Pay no attention to my ratings. It's a combination of overall quality and personal enjoyment or lack of, and the proportion of those two factors may vary. For overall quality I count: novelty factor/ clever use of cliches, coherent visuals, smart writing, round characters, logical plot with hints and revealments coming at right time, a fitting pace, no fillers, no inconsistencies, a satisfying ending with no loose ends. For me, plot is secondary to human interactions and general mood, but I like when a story has an elegant structure. Or any structure at all. I don't care for acting that much unless it's outstanding or consistently good. Dramaverse is a dirty pleasure territory anyway. FEELS > charisma > acting. In rare instances, music can bring the rating up, but generally I'm doing my best to ignore it (I hate typical kdrama soundtracks with a passion). So I don't focus on the acting, music and lousy production in my ratings, because they are how they are. For personal enjoyment: poignancy, relatability, closeness of aesthetic and whether I agree with the message sent or not.

Sometimes I rate for what something could have become (either in plus, if I'm willing to remember it for its ambitions or an elaborate headcanon I produced, or in minus, if I'm too salty with the trainwreck it turned out to be). Sometimes I do rate against the common rating, but I'm struggling not to. I'm trying to take a production year into account too.

Consequently, one 8 doesn't equal to other. I'm rougher on movies and jdramas, because I expect more of them. I rate live actions as a standalone works (with some space for truthfulness of the original spirit, if I know the source material).

10 is my 11.

If something is in 'dropped' category, it doesn't necessarily have to mean it's bad. I've finished many bad dramas, some of them even enjoyed. 'Dropped' may mean:

  • - new, shiny things came in a meantime
  • - available video or subtitles quality is atrocious
  • - I'll finish it one day, but I'm not watching it anytime soon
  • - I'm actually watching it, but don't bother updating status and only adding pluses on the list
  • - I may pick it up again  if a war breaks and a drama industry stops for awhile (yup)
  • - I refuse to watch the rest because I don't accept the development or expect nothing of interest from the plot anymore / I skipped so much it's more honest to have it as 'dropped' / I spoiled myself with an ending or a remake / it's a poor retelling of what I already saw, or it's a better retelling, but I saw it already, even if in a worse version, and the moment is gone.

But some of them are just straight unwatchable *shrugs*. Similarily, I can be up to date with things on my 'on hold' list, but by putting them there, I intend to stop obsessing over them and maybe try to wait till they finish airing. Sometimes it works.

I rewatch a lot, which makes up for things I'm not finishing. It takes so much time and effort for countless of people to produce a drama or a movie, it's a pity if it's only worth an hour and a half on a viewer's end. Also, I'm not always rewatching things because they're particularily good - I'm rewatching them because they're effective in some way.

Every now and then I run through all my list and detract a star here or add half a star there.

I watch anime too from time to time. I have a list here. I'd gladly watch more, but I'm very picky about artwork and voicing. Maybe I'm missing out because of it. Maybe not.

I have a huge soft spot for a low budget done right. I don't mind the look of jdramas from the 90s and early 00s at all.

I get turned on by a good editing and camerawork that knows how to (mis)lead the eye. I like everything as long as it's aware of it's aim, but right now I'm still most fond of a dense, even overloaded montage that sometimes requires a rewatch to catch all the details hiding in a plain sight.

I value coherency above all, be it world-building or photography. If a show has a clear colour-scheme, it's fitting and it sticks to it, I'll stick to it too even if the rest is so-so.

I'd rather have no CGI than a bad one.

… but I feel a tenderness of sorts towards old special effects, as long as they're imaginative and necessary.

I'm Team 2nd Lead by default. In 9.8 cases a ten 1st lead gets the girl anyway, nothing to cheer for. But with the second lead, possibilities are endless. Best case scenario, someone with whom I'd be perfectly content to stay as your usual fare of pining 2nd lead turns out to be something much more than that (i.e. not a 2nd lead at all). Generally, I like the sense of possibilities. I like the tension that doesn't always lead to some resolution. I like the sense of possibilities lost too, when a path is sketched and it feels right, but things go otherwise and and an empty space is left.

In political/historical dramas I'm Team Stability from the Shadows. Or Team Talleyrand. Preferably both (ask me tomorrow).

I kinda like 'everybody dies' sort of ending, not because it's deeper, more tragic or whatever, but because it's an only ending that feels truly finite to me. For similar reasons I like when the setting is completely torn apart right before the finale. A total wipe out.

8 to 12 episodes is my perfect format, especially for mystery and crime. I have low tolerance for characters being dumbed down for the sake of filling more episodes with things that could have been easily avoided and even lower for lack of communication (unless it's the point, or I'm choosing to believe it is). I'd rather have tighter, denser show than 16-20+ episodes in which I fastforward 20-50% of the content. Only a few outstanding shows can carry a longer format without fillers and useless detours. I'd rather rewatch on my own volition something hitting right spots than be fed with watered down reiterations of the same, if you know what I mean. Excessive use of flashbacks is a huge turn off for me for that reason, but I'm trying to be understanding (and I have a button for that). The sense of those specials with more flashbacks popular dramas have is lost on me too.

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