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Taiwanese Drama - 2016

20 hit love songs remade into 20 mini romance stories.

20 Episodes
  • 7.9
Thai Drama - 2016

After a misunderstanding between Pattinee and her husband Kawin, Pattinee gets into a car accident and dies, her soul enters Naluntha's body. With a new face, Pat decides to exact her own revenge upon her husband.

15 Episodes
  • 6.8
Japanese Special - 2011

The 2011th Fall Special Edition of Fuji TV's "Bizarre Tales". Hosted by veteran comedian Tamori, who yet again introduces us to five different tales of the unknown and unnatural.

1 Episodes
  • 7.3
Korean Special - 2016

This is a story about people and a family who once tried to abandon their hometown and change their names, and seek forgiveness and repentance for their acts.

2 Episodes
  • --
Japanese Special - 2016

Three classics from Edogawa Rampo's golden era of short stories come to life in this drama series special. Witness Akechi Kogoro's humble beginnings in the 'The Case of the Murder on D. Hill,' his dramatic exposure of a perfect crime in 'The Psychological Test,' and lastly, explore a crime from the…

3 Episodes
  • 8.7
Japanese Drama - 2009

The four housemates, Yamamoto, Todoroki, Himuro, and Oyamada, all lead very different lives. One day, an abandoned baby is left on their doorstep with a note claiming that one of them is the father. In order to figure out who the father is, the housemates must work together to look after the child,…

12 Episodes
  • --
Chinese Drama - 2016

Guan Xiao Di is a rebellious girl. By chance, she enrolled into a bodyguard training center and befriended an arrogant boy and four talented girls. Through the grueling training program, she transformed into a legendary bodyguard.

37 Episodes
  • 7.5
Japanese Drama - 2009

Mori Ari, a young girl, who lives with her mother in a luxury apartment. One day, her mother decided to get remarried and has to travel to get married and go on her honeymoon. Ari does not want to recognise her new father, so she decides to find her real father in her mother's absence.

12 Episodes
  • --
Japanese Special - 2016

Putting down unwanted animals is a daily job for Makita Hiroshi and his fellow doctors, Hataeda Aki and Shiga Satoshi. All three do what’s requested of them, suffering from pangs of conscience. The situation will change with the arrival of a new shelter head, who is bringing her own vision of how…

1 Episodes
  • 7.8
Japanese Drama - 2016

Takeuchi Shingo, a serial murder suspect whom retired judge Kajima Isao acquitted two years ago, moves in next door to the home where Kajima and his family live. Takeuchi grew up starving for the affection of his parents and does everything he can for the people he likes. He has a charming smile, tasteful…

9 Episodes
  • 7.4
Japanese Drama - 2016

Unlike an ambulance, a doctor car is an emergency vehicle that doctors ride to scenes where patients are in critical condition in order to diagnose and administer emergency medical treatment quickly. This actually raises the survival rate significantly. Tendo Ichika is an unmarried mother of a 5-year-old…

12 Episodes
  • 7.3
Japanese Drama - 2016

Two weeks before the theatrical release of the feature film adaptation of Kengo Hanazawa's zombie survival manga I am a HERO in Japan, NTT DoCoMo's online-video service dTV will start streaming its prequel web drama I am a HERO: Hajimari no Hi. The story of the web drama will focus on the nurse Tsugumi…

5 Episodes
  • 8.4
Taiwanese Drama - 2006

When she was still a little girl, Qiao Shan would pour her heart out to her father who was working overseas through handwritten letters. And receiving his letters and gifts was the greatest happiness she knew then. Hence, it's no surprise that she maintains her long-distance relationship with her boyfriend…

8 Episodes
  • 6.0
Thai Drama - 2016

At Wattana city vision The city’s godfather at the rank of Master Supreme rich varnish, a young secretary named Ra’s young talent. The President of the elk (Anas new sports) the right to help take care of business against the law to his rank. He possesses everything in their hands. The Deputy Superintendent…

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