You can call me Dearna, Dee or anyway that you could possibly pronounce my name wrong; you decide :3

I am a 21-year-old University Student from New Zealand and pursuing a career in teacher and writing. Although my addiction for Korean dramas has only started last year, I know it will be a hard one to come back from. And to be honest, I will be happy to keep this addiction for a very long time.

I came across my first drama after finishing an anime. I discovered there was a Japanese and Korean drama adaption of this anime and this lead to me falling into a new love (and ultimately an endless, deadly spiral for Korean Dramas. My life has been taken over by these alluring actors and actresses, unbelievable story lines and the culture within the beautiful country of South Korea. Anyone who knows me thinks of me as 'The girl who is obsorbed in asian culture'. Speak a single word of Korean and I will surely be following close behind ^^*

I am currently the Content Production Officer for K-Ville Entertainment. I write articles about everything K-Pop, create videos and run social media accounts. We have a YouTube Channel with weekly charts and other K-Pop themed videos. Make sure to check out our social media:


Current Status ~  Final semester of university!     (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


 Hyungsik is murdering everyone lately ✧                             Seunghoon x Minho ✧                


~ Total Dramas Watched:  190

~ Aiming to Watch 50 Korean Dramas: 41/50        

~ Aiming to Watch  20 Japanese Dramas: 14/20

~ Thai Drama Count: 4

~ Taiwanese Drama Count: 2

~ Aiming to Watch  80 Dramas in 2017: 61/80          

~ Aiming to Watch  30 Movies in 2017: 34/30 





Watch my ‘TOP 100 Kpop Songs’ video  here

Watch my updated ‘TOP 10 Girl Kpop Songs’ video  here

Watch my updated ‘TOP 10 Boy Kpop Songs’ video  here


~ Reply 1997 : Rated 9/10 x2

~ You Who Came From The Stars : Rated 10/10 x2 

~ Healer : Rated 10/10 x2 

~ Another Oh Hae Young : Rating 10/10 x 2

~ Goblin : Rating 10/10

~ Kill Me Heal Me : Rated 9.5/10

~ The Master's Sun : Rated 9.5/10

~ It's Okay, That's Love : Rated 9.5/10

~ I Hear Your Voice : Rated 9/10

~ Pinocchio : Rated 9/10

~ Marriage, Not Dating : Rating 9/10

~ The Heirs : Rating 7.5/10

~ Itazura na Kiss - Love in Tokyo : Rating 9/10

~ Itazura na Kiss - Love in Tokyo 2: Rating 9.5/10

~ Splash Splash Love: Rating 9/10

~ Oh My Ghost: Rating 8.5/10

~ Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo: Rating 9/10

~ Descendants of the Sun: Rating 9.5/10

~ Reply 1988: Rating 10/10


         Kim Soo Hyun 김수현                      Lee Jong Suk 이종석                      Seo In Guk 서인국


           Lee Ji Eun 이지은                        Park Min Young 박민영                   Park Shin Hye 박신혜 


       Yamazaki Kento 山崎賢人                 Sakurada Dori 桜田通                  Furukawa Yuki 古川雄輝



rhmDUgL.jpg KNK ~ 승준, 지훈, 희준                   BTS ~ 뷔, 슈가 M6ju3yF.jpg

NO0sIdY.jpg BIGBANG ~ 승리, 대성          WINNER ~ 진우, 승훈 bJaIhXK.jpg

6uaHEuI.jpg SUPER JUNIOR ~ 예성, 려욱    SHINee ~ 태민, 온유KIKZikP.jpg

Watch my 'TOP 20 Kpop Groups' video  here

Watch my updated 'TOP 10 Kpop Boy Groups' video  here

Watch my updated 'TOP 10 Kpop Girl Groups' video  here


~ KNK : Seungjun ‘ Jihun ' Heejun                                     ~ BLACKPINK : Rosé ‘ Jennie

~ BTS : Taehyung ‘ Yoongi                                               ~ GIRL'S DAY : Hyeri

~ BIGBANG : Jiyong ‘ Seungri ‘ Daesung                          ~ OH MY GIRL : YooA ‘ Binnie

~ SUJU : Yesung ‘ Ryeowook ‘ Leeteuk                             ~ MAMAMOO : Solar

~ WINNER : Jinwoo ‘ Seunghoon                                      ~ KARA : Seungyeon

~ SHINee : Taemin ‘ Onew                                               ~ 4 MINUTE : Hyuna

~ VIXX : Taekwoon ‘ Hakyeon                                          ~ WONDER GIRLS : Yeeun

~ MONSTA X : Shownu ‘ Jooheon                                    ~ SISTAR : Bora

~ INFINITE : Dongwoo ‘ Hoya                                          ~ APINK : Eunji

~ B1A4 : Jinyoung ‘ Baro                                                 ~ DALSHABET : Serri ' Ayoung

