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So I  had  this  seriously  way too serious  profile and  a  bunch of  blabla that  one  one need .... 

 The Moto  I  live  with this day  is:

 So over  the years  I have had  my little  addictions  but   through and  through no actors or actresses can  make me cry like King Khan <3 :>>>>

Nobody can get me to sing along  like them: >>>>

And no one  makes me  want to  dance like

And  while watching  Drama  no one can  me  laugh  when they start running like him:

And  no women can make me jealous  this >>>  and

No one can make me dreams of bad boy like 



 The  Man  I  would still love even if  he was emotionally  distant:>>>

 So  this is enough for now.

No  seems  like I have  two  new obsessions 

Wol Ryun <3<3 <3

And Voice  wise  I have been caught by  Feeling  Sorry  for  myself  because  I  have caught the  Yamapi and Kame  fever.

Where  to find me  probably on the Forum ... Trying to take over the  world with  

Shazz22                              Twinkie

         MeiLi                      Paquito-D9   


 Can't put them  all  but  this are mostly the crew  Bhwahahaha.  You can also  catch me rambling  about  inconsequential things here


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