Meteor Garden 2

Meteor Garden 2 (2002)

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F4 graduates from Ying De Xue Yuan. Dao Ming Si invites Shan Cai to go on F4's graduation trip with them to Spain, which is actually F4's way of letting Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si spend some time alone. Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai becomes inseparable during the trip. Just before Shan Cai and Si leave for Spain, Hua Ze Lei gave Ah Si an envelope with a "smart advice" read morein it. When Ah Si opens the envelope, he finds that the advice from Hua Ze Lei was to ask Shan Cai to marry him in an old church with a legend. Dao Ming Si buys a "Meteor Ring" which Shan Cai had her eyes on, and prepares to propose to her in a church that had special meanings of "love".
However, on the way to the church, Dao Ming Si gets into a car accident which had causes him to lose his memory. He met Ye Sha at that time, who helps him and looks after him. The sudden disappearance of Ah Si causes Shan Cai to worry, so she asks Jing to help her. The other three members of F4 also came to Spain immediately after they hear the news.
What follows is a story full of ups and downs as Shan Cai tries to find Dao Ming Si and help him regain his memory.
In this continued story of Meteor Garden, the love story of Xi Men and Mei Zuo are shown. The reason why Xi Men is such a playboy is revealed, as well as Mei Zuo's own love story since he was in elementary school.

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May 8, 2011
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 7.0
  • Music 6.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
The only way to enjoy this is by erasing from your memory manga, anime, Japanese or Korean live-actions and simply watch this drama as though it were a completely new story, only with faces you've already seen and names already heard.

The constant comparisons won't help; on the contrary, they'll spoil the fun. All in all, I DID enjoy this second season of Meteor Garden. The acting of all read more has improved tremendously, and so are photography, direction and characterization.

Meizuo and Ximen's side stories are addressed and completed, something I thought was sadly lacking elsewhere. Shan Cai grows into a truly likable character and the second female lead is, for once, a delicious person, instead of the usual viper-like, scheming character. So refreshing! Honestly, I've had enough of girls portrayed as if they were incapable of true friendhip or generosity and who seem to live only to target the guy of their dreams. In this sense, this second season is way more romantic and realistic than many other adaptations.

It has some dragging parts, mostly when the whole plot is compared in length to the pretty rushed ending, but as a counterpart to this, some details are truly satisfying (I can't elaborate this unless I spoil the end).

Overall, I am convinced this drama is much better than what's usually expected and deserves a try.
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Sep 22, 2012
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
Draaaaaged. I liked the first episode and the last episode. But in between I skipped a lot. Daoming Si wasn't even Daoming Si. I mean, he was too mature. I missed the bratty, stubborn, spoiled, violent, Pineapple-headed Si. And I hate how the amnesia thing went on up to the 24th episode. And even afterwards he didn't tell anyone he remembered everything because he wasn't sure who he loved -.- Rainie Yang read more didn't even turn up! I liked Ye Sha. She wasn't like those wannabe girls from the other versions who pretended to be the girlfriend. And her letter to Loony was the only part in this drama that made me cry (besides Quinghe's Valentine message to Shancai). At least they didn't kill her off. That would've made me boycott this drama altogether. By the way, my favorite part was Vanness Wu and his matchmaking date. That girl was so pretty! I'm so glad he fell in love (: Overall, the series was frustrating but worth the wait. Sort of. Maybe. And I never shipped Lei and Shancai in season 1 and throughout season 2. But after hearing his true feelings that he confessed to Mei (along with flashbacks) I felt so sorry for him! To be very honest, I never really enjoyed his character. Probably because he never expressed his feelings directly and Daoming Si was much more interesting and pretty much overshadowed him. But now I can't wait to watch MARS! :)
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    rheabiel Mar 20, 2017

    This season, though not the heart fluttering like season 1 holds a special place in my heart. The maturity, the test of friendship among the F4, the complications of the other characters aside from Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai, they showed in this season. I looking at the friendship established btween Shan cai and the F3 (Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo), you will wish you have friends like them. This season shows their complicated lives outside their school life, I just love it no matter how long the episodes are.

  • Reply
    Maryama Oct 4, 2016

    watch this without the first season, it's like a drama of its own, and not as frustrating as the first one ...

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    catzfin3st Nov 1, 2015 - edited

    I watched the first Meteor Garden a couple of years ago and never bothered to watch the second season. I think I did myself a favor back then. I spent the last 3 days watching episode after episode and felt highly frustrated with how the story twisted around. Like everyone says it gets draggy but some of the best moments in this drama has to be the story development of Ximen, Hua Lei and Mei Zuo.

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    KMR Jul 29, 2015 - edited

    How could they turn Dao Ming Si into the total opposite of everything he was before???? That's precisely why we liked him!!!! That's ruining a character and ruining the drama! Arghhhhh!

  • Reply
    rainruma Nov 8, 2014 - edited

    Just as @amrita828 said in her review : ".... watch this drama as though it were a completely new story, only with faces you've already seen and names already heard."

    .... This extended story is Not in the manga .... and it gave a lot of ideas , that later , "Hana Yori Dango" and "Boys Over Flowers" copied and remade...

    I enjoyed it for what it was , and it has lots of wonderful/memorable scenes.... I really liked that Lei (Vic Zhou) had a chance to express his love....
    It could have been shorter

  • Reply
    forever_shawol Mar 31, 2014

    the first 17 eps pissed me off so draggy

  • Reply
    forever_shawol Mar 31, 2014

    the first 17 eps pissed me off so draggy

  • Reply
    dummykid Mar 14, 2014

    can't really remember the story flow of this one. I was just a young kid when we watched this. All I can remember was the addiction of my aunties and mom with this.

  • Reply
    dummykid Mar 14, 2014

    can't really remember the story flow of this one. I was just a young kid when we watched this. All I can remember was the addiction of my aunties and mom with this.

  • Reply
    BUbu Sep 26, 2013

    Didn't like the first season and this was worse than that

  • Reply
    bluemoon_onna Sep 21, 2013

    super loooooongggg... super boooooooring... they should have done a 16 episodes than a 31.

  • Reply
    Ranchik Apr 13, 2013

    MG1 was a fun watch (esp when you watch it a decade ago), but not with this one. I remember the only interesting thing of this piece was Mei Zhuo's story with the girl. And that was veeerrryyyyyyy minor. In short: totally boring.

  • Reply
    chante Dec 25, 2012

    Not at all what i expected the only part that i like was Mei and Xi story, i was really disappointed with the rest of the story and 30eps long didn't need it....BOF-9.5; MG1-8.5;HYD-3

  • Reply
    Meg1014 Aug 27, 2012

    Ugh, every now and then I'll try and watch a little bit of MG2 but I just can't make myself watch 30+ episodes of the most irritating part of Hana Yori Dango. To me, it seems they only drag it out so they could squeeze another season out of this series and it's just not worth it to me.

    • Reply
      nac369 Aug 30, 2012

      Same here.I tried,really but it is really really irritating and sooooo boring!

  • Reply
    LadyEclair Jul 2, 2012

    this was different from what saw till now (the j and k versions) but what i did liked, was the F4 stories and the 1st and last eps :P
    if they wanted to do it this way it should`ve been done better


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