Until now I never did a proper profile/introduction. But since I'm a member of MDL I feel kinda obliged to do that because so many others are doing it, too, and it just feels nice to read something about those you're (almost) talking to everyday :'D

Well, where to start...

I'm from Germany and I'm not a pupil or a student anymore (but I'm no granny either :p Really, I'm not old at all! I graduated from school in 2001, so do the maths yourselves ^^). I discovered ~dramaland in 2011 (or 2012?) when I just finished the taiwanese version of Skip Beat (Extravagant Challenge) and just craved some more dramas like that. The next 3 dramas that made me being devoured completely by the korean phenomenon were Playful Kiss, My Princess and Secret Garden. After that I just became one of you guys.

Although many people recommended Boys Over Flowers back then, I never watched that one. Don't ask me why. Now, I'm kinda glad I didn't watch it and I don't think I will ever do. I heard so many weird rumors about that drama :'''D

In my 'early years' of discovering asian dramas I was esp. looking for the romance plots, or rom-coms, but now I watch all genres and there's still so many more to discover! My level of quality expectation is also rising with every drama I watch. Although sometimes I just need the silly ones, too :p

I'm a bit proud of myself by now because I'm finally starting to memorize more than only one name of a korean actor. I always had some problems with that. So, if someone is actually asking me about my favourite actor or actress, I can finally answer that question without looking up the drama and the cast first... o.o

Ehm... I do have some favourite actors in my list. But my 'one true love' is Joo Won~...

I'm not really into K-Pop. Well, that doesn't mean I don't listen to it. It's just I was never someone who pursued music bands and stuff. (but I listened to some TVXQ songs :'D). I prefer solo artists and most of all OSTs because while listening to it, those songs make me remember the dramas that belong to them and the feeling I had when watching those dramas. And that's what I need when I listen to a song. But if I have to pick some artists... well, some that stuck to my mind: 4MEN, K.Will, Sung Si Kyung, Bobby Kim.

I think almost everyone here on MDL has also a connection to anime and manga. So, same for me. I actually have an average (huge) collection of mangas at home. Before my addiction time of kdrama I read alot mangas (without dramas you tend to have more time to spent on reading). Some favourites of mine: 

The usual suspects:
Naruto, One Piece, Bleach 

Others (including anime):
Skip Beat, Dengeki Daisy, Kenshin, Vampire Knight, D.Gray-Man, Samurai Deeper Kyo, 07-Ghost, Shinobi Life, Perfect Girl, Bride of the Water God, Code Geass, Ghost Hunt, Death Note, Black Bird, Gravitation, Honey x Honey Drops, Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto, Brother x Brother, Chrno Crusade, Buso Renkin, almost all Ghibli movies, Fruits Basket, Gungrave, Hellsing, Inuyusha, Wonderful Days, Visions of Escaflowne, The Place Promised in our Early Days, Silver Diamond, Shingetsutan Tsukihime, Shaman King, Sailor Moon, Romeo & Juliet, Papillon - Hana to Chou, Chobits, Maid-Sama, Love So Life, Akuma to Love Song, Kaze no Stigma, Lady Oscar... and some more.

Yes, I don't have an myanimelist-account. Yet. I'll get one!
Edit: Got one: http://myanimelist.net/profile/xXabsintheXx

Okay, so far. A little more information about me. It was boring, right?

As for my dramalist... Took me several hours to establish it :'''D


                                                My conclusion... I'm obsessed, I guess.









My rating system:

                (copied this from ViolinGal since I'd like to rate according to this. It's really helpful ;)

10 - Absolutely perfect--touching, and either impeccably written (or my enjoyment levels went through the roof). Highly recommend

9.5 - Pretty darn close to perfect and a stunning drama. My enjoyment levels were extremely high. Highly recommend

9 - An amazing drama that was very well put together. I thought it was fantastic! Highly recommended

8.5 - A really good drama that was very enjoyable and a fun ride. Highly recommended

8 - Well above average in most parts and very entertaining. Recommended

7.5 - For the most part, it was well put together. A nice watch. Recommended

7 - Some flaws, but not enough to deter from enjoying and watching. Recommended

6.5 - A little above average. Enjoyable, but it has some problems. Recommended with a grain of salt

6 - Only slightly above average. Some pretty big problems/inconsistencies, but still more good parts than bad. Recommended with a pretty big helping of salt  

5.5 - Pretty darn average. Some enjoyable parts, but also some pretty bad parts. Recommended only for certain moods

5 - The definition of average. Equal parts good and bad. Recommended only for certain moods  

4.5 - Slightly below average - we are encroaching on bad territory here. Some good parts, but not enough to make-up for the bad. Don't recommend

4 - Below average - only a few good parts, but it's crushed by all the badness. Don't recommend

3.5 - Really below average. I didn't enjoy it, and there are only a couple parts I liked. I rolled my eyes waaaaaay too much. Don't recommend

3 - Bad. Just really, really not good. Maybe only one small thing I liked. Don't recommend

2.5 - Terrible. It was extremely frustrating and I have trouble picking out things I liked. Don't recommend

2 - Horrible. Don't understand how anyone could possibly like it and I'm confused by anyone who rates the drama high. STAY AWAY!

1.5 - Horrendous. Bad everything and it's a miracle that I even got through it. STAY AWAY!

1 - A Travesty of a piece of work. Everything went horribly and I hated it. I forced my way through it and probably fast-forwarded waaaaaaaaaay too often. Probably even makes me mad and I'm angry I can't rate it a .5! STAY AWAY!

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