Eternal Love Episode 13

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Apr 2, 2017

ep 13 spoilers ahead

1.YH continues to take human form and cuddle BQ at night. He reasons that since he has been sharing the bed of an unmarried woman he would be bad not to marry her.

2. The golden lion meets the ghost princess who is shocked to see him. She learns from him that Li Jing lied to her and her older brother, whom she has been looking for, was imprisoned by Li Jing after the war.

3.The daoist again tries to cause trouble for BQ. He accuses her of being a witch, and the towns people begin to throw stuff at her (Bad for the daoist, because this YH's beloved BQ)

4. The Daoist uses magic to bind BQ and burn the snake. BQ tries to protect the snake with her body. The ghost princess wants to intervene but the golden lion stops her. The snake turns into the black dragon and everyone falls to their knees to worship. BQ is unafraid. Ye Hua vomits water on him surrounding BQ. YH is surprised she is not afraid. YH flies away because now the palace will def. be aware he showed his true form. BQ leaves and ignores the towns people who try to apologize by giving her free things.
--I guess this shows how selfless she is, by not taking anything? I would totally be taking free stuff! You don't know if something bad might happen, she should be taking these resources in case something like a famine hits!--

5.BQ expects to never see the dragon again. YH arrives and sees Si Ming to ask a favor (I believe involving the daoist)

6.Si Jun enters YH's room and grabs his arm. She essentially begs him to sleep with her (i.e. grant me my one wish) even though she is his father's consort) (even though she becomes quite awful later I kind of respect her shamelessness all is fair in love and war). Si Jun is rejected again, and laments quite dramatically what is she to do.

7. YH speaks to third prince (I believe he is lord Liansong in the novel) and discusses how to gain her love. Third prince reiterates how can you love a mortal with all those women out there (this is total fanservice) comes up with several ideas: women love a hero (so true). He tells her to walk up to her and smile and she will melt. But using his charms is beneath him, so he suggests releasing a monster to save her and rescue her (twisted) and he accuses him of using this trick to get Lady Cheng Yu, but third prince insists that they ended. YH admits she knows his true form and that she is extraordinary. Finally, third prince suggests that he use the pity game (bwahahaha--this also works on people but you have to be careful you don't wind up in the friend zone)

8. Si Ming meanwhile is visiting the poor daoist who had the misfortune of offending YH. Here we learn that he has done many bad deeds and is destined to die this year. Si Ming has to write a worse fate to punish him.

9.YH hamelessly pretends to be injured to gain BQ's trust. She is clearly upset that he is injured and cleans his wound (I detect guilt in YH). After changing the water his wound is magically healed (he is immortal). YH feigns shock and makes up some silly story that she must have used some herbs (she admits she randomly picked them) that were magical. YH admits he got the injury from fighting a magical monster but she claims to have seen no monsters. He pretends to be more ill to avoid answering farther.

10.After learning that she woke up with no memory, no name, YH gives her the name Su Su (and here begins the life of Su Su, which will lead to big misunderstandings later in the series), He tells her his real name. He draws her name on his hand (so romantic!) which flusters her and she makes up an excuse to leave.

11. YH brings a sleeping SuSu to bed (she gave him the bed bc he was ill) and then crawls in with her.

12. Su Su tried to make chicken and nearly burns the house down. YH wonders how she survived, and apparently she ate not very well bc she is not a picky eater. She also says she took care of a snake and it was hard to take care of (bwahahaha). Su Su is a bit lacking in the smarts but nothing seems to startle her. She goes with the flow, it seems. YH seems to find this adorable (as do i).

13.YH comes looking for Su Su who is lost. She admits it took her 8 days (!) to find her way out of the forest. YH kindly tells her that he is tolerant of essentially dumb people.Here we learn that immortals cannot stay in the mortal realm for long without impacting fates (Su Su still does not know his identity). We also learn that the golden learn entered the mortal realm, caused drought, poverty, took a liking to the emperor's wife, raped her, and caused just a ton of problems before being subdued by the black dragon.


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