My love affair with dramas unofficially began with anime. I laugh now, but back then I was mortified when I found myself fangirling over hot cartoons! Then I discovered that some of my favorite anime, like Itazura Na Kiss, had live action versions.  All was right with the world again--now I could fangirl over real people instead of an animation!

When I began watching asian dramas and movies, I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy them. It's too bad that when I claim them as a hobby, I'm always met by puzzled looks. I live in the US where most folks have no clue what an asian drama is. But that's slowly changing thankfully.

Now-a-days if a drama is rated above an 8, I'll give it a try as long as I'm interested in the general story. Anything below an 8, I'll only consider if one of my top favorite actors is the lead. I also never 'officially' drop a drama, because at some point, I'll circle back and give it another shot when I'm in a better mood for the genre and/or the story. 

In regards to rating a drama, I never give below a 5. If I managed to get through all of the episodes (I'll allow myself some fast-forwarding), then that merits a 5 in my book, even if I didn't care for the drama. 

As an aside, I'm not sure when this happened, but I find myself loving k-pop more and more.  My guilty pleasures include: BTS, Got7, Winner, IKON, Monsta X, VIXX, BAP, CN Blue, FT Island, Day 6 --- but my ultimate bias group will always be Big Bang.

Big Bang


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