Annyeong, my lovely drama fellas!

Some facts about me.


  • ♠ graduated in 2001 (guess my age)

    ♠ childhood dream occupation: chancellor, pathologist (big dreams, big dreams...)
    ♠ current occupation: in the process of becoming a medical technical assistant (it's almost the same!)
    ♠ master of procrastination (wanna learn? I'll teach ya~)
    ♠ hopeless addict to all kinds of stuff (yeah, food included)
    ♠ hopeless collector of all kinds of stuff (some day you'll need it all)
    ♠ PS gamer (although my games collection is kinda small)
    ♠ painter (traditional advanced, digital beginner)
    ♠ writer (well, you don't wanna know...)
    ♠ reader (if there are letters, symbols, anything, count me in - yes, I favor fantasy :P)
    ♠ sucker for soundtracks (and orchestral things - who isn't~)
    ♠ non-Kpop addict (though occasionally)
    ♠ horror lover (who gets easily scared)
    ♠ non-watcher of Boys Over Flowers (strong resistance)
    ♠ learner of the Korean language (but again master of procrastination)
    ♠ mole (digging up things if it's worth the effort - always did that with my aunt's bags when I was small)
    Mass Drama Shower Scene Scavenger Hunt
    ♠ currently participating in the 2017 Drama/Movie Challenge

My Number Ones.


Joo Won


He has to share that place sometimes...

♥ Han Seo Kyu

♥ Lee Je Hoon

♥ So Ji Sub

♥ Kim Soo Hyun

♥ Seo In Guk

♥ Jang Hyuk

♥ Nam Gung Min

♥ Lee Jun Ho

♥ Yoon Gyun Sang

♥ Ji Sung


♥ Park Hyung Shik ♥



Wanna know my forever number 1 drama?

~Cain & Abel~


And my number 1 manga?

~Skip Beat~


Oh well, who doesn't have multiple lovers...

○ One Piece

○ Bleach

○ Samurai Deeper Kyo

○ D.Gray-Man

○ Dengeki Daisy

○ 07 Ghost

but there is so many more...

Want to add me on MAL although I'm not active there?


My Number One Game?

~ Final Fantasy ~















Yeah, I'm a little obsessive with this...♥

International loves:

♥ James McAvoy


♥ Chris Hemsworth

♥ Tom Hiddleston

♥ Johnny Depp

♥ Leonardo DiCaprio

♥ Anthony Hopkins

♥ Kit Harrington

♥ Sean Bean

♥ Christoph Waltz


As for the ladies:

♠ Radha Mitchell


♠ Rose Byrne 

♠ Emma Stone

♠ Zoe Saldana

♠ Sigourney Weaver

♠ Sandra Bullock

♠ Jaimie Alexander

♠ Jamie Lee Curtis



                                                               My conclusion...
                                                          I'm obsessed, I guess.



My rating system:

(borrowed from ViolinGal until I have my own - matter of procrastination :P)

10 - Absolutely perfect--touching, and either impeccably written (or my enjoyment levels went through the roof).
Highly recommend

9.5 - Pretty darn close to perfect and a stunning drama. My enjoyment levels were extremely high.
Highly recommend

9 - An amazing drama that was very well put together. I thought it was fantastic!
Highly recommended

8.5 - A really good drama that was very enjoyable and a fun ride.
Highly recommended

8 - Well above average in most parts and very entertaining.

7.5 - For the most part, it was well put together. A nice watch.

7 - Some flaws, but not enough to deter from enjoying and watching.

6.5 - A little above average. Enjoyable, but it has some problems.
Recommended with a grain of salt

6 - Only slightly above average. Some pretty big problems/inconsistencies, but still more good parts than bad.
Recommended with a pretty big helping of salt

5.5 - Pretty darn average. Some enjoyable parts, but also some pretty bad parts.
Recommended only for certain moods

5 - The definition of average. Equal parts good and bad.
Recommended only for certain moods  

4.5 - Slightly below average - we are encroaching on bad territory here. Some good parts, but not enough to make-up for the bad.
Don't recommend

4 - Below average - only a few good parts, but it's crushed by all the badness.
Don't recommend

3.5 - Really below average. I didn't enjoy it, and there are only a couple parts I liked. I rolled my eyes waaaaaay too much.
Don't recommend

3 - Bad. Just really, really not good. Maybe only one small thing I liked.
Don't recommend

2.5 - Terrible. It was extremely frustrating and I have trouble picking out things I liked.
Don't recommend

2 - Horrible. Don't understand how anyone could possibly like it and I'm confused by anyone who rates the drama high.

1.5 - Horrendous. Bad everything and it's a miracle that I even got through it.

1 - A Travesty of a piece of work. Everything went horribly and I hated it. I forced my way through it and probably fast-forwarded waaaaaaaaaay too often. Probably even makes me mad and I'm angry I can't rate it a .5!

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