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[color=#3399cc][size=4]I made a site (hehe) Goldenseal's Favorite Dramas


[i]When I open my laptop this is what I see[/i]


When it comes to Taiwan dramas I belong to this club


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  • Times (Days) 264.38
  • Watching22
  • Completed317
  • Plan to Watch185
  • On Hold22
  • Dropped69
  • Total Entries615

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  • Times (Days) 10.62
  • Watching0
  • Completed168
  • Plan to Watch127
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  • Dropped13
  • Total Entries308

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  • PrettyCarEye 12 days ago
    Haha ... you like?
    I try to avoid the kiddos because I can't be bothered to speak at their level. I also watch a lot of inappropriate stuff which I like to discuss with my adult friends without having to take them into consideration. So it's my small (useless, really) attempt to shield them. It takes a village ya know? :)
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  • yourebeautiful 24 days ago
    hahaha-I just saw your comment on the home page regarding MARS. Im not really into Taiwanese dramas but surprisingly this one hooked me. Its just the story itself was ridiculous. lol. :( sorry.
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  • Mrmz 30 days ago
    Thx for accepting my friend request! I see you've watched so many dramas/movies!! What are you enjoying most currently?
  • Sleepninja Mar 20, 2014
    I really enjoyed what I have seen of MTBTS, but I kinda preferred when they were children to adults. lol The kids had a better grasp of the characters.

    haha Yeah, I usually brace myself for a bit of a lull in Taiwanese dramas. xD

    I heard that Inspiring Generation took a bit of a bad turn. So they are a bit too focused on the action?

    Thanks! I don't think I've heard of that one. I hope you will find it enjoyable. ^^
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  • Sleepninja Mar 19, 2014
    lol I've come across a few dramas that I disliked, but felt like I had to finish to find otu what happens. It gets frustrating. :p

    Hmm I'll keep that in mind about Melody of Love. Sometimes I like the cliche soaps.

    X Family...that's part of a series, isn't it? I think I have the first one on my list. I am a sucker for Power Rangers and others from the tokusatsu genre. hahaha

    Oh wow. I think you are the first person I have come across that doesn't like EK. I haven't watched it yet, but I was considering giving it the three episode audition.

    That's quite a list! Mine is kinda big too though. I think I need to finish some of the ones I have on hold, like Moon that Embraces the Sun. I just keep getting distracted by other dramas.
  • Sleepninja Mar 19, 2014
    Thank you for the bonus points! Whoa! You must have been seeding a lot. haha

    Anywho, that was so generous of you. Thanks! <3

    How have you been? I noticed you are watching quite a few currently airing dramas. Which ones do you think are keepers?
  • Raincat Mar 18, 2014
    ...that video was NTSC ....its for TV and DVD players.
    "Digital broadcasting allows higher-resolution television, but digital standard definition television continues to use the frame rate and number of lines of resolution established by the analog NTSC standard; systems using the NTSC frame and line rate (such as DVDs) are still referred to informally as "NTSC". NTSC video signals are still used in video playback (typically of recordings from existing libraries using existing equipment) and in CCTV and surveillance video systems. "
    ...so, i dont wonder why you had so hard time with it.

    video was .VOB ... so you need look does your player suports subs in VOB.... or something like that.
  • TheTranquilKnight Mar 16, 2014
    Internet Explorer is BEST-EST! *sarcasm* xD

    Seize the day! Hmm, thanks to you I've one more phrase to confuse local people ;)

    This spider monkey touched me when I saw it first time on NGC. I had goosebumps & felt strange happiness. I LOVE this buddy <3
    1 ❤
  • TheTranquilKnight Mar 16, 2014
    Ahh, okay. I was just shocked because that book is worth of my 100 months' pocket money xD

    Carpe Dieum?

    Hehehe I changed images. I switched to portrait from landscape. So big images looks better now BUT now, small square looks ugly :P
    If I use square images then big images would look ugly. So I went with better option, I'll let square boxes appear ugly :D
    I can use one thing...'auto'. In that images would appear perfect in full size but then whole layout will be messed up :D
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  • TheTranquilKnight Mar 16, 2014
    Book 'ONLY' costs $150?! You may not believe but that's not affordable price at all. In India $150 is almost double than a preschool teacher's salary with 4-5 year experience.
    Despite coming from higher middle class and having yearly income of $7000 we can use only $700-800. Rest goes to other families & loans. Calculate it, it's less $75 for a month to run whole house...$150 book isn't realistic :)
    My pocket money for a month is $1.5 @ age of 20 :P

    No check it. I just use stretched images. So it looks less ugly in smaller thumbnails.
  • TheTranquilKnight Mar 16, 2014
    YAY! Nice work ^^
    This is awesome! I can't do that without reference :D
  • TheTranquilKnight Mar 8, 2014
    It's neither of iframe & image. It's linked with a javascript in template. I messed with number in each possible attribute and all possible combinations. It works in 'Related Posts' (open any post. You can see it below post) but none of images on home page appear like that. It's same thing with different numbers :/

    I never took classes. I self studied and I stopped it. Instead learning it by using it direct practically and I learned quicker than usual methods of beginning ^^

    Changing px will streatch them at different size. Won't crop it :P

    Is she designer? IT or computer student? :)

    Hahahaha...did you see my new xml? Over 1000 lines are just for CSS :p
  • TheTranquilKnight Mar 7, 2014
    Hi ^^ Few days ago you said you were doing multimedia in CSS. Do you know how to fix stretched images?
    See here: http://mymercurialtranquility.blogspot.com/

    I created this layout (only 20% - rest 80% is done by experts) & as you can see images are not displaying correctly in featured section.
  • TheTranquilKnight Mar 4, 2014
    Sorry, what? Template or anything else? :)

    I didn't try it, told you :P
  • TheTranquilKnight Mar 3, 2014
    Hehehe editing is Google's templates is pain :D
    There are lots of tweaks here n there in file I sent you. Like coding to verify site (painful), ad network verification, search optimisation, sitemaps and much more :D

    And I'm trying to create my layout from scratch and no starting point :O

    I think it's better to learn randomly. I forgot everything when tried to learn sequentially :/


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