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       Hello everyone! My name is Vivian, I'm 24 years old, I'm a teacher and being a teacher is something I've always loved. My hobbies go from dramas to books, if I'm not watching dramas I'm reading books, I have a huge collection and it only increases every day, maybe one day I'll have my own library. The drama came into my life through tumblr, I found gifs about the drama Lie to Me, I saw the drama and I fell in love, after that my life was never the same. But now my passion is not only Korean dramas, I love lakorns, Chinese dramas and Taiwanese, my heart accepts everything. That's a bit about me, but I swear I'm a lot more. See you around.


                                           My favorite korean actors and actresses....                 anigif15.gifanigif18.gifanigif16.gif


                                               My favorite Thai actors and actresses....

          anigif1.gifanigif4.gifanigif5.gif                      anigif2.gifanigif6.gifanigif3.gif

                                       My favorite chinese actors and strangers....

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                  "In life, there are many things you start, even though you know their end" - Misaeng 

                                    I can not deal with this scene and this man....

          tumblr_o8gv6oovc_H1r5iugro6_400.giftumblr_o8gv6oovc_H1r5iugro3_400.gif                        tumblr_o8gv6oovc_H1r5iugro7_400.giftumblr_o8gv6oovc_H1r5iugro8_400.gif


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