hello there! 

i'm fay, one of those poor souls who got sucked into dramaland by accident.

the year is 2015. 

all i wanted was to listen to a colbie caillat song on youtube, which lead me to finding a fan video featuring...

this dude!

i can honestly say with conviction that park hyungsik (or rather, yoo changsoo) was my first kdrama love. 

i can also say with conviction that he ruined my life.

sadly...  tumblr_muisppqGHF1s7vpl4o5_500.gif

my first dramas

first korean drama: high society (of course)

didn't get around to complete it though. 

everything except the second leads and yoona x jiyi midkey bored me.



first chinese drama: to be a better man

i felt like i aged 4 extra years by the time they finished subbing it. 

but thanks subbers! 

y'all are saving lives left and right. 

if you haven't watched tbabm yet, i recommend you do. 

even the dubbing isn't as annoying!


first thai drama: ugly duckling series: perfect match

lakorns didn't really do it for me. but who knows? 

maybe one day i'll end up finding the one. perfect match was cute though. 


first japanese drama: death note

death note was the first and only anime that i had watched, 

so naturally the live action drama seemed like the best choice.


some otps that stole my heart

20141213_tj-head.gif tumblr_ns912znI3j1qcagtxo7_r2_400.gif tumblr_nj7h6dh5aO1qfakbgo2_500.gif

8572e9c0a52501b2e2dd5aaf6e0389601692a8a2 tumblr_o96u481LwC1sb2hmuo2_500.gif couple-gif-kdrama-rain-Favim.com-3677888

tumblr_nnz23gmnff1saq0axo1_400.gif J1T7bTv.gif tumblr_o2dybrAc771uqo1gto2_250.gif tumblr_of9lhcF6bi1r9f1l9o5_400.gif


some of my favorite dramas

mare                                                                                                                         suikyuu yankees

tumblr_oedg61RnPE1vexw02o8_400.gif               tumblr_nbd8w0wOxH1rou2gfo2_500.gif

beautiful mind                                                                                              what happens to my family?

tumblr_o94nibrdYt1uq4zv4o8_r1_400.gif                          tumblr_njvlegfXd71qbxx00o8_250.gif

age of youth                                                                                                                           pinocchio

tumblr_ockcv2ymua1s1hcmko4_540.gif           77f468371bc3c295a2d65cee138c1c8865b4bf89

because it's the first time                                                                                           shopping king louis

tumblr_nw1flxxVmA1to59dfo9_400.gif                       tumblr_ojwps4i3pk1vdif55o10_400.gif

drinking solo                                                                                                              cheese in the trap 

tumblr_inline_okcfoiAAPX1qhilq2_540.gif                                        tumblr_o21boqH19D1sq04vgo5_r1_400.gif

misaeng                                                                                                   moonlovers: scarlet heart ryeo

tumblr_ofgud6Sg7g1sqt01ao1_540.gif                   tumblr_okceteZJvj1vem8apo2_540.gif

sassy go go                                                                                                                    she was pretty

tumblr_oj6qdkFNmw1s8k88to3_250.gif                               tumblr_o7rge7VxBu1r2zi6no1_500.gif

healer                                                                                                                       splash splash love

 tumblr_obisvozVi91us3ycko6_540.gif   tumblr_oi3npjELUR1ub3kzgo1_400.gif

reply series

d99e589b33d16aa1b23b890211282703d3d0f4c4    tumblr_mwcfg8lwKc1so1tnbo1_500.gif    tumblr_o00rfzcGkl1uyil2co1_500.gif

signal                                                                                                                        to be a better man

b53df393d185d8c990754bd5c6bce41fc3651476               tumblr_o3c8vpOkrt1sy9nfjo1_540.gif


my ratings depend on my how much i enjoyed the drama and my mood at the time of watching, and is mostly subjective.

if you wanna fangirl about dramas and kpop, hmu


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