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Healer Episode 5

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Healer has now tied himself to Young Shin after he intervened on her behalf during an attack.
  • Aired: December 22, 2014

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Feb 18, 2016

Dang, that's a cute smile.

Healer's smile at the end was pure perfection.

This episode was great! It's really starting to pull that picture together. I like the idea that there was an original Healer and that this current one is his protégé.

Like Healer I'm very fond of Young Shin. She's well realized and I like the anthology that he used to describe her. The reason why he felt drawn to keep staying buy her side.

What bothers me is that Young Shin didn't think of having recording device audio, or video, for her "interview"! Journalists can use them and for a reporter that would be wise. I mean this guy just gave her proof! WTF! I know it's the drama way, but still.

The action scenes are so well done. Especially that scaffolding fight. Not to mention that there was actually a yo-yo tossed in and I didn't laugh as it was used as a weapon.

(Yeah, I'm going to have to buy the OST.)

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