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  • Aired: February 10, 2017

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Apr 3, 2017

ep 23 review spoilers ahead--Eyes episode

1. On the eve of battle we find YH and Su Su speaking with the face-time mirrors. YH can see how forlorn and weak Su Su is. She is in tears as she (almost regretfully/hopelessly) tells YH that she hopes he is there to see the baby, that she is excited for the birth. YH begins to cry because it is likely he knows that she is in this situation because of him (it really is his fault. his family is doing this to her. he neglected her. now she has changed so much into this sad little thing). More than ever he seems resolute that he must win.

2.Li Jing is able to obtain permission to personally confront his elder brother. It earns him the respect of celestial tribe members. In actuality he is doing this to prevent them from killing his brother so his father is not made stronger.

3.During a poignant confrontation Li Yuan is prepared to kill his sister who is defending Li Jing, begging them to just get along. the golden lion sacrifices his life to protect the princess, and Li Jing uses this chance to capture his brother.

4.YH returns victorious. Si Jin, never one to miss a trick, is ready for the next phase of her plot. She sends a fake order to Xiwu palace and visits Su Su, with an invitation that other consorts will attend near lotus pond. Su Su cant reject it would be rude. It could also be a chance to appear recognized as YH's consort. Si Jin pretends to be surprised and explains that since YH returned no one else could attend (Su Su did not even know he was back!) Su Jin's plot now seems clear: she is taking advantage of this chance when everyone else is occupied...

5.Nie Nie runs for help. Si Jin's maid insists that Su Su has led her mistress to the terrace to harm her. but Nie Nie insists that it is the opposite. Meanwhile, Su Jin cruelly tells Su Su that she is about to be conferred to YH as his wife (another blow) and tells her she should just jump off and kill herself and leave her and YH alone. Smat lady, because YH arrives with a ton of deities. Si Jin attacks Su Su and in self defence she pushes her away. but the deities only see Su Su pushing Si Jin (as planned). Si Jin is now blind and Si Jin is sobbing in YH's arms like a victim.

6.To add insult to injury, Su Su insists that she is innocent but YH yells at her, and says he can only believe his eyes. From his perspective, things will be worse if he defends Su Su, even though he knows she is a victim. To Su Su, this is yet another confirmation that he loves Si Jin and cares nothing for her.

7.YH takes Su Jin back to her rooms. But the damage has been done. He whispers to the 3rd prince that he witnessed Su Jin feign a conflict. YH clearly feels like the situation has completely spiraled out of his control. YH knows that Su Su can be killed for this and that if he defends her, she will be killed. So he takes back control of the situation but the consequences are brutal: he will take on her punishment of lightning strikes for 3 years bc she is pregnant and mortal,, but he will also have to take her eyes since Su Jin lost hers! This is so messed up!

8.Su Su is clearly in shock. She is alone but for Nae Nae, who believes her but can't do anything to help her. Su Su, in spite of all of this, believes that someone will uphold justice for her. She looks so small and weak and scared...I feel so bad for her. She has no idea that no one will stand up for her....

9.(Let me preface this with the fact that I find the following scene especially twisted and f**** up) YH comes to her room. Su Su gives him a smile (and she hasn't smiled in a long time) (she's also super pregnant). She naively expect him to believe her. I don't think for a single second she thought he would hurt her. Well she was wrong. SO WRONG. This is such a pivotal scene as it will impact a number of tragic events in the future. YH looks very sad. She is so unaware of what he is going to do to her. He says he believes her...and for a moment she is happy...and then the horror ensues....
YH carefully explains that the only way to save her life is take her eyes out...and give them to Si Jun.
(this actress is good) Happiness turns to shock and then disbelief and finally fear as she realizes that her lover is going to blind her. She begins to back away, shaking her head, not believing this is actually happening. YH wouldn't do this to her. but he is! this is so twisted! She looks like a little kid, insisting she is innocent, begging him not to do this. YH breaks down and says he will marry her when he is crown prince (def. not what she wants to hear right now. eyes are more important). She keeps shaking her head and begging him and then...YH takes her eyes.

10.Su Su now wears a blindfold and she continues to have nightmares (who wouldn't) about her eyes being taken from her. Su Su laments how hopeless her situation now is--again, Nae Nae is the only one to comfort her

11. After receving his daily dose of lightning YH has an angry outburst and basically says he was an idiot to think he could protect Su Su without marrying her. Marriage is the only thing he can do now. Meanwhile all the servants who witnessed the incident are being dismissed (the terrace incident). Nae Nae begs and gains permission to stay until the prince is at least 1 year old.

12.FJ visits the blind Su Su but runs off because Si Jun has actually arrived to gloat. End episode.

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