~ DAY6 : Jae ‘ Dowoon                                                    ~ AOA : Choa

~ SECHS KIES : Sunghoon ‘ Jaejin                                  ~ EXID : Hyerin

~ iKON : Jinhwan ' Donghyuk                                           ~ F(x) : Amber

~ BLOCK B : P.O ' Taeil                                                   ~ GFRIEND : Eunbi

~ B.A.P : Jongup ‘ Yongguk                                             ~ GIRLS' GENERATION : Sooyoung

~ HIGHLIGHT : Junhyung

~ 2PM : Junho

~ SEVENTEEN : Hoshi ‘ Seungkwan ‘ Wonwoo

~ BTOB : Minhyuk ‘ Ilhoon

~ SNUPER : Sebin

~ VICTON : Sejun

~ UP10TION : Sunyoul ‘ Wooshin

~ GOT7 : Jaebum

~ CROSS GENE : Yongseok ‘ Shin

~ EXO : Xiumin

Watch my ‘TOP 20 Kpop Biases’ video  here

Watch my updated 'TOP 10 Kpop Biases' video  here




Watch a short drama ~ First Kiss for the Seventh Time r:6/10 

Watch a web drama ~ High End Crush r:7.5/10 

Watch a drama special ~ Goblin Special - Every Moment Shined r:8/10 

Watch a long movie (i.e. 3 hours or more)    

Watch an award-winning drama/movie (Please, mention the award)



Watch a drama/movie that has your favorite actor

Watch a drama/movie that has your favorite actress    

Watch a drama/movie by the same director as one of your favorites drama/movie ~ Introverted Boss r: 9/10 

Watch a drama/movie by the same writer as one of your favorites drama/movie ~ Goblin r:20/10 



Watch a drama/movie that aired this year ~ Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu r:7.5/10 

Watch a drama/movie which began airing/premiered between 2000 and 2005 ~ Orange Days r:8.5/10 

Watch a drama/movie which began airing/premiered between 2005 and 2010 ~ Koizora r:9/10 



Watch a drama/movie with adults as the main cast ~ Wonderful Nightmare r:8/10 

Watch a drama/movie with students as the main cast ~ Adolescence Medley r:8.5/10 

Watch a drama/movie that focuses on non-romantic relationships ~ My Annoying Brother r:8/10 

Watch a drama/movie about school, Life, or Youth ~ Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo r:9/10 

Watch a Historical, Political, War, or Military drama/movie ~ Chicago Typewriter r:9/10 

Watch a Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Supernatural drama/movie ~ Strong Woman Do Bong Soon r:9/10 

Watch a Horror, Vampire, or Zombie drama/movie    

Watch a Mystery, Thriller, or Psychological drama/movie ~ Confessions r:9/10 

Watch a Crime, Investigation, or Detective drama/movie   

Watch a Sports, Martial Arts, Tokusatsu, or Wuxia drama/movie ~ Pride r:9/10 

Watch a Medical, Law, Business drama/movie ~ Suspicious Partner r:8/10 

Watch a drama/movie that has foreign actor(s) ~ The Kodai Family r:7/10 

Watch a drama/movie from a country you least watched from ~ HIStory: Obsessed r:7/10 



Watch the 1st season of a drama/movie that has 2 or more seasons/squeals    

Watch a drama/movie that is related (e.g. sequel, side story) to something you previously watched ~ Star of the Universe + Vivid Romance + Queen of Ring 

Watch a drama/movie that has been remade ~ One Smile is Very Alluring r:7.5/10 

Watch a drama/movie adapted from a manga or a webtoon ~ Splash Splash Love r:9/10 



Watch a drama/movie with a score of 7.0 or below    

Watch a drama/movie ranked in the Top 300 ~ Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim r:8.5/10 

Watch a drama/movie with less than 1000 completed members Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu                                                                                                                                              r:8.5/10 


Re-watch a drama/movie ~ Itazura na Kiss - Love in Tokyo r:9/10 

Watch a drama/movie that starts with the same last letter as your username ~ Suddenly Seventeen r: 8.5/10 

Watch a drama/movie that has been on your Plan to Watch list for too long ~ I Give My First Love To You r:8.5/10 



Finish an on-hold or dropped drama/movie ~ Jealousy Incarnate r:9/10 

Watch a Sitcoms    

Watch a Mature, BL, or GL drama/movie ~ SOTUS: The Series r:9/10 

Watch a daily drama (+100 episodes)

Drama Statistics
  • Times (Days) 116.2
  • Currently watching11
  • Completed164
  • Plan to watch47
  • On-hold14
  • Dropped33
  • Total Entries269
Movie Statistics
  • Times (Days) 5.7
  • Currently watching10
  • Completed74
  • Plan to watch24
  • Total Entries108
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