Eternal Love Episode 24

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Apr 4, 2017

ep 24 spoilers ahead

1. Su Jin not only gloats but throws it in Su Su's face that she has a nice new pair of eyes and lies that YH has been by her side. She ends this show with another insult: she is allowing her to stay by YH's side, but she is number 1 and this is an act of charity for her.

2.FJ (in fox form) bites Su Jin. She not only injures FJ but wants her maid to beat it. But DH shows up, And in typical DH fashion he asks questions that put Su Jin in an increasingly uncomfortable position. It soon becomes apparent that the fox is important to DH as he is playing a game of words to implicate/exppose Su Jin's behavior (I think this scene does an excellent job at highlighting the kind of word games DH plays as he is the most skilled debater in the universe) ultimately he chooses to let her go but not before Su Jin begs him for forgiveness. Such is the power of DH! He even reminds Si Jin that he used to lead troops and is impervious to reason (I take it that this is his way of saying don't f**** with my fox)

3.While taking care of the injured FJ DH shares some big truths that didn't make a lot of sense the first time I watched this 1)he knows that the mortal woman is likely undergoing a trial and; 2)with trials, you are alone. No one can help you. The emperor visits and reveals he is feeling less capable, meaning he is ready for YH to be officially named crown prince, the sooner he can retire like DH.

4.YH visits Su Su and shares soon he will be crown prince, then they can wed. He is not seeing the big picture at all. He takes her hand but she snatches it away (afraid of him).

5.We go to Li Jing, who reveals to his elder brother the reason why he won't kill him (that his father gains power if they die). Then we cut to Li Jing and his sister. Yan Zhi is granted permission to leave home. It is presumed forever. Li Jing is clearly sad but let's her go. Now his only hope is his baby. He is increasingly becoming, in my opinion, the most pitiful character in the series.

6.(The music is so good for this scene) YH is conferred the title of crown prince in a very dramatic scene. He has to undergo a trial by fire and lightning (recall that his injury from battle still hasn't healed) and THEN he goes to receive the lightning punishment. He is determined to not let anything stand between him and his marriage, god dammit!

7.Xuan Nu goes into premature labor, and Su Su is upset by the lightning but YH has forbidden anyone from telling her that he is undergoing these for her (a bad idea; it may have given her more trust in him)

End episode

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