I've been watching foreign (to the USA of course) programming since I was a little girl.  That was back when PBS was commercial free and entertaining.  Aside from the occasional Japanese or Chinese movie or series on PBS, UHF channels showed alot of Asian horror, wuxia, and tokusatsu like Johnny Soko & Robot (forget the real name).  From there I moved to the International Channel, AZN, and, eventually, online. I don't remember (or know probably) the titles of all the Chinese (HK/Maninland) and Japanese dramas or movies I've seen, but it's much more than I have on my list.  The Taiwanese and Korean dramas are pretty accurate though.  I MISS MYSOJU with every fiber of my being.

I'm also an avid (some might say rabid) anime watcher.  My MAL profile is dragynfaerie as well.  

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