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  • LoveAsianWorld Aug 23, 2013
    himchan!!!!! your Profile photo is my Profile photo on Facebook :D BABYz Fighting!!!!!
  • Destati13 May 29, 2013
    Thanks for accepting my friend request ^^ I just had to befriend you when I saw you're a Baby, and a Hime at that :D
  • AstyPampi May 2, 2013
    Annyeong~ Thanks for accepting my f/r. I see you're a big fan of B.A.P, just like me ^-^ I'm happy to find a fellow-BABY!
  • miss_kayti Mar 31, 2013
    I can't remember if I asked you. What did you think of Jaejoong's rock mini-album?
  • Lani Mar 23, 2013
    Can't be helped, there are just too many beautiful people in the idol world. How can they expect us not to love them?
  • Lani Mar 22, 2013
    Can't help if it's true haha
    But I went on your tumblr and looked at the list you mentioned. You were, so many biases! ^o^
  • Lani Mar 21, 2013
    True, he's like the perfect man. His face, body, personality, everything is just perfect. If only he'd be logical and reasonable in his way of thinking, he'd probably be the most popular member in SuJu right now
  • Lani Mar 21, 2013
    I'm iffy about his views and beliefs to but Siwon was basically my first bias ever and I can't seem to let him go. But like Heechul, I'm an atheist. And it sucks though because some of the stuff Siwon says really bugs me. On the other hand, I still can't help but love him <3
  • Lani Mar 21, 2013
    Hard to choose, right? There are just too many amazing idols boys to gawk at >o<
    Are you one those people who have a lot of different biases? What about about SuJU?
    I'm a Siwonest myself <3
  • Lani Mar 20, 2013
    Oh my god, yes! How could I have forgotten about Jae Jin *o*
  • Lani Mar 20, 2013
    Same, I really just love Hong Ki's voice. I've listened to a couple of his solo songs and that's how I first got into F.T.Island but I can't seem to find that many songs that I actually like from the group as a whole
  • Lani Mar 20, 2013
    Ah, okay then. I've listened to a couple of songs but most people I know seem to really really like them. I can't tell if it's the rest of the music is really good or it's just because f Lee Hong Ki haha
  • Lani Mar 19, 2013
    Are you also a fan of F.T.Island??
  • Lani Mar 19, 2013
    Yeah, it's hard to find genuine bands like them. It's probably because they worked hard from they ground together, they weren't just sort of thrown together by an agency. Not saying that other groups like that are bad but still, it's different
  • Lani Mar 18, 2013
    Their music is amazing, definitely one of my favorite bands. Plus it has Yonghwa, needless to say that speaks for itself


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