ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ  'Sup. I'm Sien.                                                                                                                           


           Quick Facts About Me:                                                                                                                         

  •         Twenty something Asian girl land locked in a cowboy state. 
  •         I grew up watching Hong Kong dramas and still have a soft spot for them.
  •                   Even though most of them suck now.
  •         I have a different set of tolerances for each countries production. 
  •                   I can finish a Hong Kong drama with a rating of 5, but can’t do it with a Korean drama.
  •         I absolutely love family dramas...and dramas about friendship, growth, and sacrifices. 
  •         I'm currently doing this challenge (on page 8):  2017 Watch Challenge

            My Drama Habits:                                                                                                                                  

  •         I start dramas before I end my current ones. So my 'Currently Watching' is a monstrosity. 
  •                    Oh and don't get me started on my 'Plan to Watch'.
  •         I guess I have commitment issues since I lose interest quick and because of this I tend to drop...  
  •                     But I'm a walking contradiction who can watch 100+ episode dramas.
  •         If I hate everything about a certain drama except for a couple I will skip to just their parts. 
  •                     This means my rating will be affected by their parts (normally a 6.0-7.0 to be honest).
  •         I go through phases of binge-ing different genres and I enjoy them all differently. 
  •                     So I wouldn't say a 7.0 for a rom-com is the same as a 7.0 for a thriller. 
  •         I normally avoid dramas that are currently airing and are super popular (especially Korean ones).
  •                     Why? Cause the love and attention from everyone else makes me a harsher critic.


  •        I write reviews (sometimes). You can find them here.
  •                      When a drama is so spectacular or awful and I just want to voice my opinion.
  •        I rarely use the 'Feeds' section, but I might one day.
  •                       I don't see the purpose when I don't have friends on here or talk to others.
  •        I mainly use this site to keep track of my watch history, but I do comment here and there.
  •                       So you'll see me lurking.

           My Rating Means:                                                                                                                                

  •             10.0 : A masterpiece. Everything (and I mean everything) was perfect.
  •                       I don’t believe anything can be perfect, so I don’t use this rating.
  •      9.5 – 9.0 : Almost perfect and was thoroughly addicted.
  •                       This is the highest rating I’ll use.
  •      8.5 – 8.0 : Interesting and was fun to watch, but lacked something to be addictive.
  •                       Had it's downfalls, but I enjoyed it overall.
  •      7.5 – 7.0 : It’s aight. It was decent enough to keep watching, but not enough to be memorable.
  •                       Or it has interesting parts, but an equal amount of awful parts.
  •      6.5 – 6.0 : It’s…watchable, I guess. Something went wrong. Either with the casting or the plot.
  •                       Can also be super cliché (but I do love clichés every once in a while).
  •      5.5 – 5.0 : I struggled through this. Either I played it as background noise or half-ass paid attention.
  •                       Was it a Hong Kong drama? Cause I normally drop at this point if it’s not.
  •      4.5 – 1.0 : This was boring and I lost interest. Which is the worst thing that can happen.
  •                       I definitely dropped…or played it before bed cause it worked like a sleeping potion.

            One Last Thing:                                                                                                                                   

  •                        I re-rate dramas as I watch others in the same genre. So this tracker isn't 100% accurate. 
  •                             I'm also in the middle of re-rating my 'Completed' dramas to fit the above rating scale...

            ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ  Bye.                                                                                                                                          

Drama Statistics
  • Times (Days) 235.7
  • Currently watching36
  • Completed264
  • Plan to watch158
  • On-hold1
  • Dropped70
  • Total Entries529
Movie Statistics
  • Times (Days) 0.2
  • Completed1
  • Plan to watch23
  • Total Entries24
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