endings, forbidden romance and I love mini side stories within dramas that touch your heart. 

FAVOURITES (not in order)

Favourite Screenwriters: Kim Eun Hui (Signal, Ghost), No Hui Gyeong (Padam Padam, TWTWB, It's Okay, It's Love), Kim Nam Hui (Stairway to Heaven, Tree of Heaven, Cheese in the Trap), Kim Gi Ho (What Happened in Bali, Fashion King), Choe Ho Cheol (Secret, Mask), Mun Hui Jeong (Missing You, Tree of Heaven), Lee Gyeong Hui (AL2K, Nice Guy, WISFC?, ISILY, Uncontrollably Fond), Jeong Seong Ju (Secret Love Affair, A Wife's Credentials)

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