So I wasn’t always a drama addict. Hard to believe but yes, there was a time when I had a life outside of my room. That life exists no longer I’m afraid and that is precisely why my 80 year old neighbor has more of a social life than I do….seriously though….he really does. It wasn’t always this way though. Behold, the story of my life and how my drama addiction tragically ended it.

In the beginning I was just a normal fellow who occasionally hung out with friends (not really but let’s go with that.) I enjoyed the occasional TV show and read my fair share of books. Then when I was surfing on Netflix one day I chanced upon this foreign film called ‘Stars Falling From the Sky.’ So I decided to watch it even though it looked kind of weird (what can I say? I lived life on the edge.)

My first reaction to what I was watching was initially this:


And I had a hearty little chuckle about how weird the whole thing was but then, after about 5 episodes my hearty chuckles died in my throat and I began to get the eerie feeling that I was being pulled into something dangerously addicting


With every episodes my uneasiness grew


Until finally I realized that I couldn’t tear myself away from it. I was trapped.


When Stars Falling from the Sky finally released me from its grasp I couldn’t help but click on the next drama series featured and before I knew it, I had watched every drama Netflix had to offer. My family could only watch as I progressed into something they could not understand for I had finally accepted that I was a dramalover.

Now I dedicate my life to watching all the dramas and trying to pull my friends and family members into the wonders of dramaland. Most of the time I get reactions like this though:


I probably should be more accepting of this reaction though since I myself had a similar view of dramas but really, I’m not. so instead of handling the situation with patience I usually react in an unreasonable and often confrontational manner:



Tragically my family and friends don’t really understand my addiction. They often turn their snobbish little noses up at it till all I want to do is parade them through the streets singing out ‘shame. Shame. Shame.’ in response to their shameful behavior of scorning Asian dramas.


That being said, I’m typically a straight forward person. I mean I'm a fairly normal person who indulges her time with drama watching and the occasional throwing of shade. 

now tell me....


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