Konnichiwa, Minna~san ! ~~


For a short introdution I can say that my name is EglÄ—, I'm 17 years old girl and I've been watching dramas for bit more than half a year.

Pushed by my friend I got into all this "thing" and so far I like it. >.< (thank you my dear Mono, for making me watch Hana Kimi ;_;)

So yeah, first one was Hana Kimi, then Hana Yori Dango, Nobuta and so on.
My number one is Kimura Takuya (so banal -.-) and not giving any places, I also like Yamapi, Oguri Shun, Hayami Mokomichi, Yamamoto Yusuke, Horikita Maki, Miura Haruma, Toda Erika and others.
When I see them, I'm just like ~KAWAII !!~~


Don't really know what more I can write at the moment, but I hope to make my profile like other members in the future (so shiny, with gifs, pictures and comments .-.)

So for now ~ Mata ne !! ^-^


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  • gold_myst Aug 28, 2013
    Hey, how are you?

    I know! Clannad made me sob like a baby and that's rare when I watch anime. Yeah I know, I wasn't really sold on Angel Beats either but it was fun to watch anyway. It was good for an easy laugh.

    For romance anime, I'd recommend Kobato. I think its quite an underrated anime but its really sweet and touching. You could also try the anime adaption of Itazura No Kiss, if you enjoyed any of the live actions.

    If want to know a few more or something different, just ask :)
  • dramacity Aug 27, 2013
    lol I know! They always say that, but never do, don't you agree?
    Find it?! You can just search it... And I also like a book called "Freaky Monday" and "Fairy Rebels: Spell Hunter". Those are my top 3 favourites.
    And "Jack Blank And The Imagine Nation" is a looong book (400~ pages).
  • O_O Aug 22, 2013
    you only like japanesse guys?:3
    omg i watched Dragon Ball when i was a kid too :D
    mine is one piece,naruto,black butler,shugo chara,inu x boku SS,vampire knight,lovely complex,fruit basket,kimi ni todoke,kaichou wa maid sama,another,ouran highschool host club,detective conan,kiss x sis,A channel
    and my current obsession is:
    brother conflict<333333333333 i can't stop fangirling over it!! the story is about a girl named Hinata Ema one day her father told her that he going to remarry with a successful apparel maker Since she doesn't want to disturb them, Ema decides to move out and live with her 13 new hot sexy handsome brothers *o* and they all start to love her more than 'normal way' xD *yes i know it's kind of gross :s but i don't care they're hot ~_^ she's so lucky :< * i really liked the art!^^ i was in anime slump and this made me watch anime again!you should try it..it's amazing ;D

  • gold_myst Aug 22, 2013
    Hi, sorry for the late reply!

    Not all school anime is bad, I like ones like Clannad and Angel Beats because they've got something different to offer. It's just the school setting gets a bit repetitive after awhile for me.

    I don't have a animelist account but I could still recommend something if you want. I like a lot of different types of animes and genres. I believe there's always an exception in even the genres you hate so I still give everything a try.
  • dramacity Aug 21, 2013
    lol Yeah, you're right. It is 'eating' life! My mom said she's gonna throw and BREAK my computer! 0.0

    It's very rare for me to read an action book, but one of my favorite books have action in it (Jack Blank And The Imagine Nation). But I dislike the genre...

    Murakami style? Never heard of that name, is he/she an author?
  • gold_myst Aug 21, 2013
    They look interesting, I'll add them to my list to watch. I stopped watching anime because most of the lineups now are school-harem animes :( but these live actions look good!

    I'm looking forward to watching these, thanks. I am currently watching 2 others as well which are rom-coms so I guess I like this genre. Anything else I don't mind apart from Horror and Melodrama.
  • O_O Aug 21, 2013
    i don't mind ~_^
    oh really?o.o he look like an real life anime character so i thought he would be japanese xD
    me too ^^ do you have any favorite anime?;o
  • gold_myst Aug 21, 2013
    Really different, but I like it. Its a whole other world that I can't wait to explore. I don't watch much anime nowadays, though I still regularly read manga. I can see dramas will easily become my new obsession lol do you have any recommendations?
  • Marlee87 Aug 21, 2013
    Ofcourse I know of Lithuania :D Europe is easy and being a huge Eurovision Song Contest fan I know of it well, and I'd love to come and visit, I have a goal to have visited all European countries once in my life :) and by JE I meant Johnny's Entertainment :) I just love JE, eventhough I'm like way to old for some, but they are great singers and actors :) My favorite band is Arashi, can't avoid it by looking at my profile I guess :P hehe. Do you have other interests besides drama? ^^
  • gold_myst Aug 21, 2013
    Yeah, I'm a newbie. I actually got interested through anime from the live action adaptions I'd heard about. I just didn't know what to watch, there so many! Its like a completely different genre to me. How long have you been watching dramas?
  • O_O Aug 21, 2013
    i will once i get a pic :3 oh yeah but i'm sure it will be awkward when i meet them... talking through internet is much easier ^^
    oh my gosh samee!cx
    oh i tried the dailymotion before but it didn't work with sub T^T but thanks i will check it out :D oh... o-o looking at the poster the main actors look so kawaii e-e i agree with you the girl look so ugly i don't like her too :l but the guy look soooooo hot *o* 'drool' ^^
    do you watch anime??:3
  • O_O Aug 21, 2013
    yeah my hair was red but i dyed it blue ^^
    i know i made a few real life friends but we didn't get along well so they left me... ;-;
    oh no i can't do that o.o meeting strangers on the internet is kind of dangerous ^^
    well yeah of course it does but i just hate sleeping T^T
    btw where did you watched 'ai ore love me'??and did it have eng subs?:o
  • gold_myst Aug 20, 2013
    same here :)
  • gold_myst Aug 20, 2013
    Hi, thanks for the add! :)
  • Marlee87 Aug 20, 2013
    Hehe ^_^ it's always nice to meet another jdrama fan :D And thanks for accepting :D and we are almost neighbors, just across the baltic sea :D I take it that you are also a JE-fan like me? Yoroshiku!


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