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Signal Episode 9

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Signal Episode 9 Reviews

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Jun 28, 2016

This episode had it all! I can't believe the brilliance of the writing for Signal!

Ha-ha. I thought Soo Hyun's mother was going to eat Hae Yeong up! Not so sure she was husband hunting for Soo Hyun or enjoying the man candy! ^_-

This was a great episode! By stumbling across the notebook that belonged to Jae Han he then had the steps of the cases they were on. Not only that but I just new, and really wanted it to happen, that Hae Yeong's brother's case was THE case. The last one, the really big one. But first we have to do Soo Hyun's case.

Though if Hae Yeong hadn't mentioned the last two cases to Jae Han they wouldn't have connected. But that's where the true brilliance of the writing is coming through her. All of the time lines influencing each other. The many connections that the writer is setting up deserves some kind of standing ovations and an award.

This episode had me at the edge of my seat as I made plot predictions and hoped nothing else got too messed up that someone would die again. It's very interesting to see the corruption in the police department so blatant. The other cops are fully aware that their superiors are corrupt. Not to mention that they can't proceed with any ideas, no matter how logical or the proof is there, until given the okay. Power corrupts and can hold back justice.

I really love the depth to the writing of Signal. Not only does it deliver brilliant plots, but touches on many hot topics that every police/law enforcement agency has. All this plus engaging characters! Ah! While this may not be a romance I ship Jae Han and Soo Hyun 100%.

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