Eternal Love Episode 14

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Apr 2, 2017

ep 14 spoilers ahead

1.We open to an extremely pretty Li Jing lounging in the bath with some harem girls. His sister pops in and admits she has not found anything. Li Jing lies through his teeth and pretends he has no idea where he is and urges her to give up. The princess hopes that the two brothers can overcome their hate because of blood. Li Jing reasons that because the princess and Li Yuan have the same mother, he won't hurt her . He also admits that his sister is the only one he has and orders her to not mention him again.

2.Li Jing recognizes the fan princess is holding and learns of the location of the mortal who gave it to her. Li Jing (rightfully) believes that the woman is the missing A-yin/Si Yin and leaves to find her. He runs into Xuan Nu who expresses her hurt that he ignores her. Li Jing basically ignores her and leaves.

3.The ghost princess observes this and in a poignant scene offers Xuan Nu some comfort and support (I do pity Xuan Nu because in spite of her actions Li Jing is just as responsible and often chooses to ignore her in spite of the fact that he slept with her multiple times)

4.In typical drama fashion, Li Jing is so close to finding A-Yin but he instead encounters YH who uses his authority to not only reclaim the fan (it is a celestial artifact) but to drive off Li Jing.

5.FJ laments that she has been here so long and has never seen Dijun. Siming explains he rarely comes out of his palace. After she speculates that he is treated poorly Si Ming Laughs and calls her funny. He suggests that she mae an arrangement of peach blossoms so Dijun compliments her, and she would have repaid him. They are adorable.

6.Dijun studies the flower arrangement. 3rd prince compliments them (this sounds so rehearsed) and Si Ming explains it is from a new made. The maid is summoned and FJ finally sees Dijun, who isn
t at al surprised to seee her. He stares at her intently, as if tying to figure her out. Chung Yu shows up and implies that Si Ming finds her beautiful. Dijiun not being an idiot asks if they all arrived to act out a play in his palace. He chooses to ignore her and leave; Chung Yu accuses FJ of messing up and being too submissive. 3rd prince is fascinated by this and learns of FJ's new idetntity. He also learns her reason for being here. He autmatically guesses that she is repaying him for saving her life because Dijun does this often without thinking. 4rd prince guesses she is in love and is here for an ulterior motive. FJ insists she is here to repay a kindness. 3rd prince shares that many women try to get close to Dijun with the same excuse. Fj is defensive and it is here that she realizes that she actually likes Dijun because 3rd prince directly question her.

7. 3rd prince asks Si Ming how he met her because she is interesting, especially since she can't understand her own feelings. He shifts the conversation to Cheng Yu for helping her into the palace. Chung Yu admits she can't bear to see someone suffer because of love, and the third prince says as long as Chung Yu is happy, then muses that even with a relationship being over he still has to yield to her.

8.Su Su essentially asks when YH is leaving because she can't afford to take care of him ! YH says he owes her a debt of gratitude for saving him, and she says she doesn't want him to leave and also that she never expected anything for saving him. YH proposes to her! They plan to kneel and get married!

9.Si Jun is about to wed the emperor but there is no festive air. And the emperor does not attend his harem. Si Jun is happy about this because this is just a stepping stone to YH.

10.The daoist priest is crazy and YH and Su Su go wedding shopping. Li Jing sees Su Su and chases after her but misses her.

11. On the day of their wedding Su Su expresses concern/fear about YH not liking her later. She even wonders if he is already engaged to someone. YH makes it clear that his family is complicated (understatement, if there ever was one) but promises that he will never betray her (uh-huh). They bow their heads and marry. As they nervously sit on the marriage bed, she tells him that she has a clear distinction between love and hate (I think this means that she has black-and-white thinking?) and if he betrays her those oaths are null and void (go Su Su! zero tolerance for cheaters!) they then have a very sweet wedding night where they consummate the marriage (I especially like the scene because it is not just romantic but she isn't a blushing bride.) (curse you censorship!)


I give this episode a 10 because it held my attention throughout.

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